Poptropican Stories: The Golden Snake

(This isn’t really a “scary” story. However, I am counting it towards the Poptropican Scary Stories collection. It’s more like it’s a whole lot of suspence)

Smart Scorpion (finally a boy star) is just your ordinary Poptropican. Like the others, he is one of the many explorers who explore different islands. Meanwhile, his home island is Shark Tooth.

When he got his blimp for his 12th birthday, he was so excited to use it, he packed up right away.

“Now, hold it there, Scorp,” Blue Scorpion, his mother, sighed, “there are a few rules out there that I don’t want you to break, especially if you’re out alone on the blimp.”

“Okay, fine, I’ll listen,” Smart Scorpion sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Number 1: Try not to make yourself get into too much trouble. Poptropica can be a dangerous place if you’re not careful. Number 2: What happens on that island, stays on that island. And number 3: Don’t go off with someone you don’t know.”

“Yeah, mom, I get it. Bye!” Smart Scorpion said, then dashed to his blimp.

“But I wasn’t even finished…” Blue Scorpion sighed.

Smart Scorpion flew off in his blimp. He looked down at his compass and said, “It looks like I’m being floated Northnortheast or whatever. I guess I’ll start off by taking where the wind takes me.” That didn’t turn out to be a good stragedy, for there was nothing but open sea for miles. After an hour of so of flying lost, he finally spots land. It seems quaint, yet it stood out.

“Hmm… I wonder what island is that?” he asked himself as he got closer. He ended up parking near a wood, where trees in all their glory, were growing. He looked around, for there were nobody there. “Hello?”

There was not a response. Smart continued into the wood, for he was curious. Then he encountered something: it was a shining beauty, for it was golden. A golden snake. Smart reached out to just hold it when he heard a voice that yelled, “STOP!”

Smart turned to see an old lady peeking in between the trees, looking really determined to stop Smart from touching it.

“W-w-who are you?”

“I’m Grey Bird. And I have been here for quite some time.” the woman who called herself Grey Bird responded.

“Well, where am I anyways?”

“This isn’t one of the main islands in Poptropica,” the woman said, “It’s off the coast, between Early Poptropica and Mythology Island.”

“So… this is a deserted island, you’re saying?” Smart Scorpion asked, confused.

“No, this is just not on the map, that’s all. It’s nothing major. Just an island with forests and treasures,” the old woman sighed. “But no matter what you do… don’t touch that snake.”

Smart Scorpion looked at the snake and then looked back. The woman was gone.

“Oye, this is just another kooky old lady,” he thought to himself. He snatched the snake and brought it back on the blimp.

“Just wait until my sister, Popular Scorpion, sees this. She’s going to love it,” he smiled looking at it.

Smart Scorpion stopped by Early Poptropica, where his sister goes to school, and got off.

“Smarty!” he heard a happy voice call. Popular Scorpion ran down the streets and gave her big brother a hug. She just got out of school and was preparing to board the school blimp.

“Hey, kiddo. I just came across something, and I guess I want you to have it,” Smart Scorpion handed down the Golden Snake to an excited Popular.

“Ohmaigosh! I love snakes! Thank you, Smarty!” Popular cheered, giving Smart another bear hug. She boarded onto the blimp and it flew off into the sky.

Smart smiled. He had never seen her 6-year-old sister as excited as she is right now. Smart got into the blimp and flew off again.

About 20 minutes after the visit, Smart’s phone was ringing. He picked up, “Hello?”

“Smart, you need to come home right away! It’s an emergency!” a terrified Blue Scorpion cried out.

“Wait, what? I’m coming home right now,” Smart Scorpion veered the opposite direction and landed back on Shark Tooth Island.

Blue Scorpion was waiting for Smart.

“What’s going on, Mom???” he asked.

“It’s about your sister, come on, now!” Blue Scorpion cried out. The mother and son ran towards their house and ran up to Popular Scorpion’s room. Popular Scorpion was there alright, except she wasn’t moving. Her school-outfit was grey and cratered, as well as the rest of her. She had a surprised look on her face, with terror. Popular Scorpion was petrified. In other words, she was turned to stone.

