Have some credits and don’t know how to spend them? Want a new look on Poptropica? Well you found the right page! Look below for Costume Categories, and let us know if you have any designs of your own in the comments. They could even be featured here!


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  1. I luv poptropica!!!!!!! I play on it all day non stop!!!!!!How can i become a fashion reporter?peace out.
    fLyInGmAnGoZ: You have to submit ideas, or ask to be a author. But right now, your only hope is to submit lots of ideas. 😦

  2. I have another Harry Potter costume on my blog.

    On the Cool Stuff page, click costume combos

    Popular Jumper: you need to submit your ideas or ask super thunder to be an author. and If she fires an author and if one quits, she’ll hire someone new. But I’m sure your ideas are great!! I might make a style the same, but I’ll give you all the credit!! 😀

  3. I have a Taylor Swift costume!!!
    (this is when she premired the video for “Mine” and only cost 75 credits)
    1. Get blond curly hair.
    2. Costumize a red dress.
    3. Buy Pop Star outfit and costumize the microphone.
    There you go!!!! 🙂
    MGF:Good! I think with just a lighter hair color would be good! 🙂

  4. hi super thunder,im new to your blog.and i was just asking how do you put your poptropican picture on here?and i could show you some real cute outfits,that i put together.i have a bad girl outfit yet cute at the same time.type in luceshamar,in the avatar studios,and barbiegirls1234.i have two poptropicans,btw.plz answer my question thx.i hope i can put some of my fashions on here,btw cool blog.
    Super Thunder: Their both really pretty, BT! To put my picture up there, along with everybody else’s picture, I just used paint. I went to the Avatar Studio, got them, and pasted them together. Then, I just added all the other stuffs.. BTW, my blog’s URL is . I fixed it on your name. 😀

  5. Hey: This is my Rock Star Cutie costume for girls! (the costume I have on the header) Get the Biker costume and costumize the hat, lips, jacket, and belt. Then get Pop Star and copy her hair (not the bangs!) and get her microphone. Next, get Rock Star 2 and copy her shirt (any color will do, but I prefer black) and eyeliner. Finally, get the jeans from the glasses manniquin on Spy Island. Ta-da! You’re a Rock Star Cutie!

    • I have an outfit of my own! Get vamp. girl 1 and get her hair. Get the light purple bangs and that tuft of hair that covers one eye. Get bubble gum mouth. Next get sarah snooty’s pink outfit from Reality tv. Then get the White jacket that’s sorta stained. It makes you look pretty cute! (Only 75 credits, too.) Please try it out super thunder! Great blog!

      • BTW, You are so smart! I wish I were like you. You are the queen of hilarity! Thanks for being awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • (It’s called fashionable tomboy. It’s bad, I know. Oh Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • OOOOOOhhhh eeemmmmmm geeeeee! Thats really coooooolll! I also wanted to put a black belt wid white polka dots, and it loooks GREAT with the outfit u made! THANKS 😀

      • No offense but I think hunger games is just boring. I checked it out of my school library and I drooled on it it was so boring

    • brave tomato, can you do a katniss everdeen costume? i just started the hunger games and i would like to see one. i hope u can do it! or any other author can try, too.

    • Ur awesome BT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • o.k. my outfit is complete! here it is. get gamer girl’s hair,pop stars bangs, and biker girl’s hat and jacket. then get the blue ballerina dress, and robin hood’s belt, bow, and arrows. voila! you got a twisted version of super thunder’s outfit! (p.s S.T, you r amazing! i am bria from g-mail! i luv ur outfit, so i made my own version of yours! please try it out!) oh, 2 more things, any skin and hair, and it costs 375 if yo not a membah! peace out! p.s.s tanks fer emailing mua S.T!

      • O.K! 1 more.costs 225 fer non membs. Get the sparkly red dress that u can find in common rooms, hippie harry’s necklace, and that black belt with white dots. then get the skulldugery chinese trader’s braid. get the bangs with gold hoop earings, and biker girl’s hat. then get any black leggings, cleopatra’s lips, and robin hood’s bow and arrows. voila! ur done. it’s called Artemis’ party clothes. ;D

  6. Wow, bravo! Great costumes! Perfect thingys! I thought NO ONE would make a mermaid costume!! I would, but I don’t have a big trendy brain like Supah Thunder’s!!! I also have a blog. (I started last Sat.) 😀

    Super Thunder: You’re brain is probably bigger than mine. You probably never tried to bring a starfish back to life 😀 Also, I tried loking up you’re blog. I couldn’t find it 😦 Are you sure that’s the URL? If so, I’d love to ba coder on your blog! Also, you can try putting your blog on your name, so every time you comment, someone might click your name, and it will take them to your blog! Also, you’re a brave person. You’re one of the first people to comment. Even though we get a lot hits, not many people comment.

  7. Here’s how to get the Beach Girl costume:

    Go to Poseidon’s Beach on Mythology Island and copy Triton’s necklace and belt. Copy the pink beach girl’s top, bottom, and sunglasses. Finally, copy the purple beach girl’s hair and bangs. 🙂

  8. I got a cute outfit- Go Green!
    You can use any dark jacket. The green Popstar jacket looks great too! Ok, now in the restaraunt in Mythology you can find the girl with the green outfit. Copy her shirt. Use the green Popstar’s skirt and belt. Then use the employee at Mike’s market hair with a green headband. Use Aphrodite’s bangs. Use any smiley pink lips. You can wear uit next year on Earth Day! Or any other day!

  9. Wait a min, I just realized there’s three BT’s here: Bony Tomato, Bendy Turtle, and myself. Umm…

  10. I kind of did a twist on one of the costumes on the blog.You will need 75 credits(i couldnt afford all that stuff so i did a 75 credits version) here is what I did:
    Went go cryptids island. costumised the school girl (just top and skirt).Go to the store and buy NORMAL cheerleader and costumise and hair and lips.Go to early poptropica (soda pop shop) find someone the purple bangs and costumise(I did that so it would look like me in real life) and find some kind of cool fringe that covers up the hair ties and a polka dot belt(common).Go to spy island, b.a.d bistro costumise the girls necklace.You can have any hair color and any skin color(I did tanned skin and black/brown-ish for my hair color (check the blog for ideas about what hair color and skin color)Sorry this is soooo long =l

  11. I have an outfit:Mythology Surfer Hades hair, top, bottom, smile and glasses.Rock Star 1 Purple BANGS(NOT HAIR, JUST BANGS, OK?), jacket and guitar.I will call it popular dark girl.I know, the name is bad.At least the look makes up 4 it 🙂

      • um…I forget XD sorry.and i might try to make a screenshot of that outfit but ill go look to see what cameron’s bangs look like that might help me remember

  12. I made a Boyish Nerd costume!

    1. Get pale skin.
    2. Get freckles.
    3. Get oversized glasses. (Ned Noodlehead’s okay!)
    4. Get the teeth with braces. (The geeky boy in Loch Ness)
    5. Get any Poptropican boy hairstyle and change your hair color to black.
    6. Get the main street girl in Cryptids’ shirt.
    7. Get black pants.

    Congrats!! Your poptropican now is a Boyish Nerd!

  13. Hi Super Thunder!!! I think your blog is awesome. I saw the Harry Potter outfit and thought that there should be a Hermione outfit for girl Harry Potter lovers.

    1: Copy Vamp. 2’s hair
    2: Go to 24 Carrot island and change you hair to a lightish brown or gold color
    3: Put on the Magicians cape and wand
    4: Go to Red Dragon island and walk a little ways past the music store and customize his shirt and jacket
    Vuala!! It”s Hermione Granger!!

  14. I’ve got an idea for Ron Weasley, because I saw Harry’s and Hermione’s outfits.

    To do this you will need Membership or credits.

    #1: Go to Early Poptropica Island and use the Balloon Man’s balloons to change your skin to pale. Do NOT turn it white because then it will look stupid.
    #2: Buy Gamer Dude (75 credits) and customize his freckles, frown and hair (you should have already dyed your hair bright red using the 24 Carrot Island’s milkshakes or the Colourizer, which costs 250 credits from the Store).
    #3: Buy Magician (75 credits) and customize his cape, wand and trousers.
    #4: Buy Rock Singer (75 credits) and customize his shirt and coat.

    And there you have it! You have the very loveable, very cute Ronald Weasley, my personal favourite of the Trio.

    • Well, with all my searching around Islands and stuff I’ve found the Gamer dude Hair on the Goth guy in Super Power, Freckles from People on street and Frown from People on street and from Common rooms! :B Just trying to save a little Big Extra! 😀

  15. Cat Valentine is not Cat anymore btw. It’s a Luna Lovegood Costume made by my older sister. Just sayin’!

  16. Hey um Super Thunder can i be an author i can make costumes but i do not know if you will like it.Well you might know me because of my two websites one next are my costumes.This is my first one.Undead Witch Doctor. In order To create this one you must have 1.Haunted House 2.Witch Doctor headdress 3.Templar Knight Costume.Go to the haunted house(you must have finished it first)Customize the top and bottom of the reaper’s outfit then the head of the skeleton guy and then the headdress of the witch doctor and lastly the sword of the knight.
    Costs 425 credits
    My next creation knight in shining armor buy the earth astro knight or the heart knight then customize the fire knight’s helmet the dark knights sword the ice knight’s bottom armor and cape the plant knight’s bottom pant’s the earth or heart knight’s upper armor and then hold poseidon’s trident and hades crown then equip the dark knight’s sword and then change your hair to a hair that will fit inside the helmet.

    costs 150 credits
    Next is the God of Poptropica first buy the staff of lightning and then customize hades’ top and bottom next customize poseidon’s belt next customise athena’s hair and helm next go to super power island and customize the red cape so it looks like zeus’ cape and the put on the mythology medallion so that it look’s like zeus’ necklace.

    costs 250 credits
    Next is Bat Boy first go to shark tooth island and customize the fruit bat everything must be customized next go to super power island customize the bat customize everything except the cape ant then buy the bat follower.

    costs 250 credits
    This one is shrek first customize the head of the alien in pewter moon astro knight’s to be exact then customize the pitchfork of the person carrying (sorry do not know the spelling) the pitchfork in the haunted house.

    Remember in mythology island you cant customize apollo now you can first customize triton’s hair and smile next the rock singer’s clothes and finally the lyre of the angel.

    costs 150 credits

  17. I have another costume Nike the Greek goddess of victory.First copy everything Aphrodite has except the hair and lips and then copy the angry woman’s earring in cryptids island (the one in front of the mansion with the grumpy dog)and then get the long hair and the crown of the woman in hero’s hut and then get the torch and copy the angels wings and last the big red lips(common)here is the link

  18. hi i made a gost/zombi/prom girl! to make it first you have to get the prom dress, bride of Frankenstein, phantom,

    1st you copy bride of Frankenstein mouth and scar, then you copy prom girls dress and hair, then either using the colorizer or the baloons in early poptropica make your skin a very light blue. then either using the colorizer or the drinks in 24 carrot island make you hair a darker blue. Then last of all using the phantom make yourself transparent, but not to transparent.

    here is a picture of what it should look like…

  19. sorry when i put a link to the zombie prom girl and the ginny outfit it was kinda wrong, so you might have to make it to see it!

  20. hi, to make the ginny outfit i basically made hermoine but added freckles, vampire girl 3s hair, changed my hair orangey red and added a broominstead of a wand, but you could do a wand if you like!

    thanks hope you like!

  21. hi, htis is another goth girl outfit,

    i just grabbed the goth cheerleaders ponytails, (so you can get the skull earings,) bangs and lips, (any color you like but i prefer purple!) used bride of Frankenstein belt, a black skull shirt you can get from any poptropican and used the goth girl from ye olde mill in astro night’s skirt, i then changed my hair to black and my skin to white.

    and voila! a goth girl!

  22. hi i made a gost/zombi/prom girl! to make it first you have to get the prom dress, bride of Frankenstein, phantom,

    1st you copy bride of Frankenstein mouth and scar, then you copy prom girls dress and hair, then either using the colorizer or the baloons in early poptropica make your skin a very light blue. then either using the colorizer or the drinks in 24 carrot island make you hair a darker blue. Then last of all using the phantom make yourself transparent, but not to transparent.

    i hope you like it!

  23. I love the mythology inspiration (I see someone has been reading percy jackson :D) I would love to see a Gaia costume (you know goddess of the earth, mother of the titans) something very nature inspired.Thanks!

