Gnomeo and Super Thuliet…

I meant Juliet. *blushes* Ok, so I was in Shark Tooth Island ans I said “You always over do the sun, Lord Apollo!” So Lord Apollo was going to blow me up, but Lady Artemis stepped in and saved me. They talked.

Anyway, I continued on. And I found this:

Yeah, about the pinkish silver glow, Lady Aphrodite wanted to protect me too, but unfortch, that included making me pretty, so Lady Artemis stepped in and shielded, so now I’m pink and silver. Thanks so much, Lord Apollo! *gets sunburn* Owww! Anyway, I did the quest and got this:

Their ok. 😀 But now, I look like this thanks to Apollo. *solar flare* “I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY, LORD APOLLO!

The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 5 Part 1 *guest starring Red Heart*!!!!

Hey guys, this is the first Curious Bee special. Thank you, Red Heart, for this humble suggestion for this episode 😉 and SURPRISE! I put you in this ep!!!!! 😀

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she paid a visit to Reality TV Island and the Poptropicans there were crabby and only cared about the TV. Curious Bee stormed off of the island in agony. And speaking of storming off…

(curtain rolls open)

*storm clouds are in the sky*

Curious Bee: Umm, what’s with the weather? I thought the Poptropica forecast said that today was going to be as clear as day.

 *lightning strikes the blimp and Curious Bee plummets towards an island*

Curious Bee: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*a while passed*

Red Heart: Hello? Hello? Are you okay?

Curious Bee: *groans*

Red Heart: Hello?

Curious Bee: *opens eyes and sees Red Heart* Where am I?

Red Heart: Mythology Island. You washed up here on the beach.

Curious Bee: Wait-wait-wait, did you say Mythology Island?

Red Heart: Umm, yeah.

Curious Bee: How about my blimp? Is it okay?

Red Heart: Well, I wouldn’t say exactly okay… *points to Curious Bee’s bursted blimp*

Curious Bee: Oh no, Mom’s going to kill me!

Red Heart: Well, it looks like you’re going to be stuck here for a while, then.

Curious Bee: Seems like so. 😦

Red Heart: Come on, it’s not your fault. Zeus is a little unhappy lately.

Curious Bee: o_o

Red Heart: What is it?

Curious Bee: Did you say Zeus?????

Red Heart: Umm, yeah.

Curious Bee: *faints*

Red Heart: Oh, dear.

What will happen now that Curious Bee is stranded on Mythology Island? Find out Part 2 of Episode 5 coming soon…. it’s going to be EPIC!!!!!! 😀