The Curse Unleashed!

Super Thunder: Greetings, fellow Poptropicans, the Creators have announced that tomorrow, the curse shall be unleashed for those without membership!

Audience Member: Wait, why are you talking with a British accent?

Super Thunder: I dunno, why aren’t I the president? Nobody knows.

Audience Member: You’d know, you’re the one-

Super Thunder: The point is, after all that waiting, nonmembers will finally rush up into the dreary castle, covered with gnarled webs-

Brave Tomato: ST, you’re not in English class. You don’t need to start with all the adjectives.

Super Thunder: Oh yeah, you’re right. Hey, why in Poptropica am I writing in script style? That’s your thing.

Audience Member: Why aren’t you president? No one knows, right?

Super Thunder: Touche.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don’t forget: Vampire’s Curse Island is open to all tomorrow!

The wait for non-Members is almost over. Vampire’s Curse Island will be available to everybody tomorrow. We’ll announce it the moment it happens right here in the Poptropica creators’ blog, so be sure to check in!
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Super Thunder: So, yeah, Vampire’s Curse comes out tomorrow for nonmembers, don’t forget to check here for the guide, written by Brave Tomato, and me!

Brave Tomato: That’s right! Hey, so are you gonna run for president? Will you be a Democrat or Republican?

Super Thunder: What’s that?

Brave Tomato: It’s… Never mind

Super Thunder: Yeah, good point, I don’t pay attention in Science.

Brave Tomato: Um, it’s Geography and History.

Super Thunder: Same thing.

~Super Thunder

P.S. If you have an iPod or something, an Apple product, get the JunoWallet app, and use my invite code, ia110693. I really want a Starbucks gift card. Hot chocolate, here I come!

Brave Tomato: It’s summer soon.

Super Thunder: I know that! *turns away and writes on hand It’s Summer… No hot chocolate* Nothing to see here, bye!


It’s Only A Win-Win For You Guys

The Black Widow cleverly states…

Vampire’s Curse Island will be open to everyone next Thursday, March 22. But as the Curse giveth, the Curse taketh away — the Members-only Vampire Count costume will be gone from the Poptropica Store on the same day!

The only way to get the Vampire Count costume is to become a Poptropica Member before next Thursday, then visit the Store to claim your costume. And if you do that, you can play all of Vampire’s Curse Island before everyone else! It’s win-win.

Ha! A win-win! Not for us.

Non members: Need to pay money for membership. Not a win-win.

Members: Lose the feeling of being special when more people become members.

Creators (bears): Get spoiled rich with tubs of money, which they use to buy honey, I think. Or Shamrock Shakes.


La, di, da, di, da. The Vampire costume. Woo hoo. Who wouldn’t want to look like an old man?

And, um, McDonalds? This isn’t a Shamrock Shake.


See all that white?

A Party of Parties…

A bunch of Poptropicans eagerly came together because of the newest island: Vampire’s Curse! To celebrate, we formed a vampire themed party. A coven hid in a crystal cave, to be protected from the dangers of the sun’s deadly rays.

The guest list included:

  • Super Thunder
  • Brave Tomato
  •  three273
  • Shy Fire
  • Mighty Drummer
  • Young Fang
  • Fierce Star
  • Nathan
  • Quick Sponge
  • Shaggy Eel
  • Bronze Panda

Thank you all for coming! We had a blast!

All of us, amazingness!

Brave Tomato showing her new Curious Bee chracters:

From Left to right: Mina the bat, Brave Tomato, Super Thunder, and Lina the bat

Now, the group shots:

Who is Cactus Von… Wait, Come Again?

Cactus… Von… Garlic? Gimme a second.

*laughs hysterically*

Sorry, but… Cactus Von Garlic? Ha! Seriously? What typa name is that?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who is Cactus Von Garlic?

And why does he have that metal band around his neck?
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No normal people have names like that! They just don’t. They have names like Jennifer Anderson or Charles Johnston. Just sayin’.
Well, if you ask me, that dude’s a vampire… HUNTER!
Garlic, like, seriously? Oh, and the metal thingy, because, like, he needs to be protected from rogue vampires. And stuff.
~Katniss (Super Thunder)