  24. I love and like to see someone make a Persephone costume I like one with skull earrings skull bubble gum skull follower skull necklace and skull belt thanks whoever will make one and show it to me thanks again

    • i made a persephone costume but it doesnt have any skull earings skull bubblegum skullfollower skul necklace or skull belt and its not dat good but i guess you could call it a persephone costume
      my username is: iliketigers10

  25. Loved your costumes! Especially the fairy one XD I did it on my membership account. It’s more than beautiful O_O Thanks again! :V

  26. i have an costume idea! ya need memba ship or about 550 credits
    1: get vapire girl 1’s hair
    2: get rockstar 2’s black heart shirt
    3: get popstar earrings
    4: get biker girl’s hate, lips, jacket, belt, and pants
    5: get silly streams
    this is called Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  27. Costume is called 18 year old Britney Spears:
    1. Microphone from Pop Star Outfit
    2. Pink Coat from Pop Star Outfit
    3. White Shirt from that girl from Counterfelt Island
    4. Blue Skirt from that store girl from that clown store
    5. Hair from that flower from Shark Tooth Island (it has a little flower inside)
    6. Hair Color – Brown
    Thats the outfit, By the way, I’m Prickly Dolphin from Poptropica Help Blog.

  28. Hey, I got a new character and I have a cool outfit for her. Here are the parts (just in case you want to look like me):
    1. Green Pop Star Outfit (lips, hat, coat, and belt)
    2. Pink Pop Star Outfit (just the skirt)
    3. Pop Star Outfit (earring bangs)
    4. Same hair as Super Thunder 1 and 2
    5. Hair Color – Blond Yellow (you can use the colorizer from the store or use the cold drinks from 24 Carrot Island)
    6. Same Skin Color as Super Thunder 1 and 2

  29. Hi everyone~
    I just got inspired to make this outfit. It’s the sort of blue and white for girls…I liked it, but I dunno if you would. I’ll post anyway 😀

    Warning: if anybody already has this idea, then I’ll like to state I’m not copying. This just came into my head…

    Anyway first you’ll need:
    Pop Star
    Lightning Staff
    Mythology Surfer (optional)

    1. Turn the Pop Star blue, then copy her hat, belt, jacket and bangs.
    2. Turn the Graduate white, then copy her robe thing.
    3. Use the Lightning Staff.

    The costume is pretty much finished.

    Hairstyle: I used Pop Star bangs and Mythology Surfer’s (the sea themed one)hair.
    Hair color: mine is golden, but I have no idea if other colors could work great too…
    Skin color: mine is the sort of pale pink. But like the hair, I don’t know about others.
    Mouth: I used the simple curved smile.

    So that’s it, I think…it might not be awesome as other costumes, but I guess it’s something 😀

  30. I got an outfit/costume that some of you will like. This costume is called Prom Angel Pop Star. This one is for girls. This will cost about 225 credits or membership.
    WARNING: If one of you already have this idea, please note that I am NOT copying. This just pop into my head. Alright lets get started.
    Outfits Needed:
    Angel Outfit
    Pop Star Outfit
    Prom Queen Outfit

    Costumize the angel outfit and costumize the wings, belt, hair, and bangs. Next, Costumize the prom queen outfit (white), and get the dress, lips, and left bangs. Last, costumize the pop star outfit and costumize the microphone.
    Extra: Eyes can be sleepy or nonsleepy. Any skin color.
    Hair Color: black, brown, blond, or red ( I am not sure with blue)

    Well Thats the outfit I created. Remember the warning. I tried this outfit out to see if it will go nice and it did. Peace!

  31. Hello again, I have created another costume/outfit. Hope you like it! This will cost about 375 credits or membership. This one is for girls.

    NOTE: If someone has this idea, please note that I am not copying. I just thought of this idea.

    Anyway You will need:
    Angel Outfit
    Prom Queen Outfit
    Pop Star Outfit
    vap. 3 outfit
    Fairy Queen

    1. Costumize angel outfit and get the wings and harp.
    2. Costumize the Prom Queen outfit (green) and get the dress and left bangs.
    3. Costumize pop star outfit (green) and get the coat and belt.
    4. Costumize fairy queen (green) and get bangs and lips.
    5. Costumize vap. 3 outfit and get the back hair.

    Extra: Press spacebar to get your wings moving and pretend you are flying (if you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to)
    Extra: Any hair color and skin color

    Well Thats the outfit. Hoped you enjoyed it! Peace!

  32. Nice ideas Everyone! You know that mermaid outfit you created? I think that is pretty good! Here is an outfit I created: Silly Streamer Flower Girl . You will need 325 credits or membership.

    Things Needed:
    Silly Steamers
    Pop Star Outfit

    1. Put on purple flower shirt (you need 24 Carrot Island done and get that girl in the Carrot Diner with that purple flower skirt)
    2. Costumize Green Pop Star Outfit and get skirt, bangs, hat, and hair
    3. Put on Silly Streamers
    4. Get the big curved smile (or any smile)

    Note: If you have this idea, I am not copying. I was thinking.

    Thats the outfit. By the way, I am Hazy Girl from Poptropica Help Blog.

  33. Hey,
    I thought of two costumes. First one is called Bride. We are started on this one first. This one is for girls (once again). Lets get started.

    Things Needed:
    Bride of Frankenstain Outfit
    Pop Star Outfit
    Prom Queen Outfit
    Flower Girl
    Gamer Girl (extra)

    1. Costumize bride of frankenstain outfit and get the cape
    2. Costumize pop star outfit and get the earring bangs
    3. Costumize prom queen (white) and get the dress and the bang that won’t take away the earring bangs
    4. Put on flower (Flower Girl)
    5. Get the gamer girl (if you want) and get the hair (or get any hair)

    If you have this idea, please note that I am not copying. I like to think so much.

  34. Ok Next outfit. This one is called the flower girl who leads the way for the bride (I think is called Bridesmaid). Hope you like this one (girls)!

    Things Needed:
    Flower Girl
    Angel (extra)

    1. Get any hair and lips
    2. Costumize graduate and get the white dress (or any color)
    3. Flower Girl – the flower (you know how the flower girl drops petals, well get the flower)
    4. Angel – the wings (if you want)
    5. Any hair color and light skin color (if you want)

    Extra – if you could find a flower basket to costumize, get that
    Get any hair


  35. Hello again!
    I have a new character (the same one that had that green coat). Her name is Thirsty Thunder (the same last name as Super Thunder). I have created a great outfit. You can wear this one any time. This one is for girls. This one is called Fantastic Teenage Girl (I am 10 years old actually). Hope this outfit is cool!

    Outfits Needed:
    vamp. 1 outfit
    swan ballerina outfit
    pop star outfit
    biker outfit

    1. Use vamp. 1 hair and pants
    2. Get Pop Star bangs
    3. Use Orange Swan Ballerina Dress
    4. Use Biker Coat, Hat, and Belt
    5. Hair Color – Brown
    6. A curved smile
    7. Sleepy Eyes
    8. Same Skin Color as Super Thunder 1 and 2

    WARNING: if you have this idea, I am not copying. I was putting parts together.

    This outfit was Thirsty Thunder 1 (my comment name is Prickly Dolphin). Now for Thirsty Thunder 2 is that you use every step except use green pop star hat, coat, and belt! Go to the Avatar Studio and type in my username: thirstythunder46 and see my outfit. I can’t post pictures. Sorry. But I could post lists of parts. My links come out good but the picture comes out terrible. Thats why I post lists. See ya! Peace!

  36. Hey I am new but have a idea. I am not sure how much credits you will need but know what you look like. First use prom Queens dress blue. then use Mythology surfer girls necklace and her belt. Do them in poisedens one which is blue if you want to make her look better.Then use pink lips.Put on poisedens trident and hades crown(you get them when you finish the mythology island or ask them once you have almost complete the island)to make yourself big and sparkly.Then use blue surfer girl again but use her braids.If the sparkly effect wears offf use poisedens trident again.There is my costume.I do not know what to call it. I think I will call it The princess of the sea. Oh and its a girls costume only.If a boy wore it it that would be a big no no. Thank you please comment.

  37. I got another idea for an outfit. This one should be cool too! 1. Get Bride of Frankenstain outfit and get the make-up part. 2. Get Biker Outfit and get hat, coat, and belt. 3. Get Rock Star 2 outfit and get the black heart shirt. 4. Get vamp. 2 outfit and get the hair. 5. Get the cheerleader outfit (not the gothic one), and get the lips. 6. Use microphone from Pop Star outfit. 7. Get vamp. 1 outfit and get the pants. 8. Hair Color – Brown. 9. Same skin color as Super Thunder (always). I think I will call the outfit Tired Biker Pop Star or whatever. And Curios Paw, one last time, I love the outfit! 😆

  38. Hey Girls, Wanna look like a pop princess? You got it! First of all this is pink. I will do the other colors soon! So lets get started. 1. Get prom queen that is pink and get the dress. 2. Get pop star that is pink and get the bangs, coat, hat, and microphone. 3. get hair from vamp. 2. 4. Use regular cheerleader lips. Thats the pink version. Now for blue. 1. Get prom queen that is blue and get the dress. 2. Get blue pop star coat, hat, belt, microphone, and bangs. 3. Same hair (you know what, get any hair). 4. Same lips. Blue done! Last, GREEN! 1. Get green dress from prom queen. 2. Get green pop star hat, bangs, belt, hat, and microphone. 3. Get any hair. 4. Same hair. Ta da! You are a pop princess! You could pick any color. I like pink the best! Do you? Peace!

  39. To Prickly Dolphin tanks for the comment and I love your ideas especialy the pop princess.I think its great.This website is the best by the way. I have another idea on my next message

  40. Ok. This is my new idea.I call it the pretty angel . I am now not going to say how much credits you need because I do not want to .You need phantom,prom queen,angel and to use the customiser.First put on angels wings and halo. Add prom queens dress.It will look better in white so do white.Then add prom queens bangs(the one that does not apply make up it should be on the right).Use pink lips and then go to mythology.when you land go to the right and you will see a herc hero hut decoration on a pole.Walk a bit to the right and you will see a building that is Hercs hero hut.You shall see a lady walking in front of it costumise the white sash she wears.
    There you have a pretty angel. Please comment and maybe try some of my costumes.This looks better on girls.

  41. WOW!!! Thats the best outfit I ever you see come up with,Curios Paw. I am so glad you like my ideas. Pretty Angel Outfit was the best! And of course, I love the princess of the sea outfit that u made! I’ll try out your amazing outfits soon! Love them! I love all the girl outfit ideas! ALL OF Them!

  42. Hey Girls, I got a great idea that all of you will like. This one is called Black Purple Rock Star Princess. This one costs 625 credits or membership. Lets get started. 1. Get Biker Outfit and get the coat, hat, and belt. 2. Get Prom Queen, turn it into purple, and get the dress.
    3. Use Pop Star Earring Bangs. 4. Get Rock Star 2 and get the purple guitar. 5. Get the curly hair from that school girl on Cryptids Island. 6. Use regular cheerleader lips. 7. Use sleepy eyes (if you think its possible). 8. Light skin or the same skin as Super Thunder. 9. Use heart follower from classic followers. You are done! This was the best idea I ever came up with. Black, purple, pink, red, and blue are my favorite colors. Of course I try out every outfit. Peace! :mrgreen: 🙂

  43. Hey Girls, got another idea. This one should be great and amazing. I call this outfit Pretty Fantastic Pop Star!
    1. Get Pop Star Bangs, blue belt, and microphone
    2. Go to mythology Island and go inside Herc’s Hut. Go to the purple girl. Costumize her purple shirt and lips.
    3. Use vamp.1 hair
    4. Find tinkerbell wings or get angel wings
    5. Biker Hat or Pop Star Hat (any color)
    6. Get biker coat and pants
    7. Get sparkly butterfly/fairy follower (to sparkle things)
    8. Hair Brown – Brown
    9. Light Skin or same skin as Super Thunder
    10. open eyes or sleepy eyes :mrgreen:
    Thats the outfit. Hoped u think this outfit is cool like the rock princess!

  44. Another outfit for girls! This one is called Blue Pop Star Ballerina. Use bangs, blue hat, blue coat, blue coat, blue skirt, and microphone from Pop Star Outfit. Blue dress from Swan ballerina outfit. For pink, get pink hat, pink coat, pink belt, pink skirt, bangs, and microphone from pop star outfit. Pink dress from swan ballerina. Now for green, use green hat, green coat, green belt, green skirt, bangs abd microphone from Pop Star outfit. You are going to have to use orange dress from swan ballerina because swan ballerina has no green dress. Ta da! You are a Pop Star Ballerina! Similar as the Pop Princess one but the thing is you use swan ballerina and not prom queen! :mrgreen: Peace!

