Happy Birthday, to the Bravest Tomato in Poptropica!

*looks at calendar*

Hmm… Friday, June 8. The day after I get out of school. The day I go see The Phantom of the Opera live at the Venetian. Twenty days before my birthday… this means…


A special announcement on Super Thunder’s Blog! One of our administrators, the one that’s the pretty one in the header, is turning fourteen (14) years old! As of June 8, 2012, she is officially a fourteen year old! Congratulations, Brave Tomato!

Now, I could say a lot of things, but… I’ll make it sweet and to the point.

Dear Brave Tomato,

You are the bestest friend a girl could ever hope for. You are amazing, beautiful, courageous, d… *thinks* da… de… di… do… uh, dynamic, excellent, fantastic, generous, helpful, intriguing, j… j… jelly (I don’t have an imagination), kind, loving, magnificent, n… nostalgic (I miss you if I can’t talk to you on Xat), open minded, perfect, q… there’s no way I can think of anything that starts with a “Q”, so we’ll skip this one, rad, super, terrific, unique, very amazing, willing, x… x-rayous (yes, I am tired, and yes, my brain is halfway shut down), young, and zealous! In a nutshell, Brave Tomato, you are fantastic, and don’t ever change from your amazing ways! You’re the best writer I know, and the sweetest person, with the biggest heart, and best star-on-cheek person ever!

Pretty please with a cherry on top write a Broadway musical with an alto lead someday. Please.

I’ll be the president of your fan club, by the way. I expect a cool shirt that says “#1 Brave Tomato Fan!”

So, Brave Tomato, I hope you have a fantastic day, get a lot of presents, a lot of Evanescence stuff, and maybe a writing agent.

Yours truly, Super Thunder

Readers of Super Thunder’s Blog: Leave a message for Brave Tomato in the comments! Wish her a fantastic birthday, because she’s a marvelous person that deserves it!