“Poppy!” Smart cried out in terror. Then he looked down, where a statue of a coiled up snake laid. The statue base, not noticed before, was engraved

Φίδι της Μέδουσας

“It looks like Greek,” Blue noticed, “I’m going to take it to the treasure inspector.”

Smart and Blue Scorpion brought the snake to the treasure inspector.

“Good afternoon, how may I help you?” the treasure inspector asked.

“Yes, here’s a snake with a peculiar engraving on it. Can you translate it?”

Fídi ti̱s Médousas, Snake of Medusa… by Joe. Legend has it that a curse of Medusa herself was cast upon this treasure. If someone is to hold it for longer than 10 minutes, he or she turned to stone.

“That’s must’ve been what happened to Poppy!” Smart shouted, worried.

“But… how in Poptropica did it even get here?” Blue Scorpion asked.

Smart Scorpion flinched. He had to confess. “I, I gave it to her.”

Blue Scorpion looked at Smart. “You what?

“I was the one that gave it to her. I knew that she had loved snakes as long as I could remember. I had no idea that it was cursed. Now she might be dead because of me. Give me the snake. I need to bring it back.”

“But if you possess the snake for more than 10 minutes, you’ll turn to stone. I don’t want another statue as a child,” Blue Scorpion said, tearfully.

“I caused this mess. I am going to fix this. He snatched the snake and brought it onto the blimp. He stopped for a second to look at a picture of Poppy. He mouthed the words, “I love you.” A tear shed down his cheek. He unanchored his blimp and set off into the ocean. He only has about 10 minutes to reach the island, or he’s toast. Dark clouds started to loom in the direction he is going.

7 minutes passed and Smart Scorpion spotted a small island. This was the one. He landed with the snake and ran into the forest. Rain pounded hard on him as he ran towards the shrine where the snake originally stood. Only his flashlight and lightning provided the light he needed to see the shrine. After 2 minutes, a soaked Smart Scorpion found the shrine. He looked at his fingertips. They were turning grey. He didn’t have much time. He ran to the shrine and placed the snake on it.

Before he turned to stone.

There was Smart Scorpion, his hand reaching out, stood still in the pounding rain. He was helpless. Was this the end?

Just then, the rain stopped. The sun started to peek out the clouds. An old woman appeared from around the corner and approached Smart Scorpion. She placed her hand on him. The statue began to glow. The grey faded and Smart Scorpion’s natural color returned. He gasped for air and looked at the woman. It was indeed Grey Bird. However, after Smart laid eyes on her, she tranformed into a young woman with brown hair and wise grey eyes.

“I haven’t fully introduced myself,” Grey Bird said, “I am Athena.”

Smart Scorpion stood there breathless. This woman, who saved his life, is the Greek goddess of wisdom?

“But-but- why did you save me? I didn’t listen to you!” Smart Scorpion stuttered.

“At first, I thought you were taking the snake in greed. You had no idea of the curse. Once I saw you give it to your sister, I started thinking differently of you. When your sister turned to stone, you were devastated. I turned you back, so you were able to return the snake. For her.”

“You saved me. Can you save my Poppy?”

“Unfortunately, it’s now too late for Popular. She’s already in the Underworld. I can’t bring her back now.”

Smart Scorpion’s hope faded. He was too late to save his sister.

“You were brave to return here,” Athena said. Then she disappeared.

Smart Scorpion was still breathless. He stood there, alone again, with the golden snake on its rightful place on the stand. His sister is gone. He looked down into the ground. There was the picture of Poppy and himself, laughing on the docks of Shark Tooth Island. He had dropped it when he was startled by the wisdom goddess’s arrival

Smart Scorpion picked up the picture and started walking back to the blimp. He looked back where the island was. He wasn’t sure if it had a name, so he made one up.

“I’ll call this island… Poppy Island.”