  45. I have another outfit. This one is called Avril Lavigne 2011 (this was when she released her album Goodbye Lullaby). First of all, you need a white dress (you can use a swan ballerina dress or that white dress that costume 1 had on on this web site). Use bangs from vamp.3 outfit. Get earring bangs from pop star and get the microphone and also get the green hat, coat, and belt. Get your hair blond yellow. Get gamer girl’s hair. Use cheerleader lips. Wear any skirt. Thats the outfit. Another way to look like Avril Lavigne 2011, you use a green tank top and a white skirt. Same hair and bangs. Same hair color. There you go!

  46. Hello again, I created another outfit. This one is called Goth Cheerleader Pop Star. Lets get started! 1. Get hair from gamer girl 2. Get earring bangs and microphone from pop star outfit 3. Get top and skirt from gothic cheerleader. 4. Get bangs from vamp.3 outfit. 5. Get your hair black 6. sleepy eyes or open eyes 7. White skin. 8. Get any lips. Ta da! You are a goth cheerleader pop star! One thing, you could get glass cup in your hand if you want. Just do the glitch from spy island (you cannot do this after you complete the island). I will let you know if I have created another outfit. :mrgreen:

  47. Ok just letting you know girl outfits will be my main creations.Prickly Dolphin I love that you like my outfits cos i like yours.Oh my next oufit is a secret
    tell you on next costume idea

  48. OK my next outfit is called The princess that loves to sing.(if you have a better name since i dont think its that good name please say)Anyway you need popstar and prom princess.each 75 which equals 150.So first use prom queens dress in blue,pink or green.then use her crown.Next use pop star in green or pink or blue.use popstar jacket with necklace and her hat and bangs.use her microphone as well.there you have it.remember girl costumesare my main ideas.

  49. Ok I have this idea which I call the princess of school.
    Ok you need prom queens dress blue not her top just skirtand her bang on right which does not include make up.Go to crptids and copy the school girls top and hair.Then use fairy queens tiara and there is a school princess.It does not have a normal school skirt it has a princess school skirt..I hope you like it.

  50. Hi its me again I have this new ouft which I call R&R princess girl(relax and relization princess girl).

    OK you need to go to sharktooth.Copy the cocunut milk selling guys necklace. and copy a citysens hair if they have a pink or any colour flower in it.If there is not one on main street check in the tourism center.If there is a girl in tour center with a pink flower shirt copy that too.Copy fairy bangs with tiara and then use prom queens pink dress or you can copy a poptropicans pink short skirt which you will have to look for b going back and forth to see if its there it might take a while.Thank you.Oh by the way can I be a author on making costumes here please?.Please answer and comment. If you wear my costumes please comment and thank you.Curios paw

  51. Thats alot of comments, Curios Paw. I am getting a web site soon once I get enough money. Then I could show you all my outfits that I post here. I can take screenshots. Any ways, I got new outfit. Well I was putting some parts together and created a great outfit. This one is called Black Purple Pop Princess (I finally though of another color). I hope you like this one!
    1. Use mythology surfer’s hair (turn it to purple not red or blue) 2. Use purple prom queen dress and get the bang that is on the right 3. Get microphone and pop star bangs 4. Get Biker Coat and belt 5. Use cheerleader lips. You are done! Wa la! Ta da! You have another color of pop princess. Oh and I have a PC computer not mac. Just telling ya! :mrgreen:

  52. One thing, girl outfits are my main ideas. Any ways, when I thought of the black purple pop princess, I also thought of another outfit. It is called Ke$ha 1 (Ke$ha is a singer I like). I will think of other kesha outfits sooner!
    1. Get your hair blond 2. Get school girl’s hair (on cryptids island) 3. Get vamp.3 bangs 4. Get pop star bangs, microphone, and lips 5. Get the black dress from that girl from B.a.d. Bistro on Spy Island 6. You may use gamer girl’s hair (if you don’t want school girl’s hair) Thats the outfit!

  53. For me and curios paws pretty angel if you coplete mythology island you can take away the white sash and use Athenas dress.

  54. Ok Curios Paw. Any ways, I have an outfit. It is called Black and White Goth Girl holding a glass! hope you like this one!
    1. Have black hair 2. Have white skin 3. Use gamer girl’s hair 4. Get popstar earrings, lips, and shirt 5. Use biker’s hat, coat, belt, and pants 6. You must have spy island not completed. heres what you have to do to get the glass: Make sure that the bistro part is not done. Get the job and you will have the chef hat on. Go talk to the guy thats talking to the lady. He will give you a glass. Now take off the chef hat and sneak into the air duck and sneak past that guy. Put on the chef hat again. Walk out. You will be holding the glass! Make sure to save the glass in a costume collector.
    7. Get angel wings 8. sleepy eyes You are done! 😉

  55. Thought of another outfit! This one is called Red-Haired Teenage Waitress!
    1. Go to 24 Carrot Island and go to the Carrot Diner. Choose black and squirt black into the cup and and add red, click drink (thats the kind of red that goes with the outfit) 2. While you are at the diner, costumize the pink waitress and get her shirt, skirt, and apron. 3. If you still have the glass, have that 4. Use any lips Done! You are a red-haired teenage waitress!

  56. Oh oh oh! I got another outfit! This one is called Selena Gomez 1(I will try to think of other selena gomez outfits).
    1. Get the white dress from costume#1. 2. Get your hair black 3. get biker coat and belt 4. Get gamer girl’s hair 5. Get vamp.3 bangs 6. Get microphone, earrings, and lips from pop star Ta da! You are Selena Gomez 1!

  57. Got another outfit! This one is called White Pop Princess (some of you girls are wondering for white so here it is)!
    1. Get Bucky Luca’s coat 2. Get Bride of frankenstein belt 3. White dress from prom queen 4. Microphone and bangs from pop star 5. Any hair 6. Cheerleader Lips

    Now some of you girls want a white pop star outfit (its more different than the winter popstar)
    Well here it is:
    1. Use pop star bangs, microphone, and shirt 2. Get gamer girl hair 3. Get the same coat and belt as the other outfit above on this comment 4. Don’t forget the pop star lips Wa la! You are a white pop star!

  58. Prickly doplhin what is your favourite costume look and favouritecolour?.PLease tell me these things so I can make a Costumes that are specaillay for you and others that like those things too.

  59. Ok I am now going to make a costume for every girl called The marshal cow girl.Use marshals hat,belt,badge and use man that hosts shooting contest which i will call rich man vest and his top or use marshals top.Use rich mans pants.Use a gun(pea gun or spud gun).Ride on horse .You dont have to ride on horse but you can to look like your going to save the town or day.If you do not ride a horse you can just shoot your gun.You now look like a marshal cow girl.

  60. Ok new idea for a costume it is daughter of Thor whos name is Tori. You need phantom,the viking costume and vampire girl 1.Go to time tangled if you have not got the viking outfit.use glider to get it
    go to viking stage and jump on rock to see a bit of it.Glide off a rock higher then that to get it you will figure it out some how.Go check this blog to find out.Ok any way back to the real costume.Wear the viking outfit .Put on vampire girl1 hair(make sure you have blond).you can turn it back after if you want to.Ok now use phantom the and turn it to the middle.Now you look like Thors daughter Tori.

  61. I hope peaple wear my costumes and like them and can I please be an author on here for costumes and other things please?

    • I made up an outfit. Famous Singer

      First of all get a beret with bangs and a Polly Pocket hair. If you can’t find it, don’t worry, you can copy from my poptropican, watersupplyrox. Then use Mythology Surfers blue sunglasses. Then use a white jacket. Use the Popstar top, blue skirt and the microphone. Use a black and white belt.

      You can see me on Avatar Studio.
      i am searching for authors on my blog. How do you make someone an author?

      • I am not sure, but you can make me an author once you know how. I’ll look it up for you Brave Eye. 🙂

  62. Sorry I had to get off yesterday. Sure Curios Paw, we could be friends. I was packed with clothing ideas yesterday, thats why I typed so many comments. I love all your ideas, Curios Paw. One reminder, Hazy Girl is not me. Hazy Girl was my friend on Poptropica Help Blog. I created a new character today because I ran out of credits. So Curios Paw, if you ever see me, I will be Friendly Thunder. To recognize me, you have to see wear one of my ideas. I wear my outfits all the time. I used to be Thirsty Thunder but the thing is I completed all the islands and spend all my credits and I can’t buy any more unless I have a membership. So I created a character named Friendly Thunder so I can create even more ideas. I will come up with an idea soon today! I promise. 😉

  63. Oh and prickly dolphin my poptropica name is Curios paw I will probally be wearing my costumes and other things.OK I know this this does not really have any thing with this but If you complete money ladder you get this robot disco ball costume and a robot dance as well as making brinary numbers fall which make it a bit blue.(if you wonder how I knew this I completed it all the way to the top!).I am also going to make some costumes soon.

  64. To prickly dolphin.
    I made this for you with all the colours you said you liked.Ok well i hope you like it.It was the only thing i could come up witn.If I think of more ill tell you and list them. I call this the famous rockstar.Use rockstar 2 purple star in pink.Use blue and white top and the guiter in purple.Use the black hair in black just the back and use the brown leggingings in black.Use mythology surfer inred and use the sunglasses.There you go please comment.

  65. Hey BFF! I love your two outfits. I made an outfit called The Princess Of The Underworld!
    1. Use hades’ crown if you have it 2. Use green prom queen dress 3. Use purple mythology surfer necklace and belt 4. Use poseidon’s trident 5. Get green lips You are the princess of the underworld! :mrgreen: Curios Paw, I hope you love this idea

  66. Hey prickly dolphin for your princess of the underworld if we had electrify could we use green electrify instead of poisedens trident.And for mine we could use blue electrify.Or if that is too dark just poisedens trident.

  67. Ok I am going to show you how to have a costume that is the daughter of Zeus.First use mythology surfer in Zeus style and use the lightning necklace and the belt only.Then use hades crown.Use yellow electrify.Then use royal balls top and bottom.Then use the royal balls cape and use it in yellow.Then change the hair by using vampire 1s hair and use fairy queens bangs .

  68. ok for my princess of the sea outfit you can use the same dress as in the princess of lightning and clouds except in blue.Oh and for your princess of the under world costume prickly dolphin can we use the royal ballcostumes cape in purple?.

  69. Hey Curios Paw, Um yeah you can use phantom or electrify. I think Hades has a daughter. I don’t know. I love all your ideas Curios Paw. They are so amazing! 😉 I am so glad you like my underworld princess outfit. I used my character Thirsty Thunder. Well Friendly Thunder has a long way to go. Any ways, lets get on to my new outfits I came up with. Well last night, I thought of three outfits. First one is called Water Girl Of The Ocean (similar to the princess of sea but different). Second one is called Wonderful Teenage Pop Star 1(I will try to think of other ones)! Third, Cinderella from the movie Cinderella. Ok on the into New Outfit Number 1: Water Girl Of The Ocean
    1. Use blue mythology surfer top, belt, necklace, and skirt. 2. Use posidon’s trident. 3. Use pink lips from fairy queen and bangs 4. Get gamer girl’s hair 5. You are done! Next stop: Wonderful Teenage Pop Star 1:
    1. Go to posidon’s beach and costumize the girl with the pink dress. Get her top. 2. Get biker’s hat, belt, and coat 3. Use pop star’s microphone, hair, and bangs. 4. Get a black skirt that has no leggings 5. You are done! last one: Cinderella:
    1. Use royal ball’s blue dress, necklace, and cape 2. Color your hair blond 3. Use fairy queen’s hair or that blue girl’s hair on mythology island. You are done! Curios Paw, do you like these ideas? :mrgreen:

  70. Ok I thought of another outfit. It is called Wonderful Teenage Pop Star 2. Hope you like it!

    1. Biker’s Coat, Belt, Hat, and Hair
    2. Blue shirt from the blond girl on Mythology Island
    3. Microphone and Bangs from Pop Star
    4. Black Skirt With No Leggings
    5. Cheerleader Lips or Pink Fairy Queen Lips

    For right now, I will think of some other outfits later. Curios Paw, do you like my ideas that I made today? 😉

  71. I love all your ideas that you will make and you have made.We are bffs!.I wanted to be your bff because you had great ideas and were nice.I also wanted to be your bff for other good reasons.I like all of your ideas prickly dolphin.I always will.I have a idea…..

  72. I got 2 requests for two fairy costumes. First one is called Snow Fairy. Second one is Blue Fairy.

    Parts for Snow Fairy:
    Use white graduation dress from graduate
    Get fairy queen wings
    Get any hair
    Get Fairy Queen Wand and Pink lips
    Get earrning bangs
    Get white coat from Bucky Lucas

    Parts for Blue Fairy:
    Use Fairy Queen Wand
    Get Fairy Queen Wings
    Blue graduate dress
    Blue Pop Star coat and belt
    Get any hair
    Get pink lips or any color lips

    You may choose any fairy outfit from me. Curios Paw, I like you as a friend because you have such nice ideas and I love them all. I hope you like my fairy ideas Curios Paw. I wish I could meet you in a muliplayer room. I am usually in the soda pop shop on early poptropica or the movie theater muliplayer room on 24 Carrot Island. Try to find me! I am Friendly Thunder. WARNING: Watch out, there are other Friendly Thunders. If you see them not wearing my ideas, then they are not me. You could only meet me if I wear one of my ideas. I might wear one of my fairy outfits! New outfit coming soon! Stay tuned!

  73. Ok I call this the Princess and the one below it is called fit for a queen.
    Ok first use fairy queens bangs and prom queens right bang with no make up.Use vampire 1 hair.Now use Prom queens dress any colour.Use southern belles necklace.Or if its a magical princesss use fairy queens neklace.Ok that is my princess costume.
    Ok now use fairy queens bang.Then use royal balls cape any colour.Then use fairy queens dress any colour (try colours close to the royal balls cape).Use vampire girl 2 or 3 hair any one is ok.Now you look like a Poptropican fit for a queen infact that already could be a queen.

  74. One thing, I love your princess idea Curios Paw. I am going to come up with a princess outfit too. It will have prom queen dress but this outfit is going to be a little different. Stay tuned! Coming soon! Prickly Dolphin’s Next Princess Outfit. My other ones were pop princesses, rock star princess, and princess of the underworld. Coming soon! Prickly’s Princess Outfit. Stay alright! Peace! 😉

  75. Prickly dolphin I am going into my mutiverse room and I will tell you the code so we can meet.This is the code BHS58.Meet you in soda pop my name is curios paw and I am wearing princess.When you see me Enter the code.

  76. Correction: The Blue fairy is the water fairy. I forgot to tell you. Well ok I will try to make a fire fairy outfit but its going to take time for me to find the right parts. On the other hand, I am thinking about making a summer pop star or a spring pop star. I will try using two outfits or more. And oh and I thought of an outfit called Black Pop Star. This will cost 150 credits if you don’t have the outfits or you will need membership if you ran out of credits. Ok here are the parts:
    1. Get Biker outfit and get the hat, belt, coat, and pants
    2. Use pop star outfit and get the shirt, microphone, earrings, and hair
    3. Make sure you use black color or you will be brown black pop star

    Hope you like it!

    Fire fairy, Spring Pop Star, Summer Pop Star, and Katy Perry Coming Soon! I promise!

  77. I got three requests for three katy perry outfits.

    Parts for Katy Perry 1:

    1. Use red dress from graduate
    2. Use prom queen’s bangs (both of them)
    3. Get gamer girl’s hair
    4. Get microphone from pop star
    5. Hair Color – Black or Blue

    Parts for Katy Perry 2:

    1. Gray skirt (which can be found on Cryptids Island)
    2. Red Mythology Surfer top
    3. Pop Earrings, Microphone, and blue hat
    4. Gamer girl’s hair
    5. Hair Color – Black or Blue

    Parts for Katy Perry 3:

    1. Microphone from pop star
    2. Prom Queen Make Up Bang
    3. White Dress from grauate
    4. Biker hat
    5. Hair Color – Blue or black

    Katy Perry is one of my favorite singers. I will think of some other outfits of Katy Perry. Right now, I got to work on Summer and Spring Pop Star. And of course, Fire Fairy. Curios Paw, I hope you love my katy perry outfits and black pop star outfit. 😉 I tried looking for my friends in the muliplayer rooms but I couldn’t find them. I can only find them in the muliverses. 🙂 :mrgreen:

  78. Ok Meet you in a muliverse later when you are on and when I am on. Any ways, I came up the right parts for fire fairy outfit. Hope you like the parts cause I tried hard thinking and finding the right parts. :mrgreen: 😉

    Parts for Fire Fairy:
    Bangs – PopStar bangs
    Hair – Biker hair
    Lips – biker lips
    Dress – Red Dress from graduate
    Wings – Fairy Queen wings or tinkerbell wings
    Wand – Fairy queen wand
    Hair Color – Orange or blond
    Skin Color – light skin

    Curios Paw, I hope you like the parts.

  79. Hey Again, I came up with a Black n Brown Fall Pop Star (I am talking about the season Fall). Hope you love it (I really come up with alot of pop star outfits)!

    Parts for Black n Brown Fall Pop Star:
    Bangs – Pop star bangs
    Hair – Pop star bangs
    Handle item – microphone
    Hat – Biker Hat
    Lips – Biker lips or pop star lips
    Skirt – black skirt with leggings (you can get that on Cryptids Island)
    Shirt – go to mythology island and go left. Find the guy with a bucket. Get his brown top.
    Coat – biker coat
    Belt – biker belt
    Hair Color – Brown
    Skin Color – Light

    There you go! Hope you like it, Curios Paw!

  80. I came up with an outfit called Teenage Girl 1 (others coming soon). This is just regular.

    Parts for Teenage Girl 1:
    1. Get gamer girl’s hair
    2. Get popstar earring bangs
    3. Use biker’s hat, pants, coat, lips, and belt
    4. Get purple tank top from purple girl on mythology island (in the hut)
    5. Hair Color – any kind

    There you go! I created 31 outfits! Can you believe it? I have alot of outfits. Oh Curios Paw, my muliverse code is ASU77. I will let you know if I change it.

  81. Hey girls, I am using Friendly Thunder as my comment name today. Still, I am Prickly Dolphin and my character’s name is Friendly Thunder. Any ways, I created an outfit today. It is called Friendly Thunder 1(I made a great outfit for my character).

    Parts for Friendly Thunder 1:
    1. Use gamer girl’s hair
    2. Get pop star’s bangs, blue skirt, shirt, and lips
    3. Use biker’s hat, coat, and belt
    4. Hair Color – Brown

    I will do Friendly Thunder 2 later. I promise! Also Friendly Thunder 1 kinda looks like Teenage Girl 2. You can call it either Friendly Thunder 1 or Teenage Girl 2. I like to call it Friendly Thunder 1.

  82. Still Prickly Dolphin. I know I haven’t been comment lately. The reason is I ran out of ideas. The good news is that I came up with a idea. This one is called Purple Prom Pop Star Queen (or princess) of Mythology.

    Parts for Purple Prom Pop Star Queen (or princess) of Mythology:
    Go to mythology island and go to Herc’s Hut. Costumize the girl with the purple dress, get her dress, bangs, cape, and lips
    Now costumize the blue girl’s white slash (mythology island)
    Prom queen’s bang and hair
    Star necklace
    Microphone from pop star

    There you go! Link: Now I will try to come up with more ideas of girl clothes. Oh and uh if you see me in the link holding a fairy wand, I saw a girl dressing up as Tinkerbell and the girl had her wand! so I got fairy queen’s wand. oh and the girl didn’t had the wings. Oh wait, that reminds me, I have another idea. It is called Tinker Bell’s Red Fairy Friend (I forgot her name), I posted this one on Poptropica Help Blog.

    Parts for Tinker Bell’s Red Fairy Friend:
    Find tinkerbell’s wings
    Find the red dress that you can costumize from a girl
    Ok the hair, I am not sure about that. Just use pink fairy queen’s hair
    If you have tinker bell’s wand still, use that. If not, use fairy queen’s wand
    You may use the butterfly follower if you want
    You may use a necklace if you want

    Can’t find the red dress and the wings? Do not worry, use the red graduation dress and fairy queen wings if you can’t find the red dress and tinker bell’s wings. Ok some of you will say this: Wow, thats a big comment you got there. Well it is. Coming soon: more clothes and costumes.

  83. Hey, I came up with another idea. It is called Friendly Thunder 2. I even have the link.

    Parts for Friendly Thunder 2:
    Bangs: pop star bangs
    Handle item: microphone from popstar
    Hat: Biker hat
    Coat: Biker coat
    Belt: Biker belt
    Hair: go to cryptids island and get the school girl’s hair
    Skirt: Black Skirt with leggings (cryptids island)
    Shirt: pop star shirt
    Lips: cheerleader’s lips or fairy queen’s pink lips
    Hair Color: Black

    Link: Remember, I might create another outfit. Don’t worry, I will change my outfit back so you can see the picture. 😉

  84. Ok I am letting you know that I have another new poptropican. Her name is Fierce Moon. I know its the same name as the blog creater on I got Fierce Moon because there wern’t any intersting names to pick. I created another poptropica account because my poptropican Friendly Thunder was two old for advertisements. I like advertisements. Ok so like, if you ever want to see me on Poptropica as Fierce Moon, you have to see me wear one of my ideas or outfits from the Poptropica Store. Now, if you ever see Fierce Moon with a gold pop star outfit, thats not me. I never ever got that outfit. NEVER!!! Oh and I created a costume today. It is called Tinker Bell’s Blue Fairy Friend (she is a water fairy). Ok use the blue dress from the advertisement Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure. If you don’t have it, use graduation blue dress. Get fairy queen’s wand. Get black hair. Get vamp. girl 3 bangs and any down hair. Don’t forget the tinkerbell wings! There you go! I didn’t post this one on Poptropica Help Blog. 😉 Yep thats right, BIG Comment. Peace!

  85. Oh I forgot, use mythology surfer in blue and get the necklace and belt. Also get the bubble follower from classie followers

  86. Ok I have came up with Alot of new clothing ideas. I can’t tell you all of them because I haven’t started making the parts for them. Ok I have superstar 1 done! It was one of my new ideas.

    Store Items Needed:
    pop star

    Rickie Rock and Sarah Snooty

    1. Start Reality TV Island if you haven’t started the island. If its already started for you, go on the show. Find Rickie Rock and Sarah Snooty. Get Rickie Rock’s hair. Get Sarah Snooty’s dress
    2. Use popstar’s microphone and bangs

    You are Superstar 1! Superstar 2 and 3 are two of my new ideas! They will come soon! I promise! Lightning Fairy is one of my other new ideas. That one needs time. Hope you like Superstar 1!

  87. ok I came up with the parts for Superstar 2.

    Store Items Needed:
    pop star
    rock star 2 (extra)

    dress from another island and necklace

    1. Go to Shrink Ray Island and go inside the school. Go to the part where the people are. Costumize the girl with the balloons on her head. Get her dress.
    2. A guitar from rock star 2 (if you want)
    3. Microphone, hair, and bangs from popstar
    4. Use cheerleader’s lips
    5. Get the star necklace from astro knights island

    You can use a guitar from rock star 2 if you don’t want the microphone from popstar. Lightning Fairy and Superstar 3 coming soon! I promise! 😉

  88. Ok Teenage Fairy was one of my new ideas. I created it two weeks ago. I forgot to tell you the parts. No worries, I will post 2 of them today. :mrgreen: 1. Teenage Fairy 1 is Pink 2. Teenage Fairy 2 is blue.

    Parts for Pink Teenage Fairy:
    1. Use pink fairy queen’s hair, lips, wings, and wand
    2. Use pink heart shirt, black make up and pink heart belt from rock star 2
    3. Get biker’s coat
    4. Get prom queen’s bang that doesn’t include make up
    4. Use Pink pop star’s skirt

    Parts for Blue Teenage Fairy:
    1. Use purple fairy queen’s lips, wand, hair, and wings
    2. Use blue pop star’s skirt or a black skirt with no leggings
    3. Get prom queen’s bang that has no make up
    4. Get blue star make up, blue heart belt, and blue heart shirt from rock star 2
    5. Use biker’s coat

    Green Teenage Fairy is coming soon! Also I found only two parts for lightning fairy (I will get the rest of the parts soon). Use mythology surfer in red and get the necklace and use lightning staff for lightning fairy. Do not worry, I will get the rest of the parts soon! More parts will come soon. Superstar 3 will come soon! 😉

  89. Ok Dancy fancy pop star is one of my new ideas. Oh and I have a list of new ideas.

    Store Items Needed:
    geisha (if you want)
    pop star

    hair from another island and hat from another person

    1. Find Mary Muse on RTV Island and get her back ribbon (if you can’t get her, geisha’s back ribbon works fine)
    2. Go to Cryptids Island and costumize the school girl’s hair
    3. In a muliplayer room, costumize a girl with a pink cap (the pink pop star hat is going to be too long)
    4. Get pop star’s microphone, earrings, pink hat, pink belt, pink coat, and pink skirt
    5. Find the barbie black dress from a girl
    6. Use cheerleader’s lips

    There you go! More girl clothes for Poptropica coming soon! I hope someone comments

  90. Hi Prickly Dolphin (Friendly Thunder), I love all your fantastic outfits and I wear them all the time and I am started to get popular. In the muliplayer rooms, do you wear your outfits all the time and became popular? And oh I made up a outfit, called pretty rock star. You need popstar, rockstar 2, vamp. girl 1, biker, and graduate. Also you need electify!
    1. Use vamp. girl 1’s hair
    2. Use rockstar 2’s purple guitar and purple star make up
    3. Get biker hat and belt
    4, Get popstar’s pink coat
    5. White dress from graduate
    6. Use any electify color
    There you go!

  91. i dont know what to call my outfiet

    get a pink cheackered vest,short light brown hair,gold hoop earrings,white tie,white skirt,and pink popstar hat

  92. my idea is called to cool for you

    dark brown curly hair,black dress with gray dots,black belt with white dots,black sunglasses

  93. my idea is night out

    brow bangs with light brown streak,brown long curly hair,white jacket,gray cheackered vest,white shirt,pink skirt,hoop earrings,popstar lips,blush

  94. COOL!!! I really want to get an artemis outfit but unfortuantely, I made my popcharacter a boy. 😦
    At least I can do Harry potter. I might try to make a Percy Jackson. Does anyone know how ta do that???

  95. I created a great idea for girls. You will need Gamer Girl, Lightning Staff, Pop Star (regular), and Electify (cost together = 650 credits for non-members and 0 credits for members).

    Put blue electify on
    Use blue pop star’s bangs, lips, hat, shirt, coat, belt, and skirt
    Put on lightning staff
    Get gamer girl’s hair

    That outfit is called Blue Sparkly Lightning Pop Star with no microphone

    This next one is for girls too. You will need fairy queen and cheerleader (cost together – 150 credits for non-members and 0 credits for members.

    Use cheerleader in red and get the ponytails and lips
    Get fairy queen’s pink dress and tiara bangs

    That one was called Pretty Pink Princess.

    I hope you enjoyed my two outfits, girls. If you want a pretty pink fairy princess, add fairy queen’s wings and wand to pretty pink princess.

  96. Ok I am changing my name back to Prickly Dolphin. And I forgot to tell you I have a new character named Popular Singer (I gave up on Fierce Moon, I am not the Fierce Moon who created Poptropica Secrets).

  97. Alright bad news girls, I can’t create superstar 3. Sorry. I can’t find the right parts. Just use pop star and rock star 1 and 2. I have an idea called pretty pop star (just let me find the parts and I will tell you).

  98. Got it! You will need biker, gamer girl, pop star, angel, and electify (cost together = 550 credits for non-members and 0 credits for members).

    Put on any electify color
    Get pink hat, green coat, skirt with blue leggings, shirt, and microphone from pop star
    Use gamer girl’s hair
    Copy angel’s bangs
    Get biker’s belt
    Get any colorful lips

    Pretty Pop Star done! More ideas for girls coming soon!

  99. Yay Prickly Dolphin, you’re back! I got a new idea and its called Princess Tiana (or whatever you spell it) from the movie The Princess and The Frog. You will need southern belle (if you want) and fairy queen (equals 150 credits for nonmembers and none for members).

    Use southern belle’s green dress (you don’t have to use it, you can just use green fairy queen’s dress)
    Get green fairy queen’s hair and tiara and dress if you want

    Viola! You are Princess Tiana (or watever you spell it)!

  100. Love your new idea, Hazy Girl! I wanted that and needed that. Anyways, I came up with a idea called Teenage Pop Star 3 (the other ones are up above). You will need biker, popstar (regular), and gamer girl. (all of them together costs 225 credits for non-members and no credits for members).

    1. Get pop star’s earrings, microphone, white skirt with blue leggings, and lips
    2. Copy Gamer Girl’s hair
    3. Find the white dress thats popular
    4. Use biker’s hat, belt, and coat

    For lightning fairy:
    lightning staff
    red mythology surfer’s necklace
    fairy wings
    fairy queen’s tiara
    use gamer girl’s hair I guess
    use yellow electify
    any dress (do not use pink, blue, purple, green, or white, just find any dress that might work)

    Next one is snow princess (the other name is winter princess):
    1. Use prom queen’s white dress and bang that doesn’t include makeup
    2. Get fairy queen’s tiara
    3. a scarf or white coat
    4. Any white belt (except bride of frankenstein’s belt)
    5. Get pop star’s hair and lips
    6. You can use gamer girl’s hair if you want

    There you go, girls! More new ideas! More ideas will come soon! I promise!

  101. Hey there, girls. Came up with an idea. You need prom queen and fairy queen (costs together = 150 credits for nonmembers and 0 credits for members).

    1. Use prom queen’s purple dress and bang that doesn’t include makeup
    2. Go to Cryptids Island and get the school girl’s hair
    3. Use fairy queen’s tiara bangs and purple lips

    That one was called Pretty Purple Princess (to make this outfit cheaper, just buy fairy queen and get the purple dress, fairy queen costs 75 credits).

    There is another outfit I created but I forgot the title of it and the parts. Let you know when I remember.

  102. Now I remember, you will need mythology surfer, cheerleader, pop star, and biker (costs together = 300 credits for non-members and 0 credits for members).

    1. Get mythology surfer in purple and get the braids
    2. Use purple cheerleader’s lips and ponytails (you can use the ponytails if you don’t want the purple braids)
    3. Get popstar’s bangs
    4. You must have 24 Carrot Island done. When its done, go to the diner. Get the girl’s flower shirt and purple skirt (stay there for a minute)
    5. Costumize the biker outfit and get the coat and belt
    6. To get the pitcher full of black juice, pick black in the diner and click drink. Press ctrl + shift + S, your mouse will become a swirl. Refresh the page and re-enter your account. After that, you will be holding the pitcher of black juice. (the black juice goes with the outfit, you can use the microphone if you don’t want the black juice).

    This outfit is called Teenage Girl 2 (or Teenage Pop Star 4). Enjoy!

  103. Got another idea! You will need prom queen, rock star 2, and pop star (costs together = 225 credits for non-member and 0 for members).

    1. Get popstar’s earrings
    2. Get rock star 2’s pink guitar
    3. Use prom queen’s hair, bang with no makeup, and pink dress

    This one is for girls. The other one is also for girls. All my outfits are for girls only!

  104. Got an outfit! You will need pop star (costs = 75 credits).

    1. If you don’t have blond yellow hair, go get your hair blond (you can use the colorizer for 250 credits or the cold drinks in the diner on 24 Carrot Island for free)
    2. Go to the B.A.D. Bistro on Spy Island and get the girl’s black dress
    3. Get the white boa from Mystery Train Island (the lady will the yellow dress is wearing it)
    4. Go to Cryptids Island and get the school girl’s hair
    5. White lips from Mythology Island (the blue girl with the fruits on her head has the lips)
    6. Get pop star’s microphone and earrings

    I call this outfit 29 year old Britney Spears (she will turn 30 on December 2, 2011, Britney Spears is one of my favorite singers).


  105. hey bff Prickly dolphin I have not been on lately because I did not have much ideas any way please for give me I am sorry any way.Hazy girl can you be my bff too.So please answer I will try to think of someting soon.Today I will use my other name.

  106. Well any way I thought of some thing its a secret though go to the link.Just move your mouse on the word link I will tell you how to do it on my next comment.

  107. CURIOS PAW!!!!!!!!! I missed you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you would never commment again!!! Do you like my new ideas?

  108. Got an idea! You will need mythology surfer, prom queen, and fairy queen (costs together = 225 credits for non-members and 0 credits for members).

    1. Use mythology surfer in purple and get the braids
    2. Get prom queen’s bang with no makeup and purple dress
    3. Copy fairy queen’s tiara, necklace, wings, and wand

    I call this idea Purple Fairy Princess! I know, I create alot of princess outfits. New outfit coming soon on my next comment!

  109. Hey, got another idea! You will need prom queen and popstar (costs together = 150 credits for non-members and members get it for free).

    1. Copy prom queen’s hair and pink dress
    2. Get popstar’s earrings
    3. Go get a red cape from Mythology Island
    4. Get the red slash (mythology island)
    5. Go to Astro Knights Island and get the star necklace
    6. Hair Color – Blond Yellow

    I call this outfit Aphrodite, one of the goddnesses (you can go to Posidon’s beach and costumize Aphrodite and get her outfit, that makes the outfit free).

  110. I got a wonderful outfit. You will need biker, gamer girl, and popstar (costs all together: 225 credits or membership).

    1. Copy biker’s hat, belt, and coat
    2. Get popstar’s earrings, skirt with pink leggings, microphone, and lips
    3. Use gamer girl’s hair
    4. Get Aphrodite’s top

    I call this outfit Popular Singer 1 (you wanna get my style, right?, well here is Popular Singer 1). For Popular Singer 2, do every step but use pink coat, pink belt, and pink hat from popstar.

  111. I got a great idea. It is called Blue Fairy Queen.

    1. Use royal ball’s blue dress
    2. You can use southern belle’s blue dress if you want
    3. Go to Mythology Island and costumize the blue girl that has no fruits on her head. Get her hair.
    4. Copy fairy queen’s bangs, necklace, wand, and wings
    5. You can use the blue head band hair if you want

    I wanted the blue version of fairy queen but they didn’t haven’t it so I created this outfit. Oh and Prickly Dolphin, I like your 2 outfits that you created. Can’t wait for Curios Paw new outfit!

  112. Got an idea! You will need electrify, angel, and popstar (costs = 400 credits or membership).

    1. Use yellow electrify
    2. Go to Shrink Ray Island and go inside the school. Go to the part where there is people. Costumize CJ’s mom. Get her hair
    3. Copy angel’s bangs
    4. Popstar’s microphone, shirt, and any skirt

    You are a sparkly gold pop star (I know there was a gold pop star outfit in 2009 but if you want some of the outfit, follow the steps, you can use royal ball’s gold dress if you like). When I putted the yellow electrify on, I was glowing with energy. Use fairy queen’s pink lips for the outfit.

  113. I have a special outfit. You will need angel, prom queen, pop star, and graduate. All together equals 300 credits or membership.

    1. Bang with no makeup (prom queen)
    2. Angel’s Bangs
    3. Go to Shrink Ray Island and go inside the school. Go to the part where there is people. Costumize CJ’s mom. Get her hair
    4. Blue dress (graduate)
    5. Blue coat and blue belt (popstar)
    6. Microphone (popstar)
    7. Lips from popstar

    This outfit is called Cute Pop Star!

  114. Got an idea! You will need pop star, prom queen, and biker (150 credits or membership).

    1. Get any colorful tank top (found on Mythology Island, you can get blue, purple, and green).
    2. Go to Shrink Ray Island and go inside the school. Go to the part where there is people. Costumize CJ’s mom. Get her hair
    3. You know those purple bangs with the makeup? Find those
    4. Microphone from pop star
    5. Prom queen’s bang with no makeup
    6. Pop Star’s blue belt (or pink or green)
    7. Dark pink skirt

    That outfit was called Summer Pop Star (some of you will say that I create alot of princess and pop star outfits, I got a new idea on my next comment).

  115. Got another idea! You will need prom queen and biker (150 credits or membership).

    1. Get prom queen’s bang with no makeup and purple dress
    2. Biker’s belt, coat, and hat if you don’t want the bang with no makeup
    3. Same purple bangs as Summer Pop Star
    4. Same hair as Summer Pop Star
    5. Go to mythology island and go inside the hut. Get the purple girl’s dress (if you don’t want prom queen).

    Outfit name: A special princess. I have another idea, on my next comment. Tomorrow I will post it.

  116. Ok I promised I would do this outfit today so you will need biker, prom queen, fairy queen, pop star. Credits: 300. Or you can use membership.

    1. Go to Astro Knights Island and get the goth girl’s black dress
    2. Go to Spy Island and get the black and white dress (if you don’t want goth girl’s dress)
    3. Biker coat, belt, and hat
    4. Find the blond barbie ponytail
    5. Find the purple bangs with makeup
    6. Get prom queen’s bang with no makeup
    7. Get fairy queen’s pink lips
    8. Copy pop star’s microphone

    I call this outfit Black Pop Princess. Next outfit I will create will be Spring Pop Star. I will let you know when I have the parts done.

  117. Got it! You will need classic followers, biker, fairy queen, and pop star. You will need 475 credits or membership.

    1. Use the butterfly follower from classic followers
    2. Get biker’s hat
    3. Copy pop star’s microphone, white skirt with pink leggings, green belt, hair, and blue coat
    4. Find those purple bangs with makeup
    5. Copy Fairy Queen’s pink lips
    6. Go to mythology island and get aphrodite’s pink top

    Spring Pop Star done! New outfit coming soon! Looking forward for Curios Paw’s new outfit. :mrgreen: 🙂

    • O_O That’s like SO great of an outfit… here! try mine!
      you need Vampire 1 and biker.
      1. Vamp 1 hair
      2. biker coat, belt and pants
      3. get the girls on main street of mythology island frown lips
      4. make sure you have black hair. if not use the drinks on 24 carrot.
      5. use CTRL+Shift+S to get your skin white
      6. on RTV island, get the bangs from the girl in front of mike’s market
      7. get the tuft of hair from the goth guy on RTV
      8. get sickly skull’s shirt on RTV

      it’s the goth girls sister on astro knights island. O_o

  118. I love ur new 2 new ideas, Prickly Dolphin. I call this next outfit Beach Pop Star. You will need mythology surfer and pop star (costs together = 150 credits and 0 credits for members).

    1. Use one of mythology surfer clothes or get any surfer outfit on Mythology Island
    2. Get the braids from # 1
    3. Copy pop star’s bangs and microphone

    I am looking forward to Curios Paw’s new idea and Prickly Dolphin’s new idea,

  119. well any way here it is I call it Aphrodites apprentice simply her daughter.All right first copy aphrodites necklace,uback hair with roses and sash also her cape and bangs.Copy her bottom part of her dress.
    Then use prom queens top in pink.Your hair can be any colour.There done.

  120. *claps* Horray for Curios Paw!! Bravo! I do Aphrodite and you do her daughter. :mrgreen: I’ve been waiting for you Curios Paw! I didn’t comment at 1:40 because I was asleep. It was late. It was night. Please forgive me. I love your new idea. I will create an outfit later.

  121. Hey Curios Paw! Hey Prickly Dolphin! Thanks for the idea, Curios Paw! Looking forward for a new idea Prickly Dolphin. I love your new idea Curios Paw!

  122. I created an idea! You will need biker, popstar, and graduate. You will need 225 credits or membership.

    1. Copy biker’s hat, belt, coat, and ponytail
    2. Use graduate’s red dress and smile
    3. Get popstar’s microphone and earring bangs

    I call this outfit a Girl who loves to sing! Thats the only title I can come up with. I’ll do another idea later. I promise!

  123. I got a idea. You will need gamer girl, biker, and pop star. 225 credits for non-members and membership (0 credits) for members.

    1. Copy gamer girl’s hair, shirt, and pants
    2. Use popstar’s earrings
    3. Get biker’s hat, coat, and belt
    4. Go get a curve smile

    I call this outfit Teenage Girl 2. If you would like to know the date that I just started making outfits here, the date was Saturday, September 24, 2011. Yep, that was 2 months ago. So that means, I created alot of outfits and costumes. 🙂 Hope every poptropica girl loves my ideas!

  124. Next idea! You will need gamer girl, popstar, and rockstar 2. That will be 225 credits for non-members and 0 credits for members.

    1. Copy gamer girl’s hair
    2. Go to mythology island and costumize the blue girl that has no fruits on her head. Get her top.
    3. Use popstar’s bangs, blue coat, and blue belt
    4. Go to Counterfelt Island and go to Bobo’s Shop. Get the girl’s blue skirt with black leggings
    5. You can use popstar’s white skirt with blue leggings if you want
    6. Get any guitar from rockstar 2
    7. Hair Color – Blond Yellow

    I call this idea Pandora, one of the characters of the game Guitar Hero. This idea is also called Blue Rockstar (you can go to shrink ray island and costumize the girl with the balloons on her head and get her dress and use blue coat/blue belt from pop star, thats another clothing you can wear).

  125. I created another idea. You will need biker and it costs 75 credits and membership.

    1. Go copy goth girl’s black dress on Astro Knights Island
    2. Get biker’s hair
    3. You can use braids if you don’t want biker’s hair
    4. The star necklace from astro knights island

    Its the best I could do. I call this outfit Athena’s Daughter (yes Athena does have a daughter).

  126. Ok I call this popstar at school.
    First copy school girls hair only the wavy hair.copy her top and skirt.Then go to mythology and copy aphrodites bangs.Instead of aphrodites bangs you can copy popstars bangs.If you have popstar copy her jacket blue and her microphone.also copy popstars belt in blue.

  127. New costume I call it the pop star.Its a popstar that is preparing to sing.
    First copy the spy that is trapped in the green house (you need to finish the island) on spy islands dress. Then use popstar any colour jacket and belt. Copy popstars bangs as well or aphrodites bangs. Copy pop stars microphone.Copy school girls wavy hair on crpytids.

  128. here’s how to be Urkel-fied;
    You need to complete Nabooti, and Spy Island.
    1. Use the phone on Nabooti Island and dial 1337.
    2. Get the bald hair style from Director D on Spy Island.
    3. Get brown skin.
    Total Steve Urkel

  129. I have a new idea, You will need pop star and cheerleader. You will need 150 credits or membership. 1. Copy pop star’s bangs and microphone 2. Go to mythology island and go to Posidon’s beach. Costumize Triton. Get his white belt 3. Go to Reality TV Island and get Bucy Lucas’ coat 4. Find the pink dress (you know the pink dress the outfit pretty n punk is wearing, well find that) 5. Find the white popstar hat (I am talking about the hat that is hard to find) 6. Go to Cryptids Island and costumize the girl with a gray skirt, get her hair (or use popstar’s hair) 7. copy cheerleader’s lips (or fairy queen’s pink lips). I call this idea, Pretty n White. Love your new idea, Curios Paw!

  130. Hey whats up? Hey Curios Paw, I’m sorry that i didn’t commented yesterday. I had to get off. Love your 2 new ideas! Even your new idea Prickly Dolphin!

  131. Ok I call this pretty in pink popstar.Sorry if you thought of the name already because its simaular. First use the dress in costume Pretty and punk I copied it from a girl in a multiplayer room.Then use aphrodite or popstars bangs.Use vampire girl 2 hair exept bangs or copy school girl on cryptids island hair except bangs.Ok now use pink popstars jacket,belt and her microphone.Done! What do you think?

  132. For my pretty and pink popstar you can use any other pink tdress or top and skirt. that does not take the jacket
    away because the dress might be tricky to find.

  133. Ok heres how to make the Animal princess.
    Use royal ball dress in yellow orange.
    use gamer girl hair.
    use any animal follower.
    use prom queens bang with no make up.

  134. You have to go to to get a new picture I have never heard of an animal princess …. love your 2 new ideas

  135. When you get a gravatar account, make some pictures or take some pictures of your character by pressing the Prt Scr SysRQ button if you have a PC (mac you can take pictures but I don’t know what buttons to press Crop select BOOM You have it! I created my new picture today!

  136. I have two ideas and they are blue popstar and green rockstar princess!

    Blue PopStar:
    1. Get graduate’s blue dress
    2. Copy popstar’s microphone, blue coat, blue hat, blue belt, and earrings
    3. Use cheerleader’s blue ponytails

    Green Rockstar Princess:
    1. Get prom queen’s green dress
    2. Use biker’s hat, belt, and coat
    3. Copy popstar’s earrings and hair
    4. Get rockstar 2’s green guitar (rock star 1’s green guitar)

    2 ideas done!

  137. Heres my new idea: Crazy Soda Pop. You will need the soda pop costume and the shrink shot mini game. You will need 75 credits or membership.

    1. Put on the soda pop costume
    2. Get the soda pop bottle from the mini game Shrink Shot
    3. Any skin color is fine (except pink and green)

    My new character’s name: Super Singer

  138. I have a Taylor Swift outfit of my own. You will need biker which costs 75 credits or membership.

    1. Go to Spy Island and go to the Bistro. Get the girl’s black with white dot dress
    2. Go to Cryptids Island and get the school girl’s hair
    3. Get blond yellow hair
    4. Put on biker’s hat (you can use the coat and belt if you like)

    Idea: Taylor Swift as a camogirl. More outfits are coming soon!

  139. New idea: Luai Girl (you know like the girls who dance in Hawaii). You will need popstar.

    1. Get any hair that has flowers in it (astro knights island and shark tooth island)
    2. Go to Mythology Island and go to Poseidon’s Beach. Get the purple beach girl’s top
    3. Go to Shark Tooth Island and get the coconut milk man’s flower necklace thingy
    4. Get the grass skirt from shark tooth island
    5. Go to Time Tangled Island and go to the place where you return the sun stone piece. Costumize the guy who gave you the warrior mask. Get his skirt.
    6. Copy popstar’s lips

    Idea done! more ideas will come. I have a new idea on my next comment.

  140. I have 2 ideas. First idea is Purple Popstar. Second is Gray Popstar.

    Purple Popstar:
    Go to Mythology Island and go inside the hut. Get the purple girl’s top
    Get the purple skirt
    Copy popstar’s hair, earrings, and microphone

    Gray Popstar:
    Go to Cryptids and get the girl with the sparkly bangs’ gray skirt
    Go to Counterfelt and go inside the Jazz Restaurant. Get the girl’s shirt
    Copy popstar’s hair, earrings, and microphone

    2 ideas done! Red Pop Princess and Yellow Pop Princess Coming Soon!

    • Um, I think I leaded you to use my email cause you didn’t had an email (except ur mom’s email). Just remember people, I am not Hazy Girl. Are you using your mom’s email now Hazy Girl?

  141. use red dress from skullduggery island on golden harbor, get microphone and earrings from pop star, any hair, and any lips. Thats red pop princess. Use yellow dress from mystery train island, use popstar’s earrings and microphone, any hair and any lips. Thats yellow pop princess. (Use prom queen’s hair and both bangs and use the red dress to make a red prom queen outfit and use prom queen’s hair and both bangs and the yellow dress to make a yellow prom queen).

  142. Use rockstar 2’s purple heart shirt and purple guitar. Get cheerleader’s purple ponytails. Copy popstar’s lips and earrings. Get biker’s hat, belt, coat, and pants. I call this idea Cute Purple Popstar.

  143. Here is how to dress up as Anna The Moonbeam Fairy from The Night Fairies Rainbow Magic Book Series:
    Get biker’s coat
    Go to Mythology Island and get the girl’s blue tank top (the girl with the white slash)
    Go to Shrink Ray Island and go inside the School. Get the girl’s light pink skirt.
    Copy fairy queen’s wand and any hair from fairy queen
    Tinkerbell wings or fairy queen wings
    Blond hair
    Get the butterfly follower from classic followers
    You can use electrify if you want

    You are Anna The Moonbeam Fairy (she is one of the night fairies)!

  144. Remember the white popstar outfit that I made? I am restarting the outfit and doing it all over again.

    1. Go to Posidon’s beach on Mythology Island and get Triton’s white belt
    2. Go to Reality TV Island and get Bucky Lucas’ white coat
    3. Any down hair is fine (but don’t use the purple headband hair that has the balloons on it)
    4. Find the white hat (the popular girl outfit that Popular Jumper made, has it)
    5. Copy popstar’s earrings, white skirt with blue leggings, microphone, and shirt.
    6. Any lips is fine (except don’t use angel’s lips and also don’t use prom queen’s lips)

    For the white pop princess, you do every step as the white popstar outfit but use prom queen’s white dress. 😉 even more ideas are coming soon.

  145. I have an idea. It is called Female Detective!

    1. Copy vamp. girl 1’s coat, belt, shirt, and pants
    2. Get vamp. girl 3’s bangs
    3. Use gamer girl’s hair
    4. Get the Mystery Train Inspector outfit and get the magifying glass (if you’re a non-member, you don’t have to use the magifying glass, BUT if you were a member and got the mystery tain inspector outfit and then your membership expired, use the magifying glass)
    5. Popstar’s lips

    You can wear this outfit if you are working on Mystery Train Island. Or you can wear this outfit any where. :mrgreen:

  146. I have a new outfit called Katy Perry 4. You will need popstar, and prom queen, that will costs you 150 credits or membership if you don’t have the outfits. Ok first of all, copy popstar’s earrings and microphone. Next, go to Shark Tooth Island and go inside the hut and copy the girl’s hair that has one flower it. Then, get your hair black. Fourth, copy prom queen’s pink dress. You can use rockstar 2’s pink guitar or rockstar 1’s pink guitar if you don’t want the microphone from popstar but you still need popstar cause of the earrings. More ideas coming soon!

  147. I have another idea and its called The Pretty White Girl.

    1. Go to Reality TV Island and get Bucky Luca’s white coat
    2. Go to Mythology Island, go to Poseidon’s Beach, and get Triton’s white belt
    3. Find the white dress (not the white dress that prom queen is wearing)
    4. Find the blond barbie ponytail
    5. Find the purple bangs with makeup
    6. Copy prom queen’s bang with no makeup
    7. Cheerleader’s lips
    8. Add the microphone if you like

    The Pretty White Girl outfit is done (similar to the popular girl outfit but you use different hair and bangs)

  148. Oh, I forgot here is the directions to make a cool outfit.
    Get popstars bangs and lips.
    Use angel Wings.
    Use The BLUE Swan Ballerina hair and her dress BLUE though
    Use The prom queen BANG OVER EYE. so its covering your eye
    Now use the Flower Power Flower.
    Get The scarf From a girl in a multi-player room
    Finally use colerizer and turn your skin white
    I hope you like it Super Thunder and don’t forget to type in shinykid157 in the avatar studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. I have three ideas. First, I have Tinkerbell with a longer and bigger dress. Second, I have Shannon The Ocean Fairy from the Special Edition Rainbow Magic books. Third, I have a musical singer/popstar outfit thats white, black, and blue mixed together.

    Tinkerbell With A Longer and Bigger Dress:
    Use fairy queen’s green earring hair thingy and fairy queen’s green dress and wand
    Get vamp. girl 3’s bangs
    Find tinkerbell wings

    Shannon The Ocean Fairy:
    Go to Mythology Island, go inside the hut, and get the green girl’s top
    Curly hair from the school girl on Cryptids Island
    Get your hair very light brown
    Fairy queen wings or tinker bell wings
    Fairy queen’s wand
    Light Pink Skirt from Shrink Ray Island
    Get triton’s necklace from Mythology Island

    Musical Singer/Popstar Thats White, Black, and Blue Mixed Together:
    Find the blue music note shirt
    Get popstar’s earrings, white skirt with blue leggings, and microphone
    Use cheerleader’s lips
    Copy gamer girl’s hair
    Get biker’s hat, belt, and coat

    I’ll let you know when I have more ideas.

  150. I don’t know where Hazy Girl is. Yes Im still on. Have you been to the Reader’s Stories section on here? I started writing my story yesterday?

  151. I know the Chipettes (the band The Chipettes is a singing girls group), I am going to work on Jeanette.

    Hair – Purple Fairy Queen’s hair
    Hair Color – Brown
    Shirt – Blue Musical Note (don’t use pink)
    Skirt – Purple skirt
    Handle-item – microphone
    Other – glasses, bangs from that black guy from Reality TV Island

    I might do the other chipettes later (I don’t know them all so I have to look them up). Peace!

  152. Hey Guys, I made a Lady Gaga outfit!!!!!!! Heres how to make it.

    Go to 24 Carrot Island, Turn you hair a very Whitish yellow
    Go to Mystery Train and get the hair from The women in front of the multi-player room.(you can also get the barbie ponytail)
    Get the Mythogoly Surfer and make her swimsuit purple(Hades) copy it, except for the Belt and neclace
    Get the popstar, put on the earring bangs and put on the microphone
    Get the polka-dotted belt from a girl in any multi-player room
    Now, put on the Fairy Queen necklace
    Next, put on the prom queen Bang-over-eye( so its covering your eye a little)
    Okay, put on some colorless lips that you can find on mythogoly island

    HOPE YOU GUYS LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Love it, ShinyKid157. For the tinkerbell with a longer and bigger dress outfit, make sure you have blond hair cause Tinker Bell in the Tinkerbell movies had blond hair. I have 2 outfits. One that is me in real life. Second is Avril Lavigne 2002/2004.

    Me in Real Life (These are my clothes in real life that I wear when I go to the Grocery Store):
    Get the blue tank top from that blue girl with the non-fruit hair on Mythology
    Get the pants from biker
    Copy a girl with the purple head band hair (cause I wear a purple head band)
    Get your hair blond cause my hair in real life is blond (the kind of blond I have is yellow)
    Go get to the star necklace from Astro Knights Island
    Get the belt from biker (I don’t actually wear a belt but its extra)
    Get the smile from the graduate outfit

    Avril Lavigne 2002/2004:
    Get the black dress from Spy Dress
    Copy gamer girl’s hair
    Use popstar’s earrings
    Get vamp.girl 3’s bangs
    Orange or blond yellow hair
    Any lips (popstar’s lips is perfect)

    More ideas coming soon!

  154. Hey, I Have a “Queen of the Underworld” costume ( i do think someone else made one, but I came up with my own) Heres how you make it.

    Go to Hades Thrown Room. Copy His Belt, Top and cape
    Get the Mythogoly Surfer, Get Hades Necklace
    Get Vampire girl 1s Hair and prom queen bang-over-eye
    Get the prom queens GREEN bottom skirt.
    Get the Fairy Queen GREEN lips and her tiara (cuz your queen)
    Since I couldnt find a hade handheld thingy and and the trident had a starfish on it use the little demon thingy.

    Hair color: brown, green or black
    Skin Color: Caucasion, Pale or White.

    REPLY AND HOPE YOU LIKE IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Hey People, I came up with a go-go girl outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Black Dress from girl on SPY
    Puple Head-Band hair or headband hair from steamworks
    Pop Star earrings, and microphone
    (make sure you got black hair!) Rock Star Bangs (Black)
    Star necklace
    Cheerleader Lips

    * If you had membership and broke the snow globe on the shrink ray mini shot game and got sparkle power get that.

    Plus type in Shinykid157 in avatar studio!!!!!!!! REPLY!!!!!!

    • Miley Cyrus
      Popstar Hair and bangs
      Vampire girl 1 pants
      Biker girl jacket
      Vampire girl 3 bangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Dress that The Pretty N’ Punk outfit had on here
      Apropdites locket

      And of course MICROPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Tell me what you think of it, I havent tried it out yet!!!!!!!!

      SO REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  156. Shinykid157, Can I call you Shinykid? I have a hannah montana outfit. Hope you like it!

    gamer girl’s hair
    blond yellow hair
    popstar earring bangs
    vamp. girl 3’s bangs
    popstar’s pink coat, shirt, and white skirt with blue leggings or pink leggings
    super power island’s super hero belt
    microphone from popstar
    get the guy’s mouth thats showing teeth from mystery train island


  157. I have an outfit called Ashlee Simpson 1 (2004).

    gamer girl’s hair or popstar’s hair
    popstar’s earrings
    microphone from popstar
    black coat thingy from counterfelt island (or biker’s coat)
    black hair
    pink shirt from aphrodite or from the scientist on Super Power Island
    black pants, jeans, skirt (I don’t know)
    a belt might work
    any lips

    more ideas coming soon!

  158. I think I know how to make Tinker Bell.

    1. Get your hair blond
    2. Use green fairy queen’s hair and wand
    3. Find tinkerbell wings
    4. Copy vamp. girl 3’s bangs
    5. Use prom queen’s green top or that green top from Mythology Island
    6. You know the guy who gave you the warrior mask? (Time Tangled Island). Get his skirt.
    7. Put on the grass skirt (Shark Tooth Island)

    If you forgot how to make Tinker Bell’s Blue Fairy Friend (she is a water fairy), I will tell you the parts again.

    1. Find tinkerbell wings
    2. Copy fairy queen’s wand
    3. Get graduate’s blue dress
    4. Use the green girl’s bangs (Mythology Island)
    5. Hair Color – Black
    6. Bubble Follower (Classic Followers)
    7. Vamp. Girl 3’s bangs
    8. Gamer Girl’s hair

    Oh and the blue fairy’s name from the tinkerbell movies is SilverMist (I looked up the name for the blue fairy).

  159. For my white popstar outfit, you can use the curly hair from the school girl on Cryptids. LOL Some girls in the Cryptids Island multiplayer room were copying my hat, belt, and coat (PS I was wearing the white popstar outfit).

  160. I think I know how to make a kitty cat costume (its not that good but I did my best).

    use the wolf girl’s ears
    furry mon. 3’s body and tail
    the fierce lion’s mouse
    mouse’s whiskers (ignore the gray thingy on the whiskers)

    Its not as good but I did my best. Hope you like it cause thats the best I could do.

  161. I have an idea called Pretty n Purple!

    Use the purple tank top from the girl in the restaurant hut on Mythology Island
    Get the purple skirt from 24 Carrot Island in the diner (if you have 24 Carrot Island done)
    Copy prom queen’s bang with no makeup
    Get purple bangs with makeup, prom queen’s bang with makeup or the purple star makeup from rockstar 2
    Put fairy queen in purple and get the hair and lips
    Use biker’s hat, belt, and coat

    Now they have pretty n white, pretty n punk, pretty n pink, and pretty n purple!

  162. I can’t find you in the island multiplayer rooms, but I can find you in a multiverse. And staying on the computer for a few days without sleeping, thats kinda weird. I might want to stay there for a few hours. I have a new outfit on my next comment.

  163. Well a month ago, I said that the Green Teenage Fairy outfit is coming soon! Well, I decided to do it now. You will need rock star 2, fairy queen, prom queen, and biker.

    1. Copy biker’s belt and coat
    2. Get rock star 2’s green heart shirt
    3. Go get the black skirt that has no leggings
    4. Use fairy queen in green and get the wand, wings, hair, and green lips
    5. Copy prom queen’s bang with no makeup
    6. Get black makeup with the black star from rock star 2

    Purple Teenage Fairy is coming soon!

  164. Alright here is Purple Teenage Fairy:

    1. Use the purple tank top from Mythology Island (the purple girl has it)
    2. If you have 24 Carrot Island, go get the purple skirt from the Carrot Diner
    3. Copy biker’s coat and belt
    4. Use fairy queen in purple and get the purple hair, purple lips, wand, and wings
    5. Purple Star makeup from rock star 2
    6. Get prom queen’s bang with no makeup


  165. Hi. This is still Prickly Dolphin. My new name is Fantastic Popstar! I will be out for a few days until I come up with a great outfit idea. I hope Hazy Girl comes back. Also, I will get a new comment picture soon.

  166. this is how to make a fortune teller
    1. Go to nabooti island and go to where the three people have a stall to trade items.
    2. Go to the lady wearing blue and purple and costumize what she is wearing on her head.
    3.Go to any island with the Alvin and the chipmunks thing. (Best to go to mythology or early poptropica.) While your at mythology island go into the hero hut and copy the purple lips.
    4. Play the mango challenge.
    5. you will get a costume with a girl wearing pink clothes. Put them on and Ta DA!!!!!

  167. Green Fairy

    1. Go to Mythology island.
    2. Go into The Hero Hut.
    3. Costumize the girl wearing green. ( The lips the shirt, skirt and the hair.)
    4. Go to 24 carrot island.
    5. Colour your hair. I’d say black, peach or skin colour.
    6. Go to early poptroica and walk to the far side where there is a man standing with balloons.
    7. Pick light green.
    8. Wear any wings.
    9. Get a putterfly or hummingbird follower.

  168. Marge Simpson
    1. Get the Afro.
    2. Color your hair blue on 24 carrot.
    3. Only get the green skirt on mythology. Get the other green shirt that looks like the blue.
    4. Get the pearl necklace.
    Sorry I don’t have a picture!

  169. Hi Everyone, I’m Back! I like your new name, Prickly Dolphin. And our comment pictures changed but for those people who have gravatar accounts, they still have their own picture. Nice picture, Prickly Dolphin. I better go get an idea for an outfit!

  170. I have a great green outfit for all of the girls. You will need the prom queen outfit and the popstar outfit.

    1. Go to Mythology Island, and go inside the hero hut. Costumize the purple girl and get her bangs. Now, costumize the green girl, get her hair, lips, dress, and cape.
    2. Buy the Prom Queen outfit from the store and get the bang that has no makeup.
    3. Buy the Pop Star outfit from the store and get the green coat, green belt, and microphone.

    My new outfit is called The Greatest Green Goddness Pop Star Of Them All. I could do a mountain climber outfit (if I could do it).

  171. Well for the female mountain climber outfit, you can use the biker outfit’s coat so your poptropican won’t be freezing. You can go to Cryptids Island and costumize the pink hiker lady and get the pink n brown backpack. Well for the hair, you can to Cryptids Island, costumize the girl with the gray skirt, and get her hair, you can get the school girl’s hair, you can copy the gamer girl outfit’s hair, costumize the black girl on Cryptids Island and get her hair, or costumize the biker outfit and get the ponytail. For the belt, you can get the biker’s belt, Vamp. Girl 3’s gray belt, or a brown belt. You can get the smile from the graduate outfit. You can use sunglasses or a hat (if you want to use a hat, I think the biker outfit’s hat would be perfect or if you want to use sunglasses, you can use the purple sunglasses from mythology island or the blue sunglasses from the mythology surfer outfit). For the handleitem, you can use the lasso from the rattlesnake wrangler outfit (you can get that outfit from Wild West Island). For the bangs, you can use the popstar outfit’s bangs, the regular bangs from Reality TV Island, or the angel outfit’s bangs. You can wear a skirt or pants. You can wear a tank top from Mythology Island, the rockstar 2’s shirt, or the popstar outfit’s shirt. Thats about it. Its the best I could do. Hope you like it!

  172. Heres Rapunzal from the movie Tangled and it only costs 225 credits:

    1. Costumize the Prom Queen Outfit and get the purple dress
    2. Costumize the Vamp Girl 1 outfit and get the hair
    3. Use the colorizer or the drinks on 24 Carrot Island to make your hair blond
    4. Costumize the Fairy Queen outfit and get the purple lips (or get the purple lips on Mythology Island) or get pink lips.

    Please comment.

  173. thanks, prickly dolphin!

    I got an outfit HAWAII GIRL
    You need the tropical outfit from the mango challenge(put the outfit on)
    you need the flower hair and popstar bangs + popstar lips
    Posedon (mythogoly sufer) glasses and surf board
    and the flower necklce from dude on shark tooth

  174. I’m glad you asked, Three273. yes, I do like making outfits/costumes. I do it everyday. Also, I have checked out your blog. Nice!

  175. I know how to make a free outfit for girls. This outfit is called Teenage Girl 3 or 4.

    1. Go to Counterfelt Island, go inside Bobo’s Store, costumize the girl, and get her black vest.
    2. Go to Red Dragon Island and costumize the girl with the purple shirt. Get her black belt.
    3. Go to Mythology Island, go inside the Hero Hut, costumize the purple girl, and get her purple tank top. While you are on Mythology Island, costumize Aphrodite and get her earrings.
    4. Go to Cryptids Island and get the black skirt with black leggings
    5. Go to Reality TV Island, go on the show, find Sally Score, and get her ponytail. Also, get the black guy’s bangs.
    6. Any colorful lips (except don’t get the popstar’s lips cause this outfit I am making is free not 75 credits, also don’t get the fairy queen’s green, purple, and pink lips.)

    This outfit is free. That means, you don’t need any outfits from the Poptropica Store.

    • heyy i want to share my players fav look you need

      before you do any thing go look at the cheats and get the randomize one that randomizes your whole person and get the cellphone
      then change your hair and skin (unless u like it of course)

      then get vamp 1’s hair,shirt(not the jacket!! the gray shirt) pants,and belt.
      go to a chat room and get a white jacket(unless u got a jacket when u randomized) and the big side bangs then get the tinkerbelle wings

      get the popstars bangs and lips (plz do not get the popstrs jacket it looks awful with the shirt!)plus if u couldnt find the right bangs u can get the popstar hat

      so there u have it this outfit( unless u already had these things) should cost 150 credits super(ish) cheap!

  176. If you like the pop princess outfits that I made, then you are going to like the rock star princess outfits that I made.

    Colors of the Rock Star Princess outfits: pink, purple, green, and yellow
    Other Names for the rock star princess outfits: Princess of Rock, Rock Princess, The Princess Who Loves to Rock out!

    Yellow Rock Star Princess:
    1. Get the yellow dress from the girl with the white boa from Mystery Train Island
    2. Costumize the Biker Outfit and get the Belt, Coat, and Hat
    3. Costumize the Pop Star Outfit and get the Bangs and Hair
    4. Costumize the Rock Star 2 outfit and get the Yellow Guitar
    5. Get white lips from Mythology Island

    Green Rock Star Princess:
    1. Costumize the Prom Queen outfit and get the green dress
    2. Costumize the Biker Outfit and get the Belt, Coat, and Hat
    3. Costumize the Pop Star Outfit and get the Bangs and Hair
    4. Costumize the Rock Star 2 Outfit and get the green guitar
    5. Get the green lips from the green girl on Mythology Island or get the green lips from the fairy queen outfit.

    Pink Rock Star Princess:
    1. Costumize the Prom Queen outfit and get the pink dress
    2. Costumize the Biker Outfit and get the belt, coat, and hat
    3. Costumize the Pop Star Outfit and get the bangs and hair
    4. Costumize the Rock Star 2 outfit and get the pink guitar
    5. Get the pink lips from the fairy queen outfit

    Purple Rock Star Princess:
    1. Get the Prom Queen Outfit and get the purple dress
    2. Get the Biker Outfit and get the belt, coat, and hat
    3. Costumize the Pop Star Outfit and get the bangs and hair
    4. Costumize the Rock Star 2 outfit and get the purple guitar
    5. Copy the purple girl from the hut on Mythology, get her lips, or get the fairy queen’s purple lips

    For the yellow rock star princess, you can use the yellow guitar thats from the chipmunk ad or the lemonade mouth ad. The reason why you have to use the biker outfit’s coat, belt, and hat, because the rock star 1 outfit is gone. But for those girls who have the rock star 1 outfit, can use the black glasses, black coat, and black belt from rock star 1. They can also use the guitars from the rock star 1 outfit. If you don’t have the rock star 1 outfit, get the biker outfit’s coat, belt, and hat and if you don’t have the rock star 1 outfit, get the purple, pink, green, or yellow guitar from the rock star 2 outfit since the Rock Star 2 and the Biker outfit are still available.

  177. Hey um yeah got this new idea yeah pretty much I call it Dragon of the light warrior.the warriors a girl tell u after BFF prickly dolphin.I am curios paw u know

  178. I have a Gwen Stefani outfit that I would like to share. (Gwen Stefani is another singer that I like and Gwen Stefani is a girl singer).

    1. Get the curly hair from the school girl on Cryptids Island
    2. Aphrodite’s earrings
    3. Microphone from Pop Star
    4. Go to 24 Carrot Island. Get your hair very very light blond yellow.
    5. Pop Star blue coat
    6. Vamp Girl 1 pants
    7. White tank top from Counterfelt Island

    This was Gwen Stefani’s outfit when she released her album “Love.Angel.Music.Baby.”. More ideas coming soon!

    • MIGHTY DRUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really sorry. can you finally please reply me????????????/ :mrgreen:

  179. I have an idea called Rock Star Singer.

    1. Vamp Girl 3 bangs and hair
    2. Pop Star Earrings and Microphone
    3. Rock Star 2 black or purple heart shirt
    4. Biker Pants, Coat, and Belt

    If you want a punk rock star singer, do every step but use rock star 2’s black makeup. I have a nice cute outfit on my next comment.

  180. Here’s Briar Rose in her princess from the movie “Sleeping Beauty” and the outfit only costs 75 credits.

    1. Copy the school girl’s curly hair (Cryptids Island
    2. Blond yellow hair
    3. Fairy Queen’s Tiara Bangs
    4. Fairy Queen’s pink dress (or royal ball’s blue dress)
    5. Fairy queen’s pink lips

    Also, here’s Briar Rose in her regular outfit.

    1. Popstar’s shirt
    2. Gray Skirt (Cryptids Island)
    3. Curly Hair from the school girl (Cryptids Island)
    4. Blond yellow hair
    5. Popstar earrings
    6. Red Lips (Mystery Train Island)

    Please reply.

  181. Or if you think what’s better for the princess form, then use the school girl’s top (Cryptids Island) and the blue skirt (Royal Ball)

  182. Here’s how to make a pretty outfit (you will need the pop star outfit and prom quene outfit):

    1. Find that pink dress that the pretty n punk outfit is wearing
    2. Find the pink vest (you can use the pink coat from the pop star if you want, but the pink vest looks better than the pink coat)
    3. Pop Star pink belt
    4. Prom Queen bang with no makeup
    5. Green Girl’s bangs or Aphrodite’s earrings (Mythology Island)
    6. Pop Star Lips, Fairy Queen’s pink lips, or Regular Cheerleader lips
    7. The black girl’s hair (The girl thats in the B.A.D. Bistro on Spy Island)

    This outfit is called Pretty Girl who is Pink, Sweet, and Amazing.

  183. I know how to make a school girl outfit (this is my version of the school girl outfit).

    1. Any dress (as long its free)
    2. If you don’t want a dress, get a tank top from Mythology Island and a skirt with leggings or no leggings
    3. Purse belt from that guy from Skullduggery Island
    4. Earrings or just makeup bangs (the purple bangs with makeup looks great but use any bangs)
    5. A vest, coat, or necklace
    6. white lips, pop star lips, regular cheerleader lips, or fairy queen’s pink lips
    7. Braids, Ponytails, or head band hair (except the purple head band hair with balloons)
    8. A hat, prom queen bang with no makeup, big bangs that are hard to find, or vamp girl 3’s bangs

    When I get a blog, I will post this outfit onto it. Hope you like my outfit!

  184. Here’s how to look like Britney, one of the Chipettes:

    1. Aphrodite’s top
    2. Pink skirt (but don’t get the dark pink skirt. Get the one thats light and has lines on it or get the skirt thats a little darker and has lines on it)
    3. Use Fairy Queen in pink and get the hair
    4. wolf girl’s tail and fur face (you can use those two if you like)
    5. Smile showing teeth from that guy with the suitcase from Mystery Train Island

    Easier way of looking like Britney is to get the Britney Costume from the chipmunks advertisement (make sure you have the costume collector to save the costume).

  185. I made a cowgirl outfit. You will need the cowgirl outfit, peacemaker outfit, Vamp Girl 1 outfit from the Store.

    1. Copy the cowgirl outfit’s belt
    2. Copy the peacemaker outfit’s coat
    3. Copy the school girl’s top (Cryptids Island)
    4. Copy Vamp Girl 1’s pants
    5. Put on the pea shooter or the spud gun (You can get those 2 shooters from Wild West Island. When you get them, use the pea shooter or spud gun)
    6. Get the Rattlesnake Wrangler outfit and get the red neck thingy that the rattlesnake wrangler outfit is wearing (you can get this if you don’t want the peacemaker’s coat)
    7. Go to Red Dragon Island and costumize the blond girl. Get her hair
    8. Biker lips or the cowgirl outfit’s lips

    I haven’t tried this out yet so try it.

  186. Hey, guess what? Christmas and Winter, they’re both coming! I have decided to make some winter outfits and one christmas outfit. Winter Outfit 1 is called Winter Girl and Winter Outfit 2 is called Winter Superstar! Christmas Outfit 1 is called Christmas Popstar! Christmas Outfit 1 is called Christmas Popstar!

    Winter Girl:
    1. The white dress from graduate
    2. white neck thingy from the piolt (or whatever) on Nabooti Island
    3. Blue belt from pop star
    4. White Hat (but not the chef hat)
    5. Blue ponytails from regular cheerleader
    6. White Earrings from pop star
    7. White Lips from Mythology Island

    Winter Superstar! –
    1. white skirt with blue leggings from pop star
    2. Microphone from pop star
    3. White neck thingy from Nabooti Island
    4. Pop Star earrings
    5. Blue tank top from Mythology Island (the blue girl with the white slash has it)
    6. blue belt from pop star
    7. biker ponytail
    8. Find and get the white hat
    9. White Lips from Mythology Island

    Christmas Popstar –
    1. Red dress from graduate
    2. microphone, earrings, and green hat from pop star
    3. black coat/black belt from biker
    4. angel’s bangs if you don’t want the pop star earrings from gamer girl
    6. Green lips from fairy queen or from that green girl on Mythology Island
    7. If you don’t want green lips, use pink lips from fairy queen

    Oh, and these outfits are for girls. New idea on my next comment

  187. Ok, Special Night Out Girl Who Is A Party Girl is my new idea.

    1. Black dress and white necklace from the girl from the Bistro on Spy Island
    2. Black belt from biker
    3. Pitcher of Black Juice from 24 Carrot Island (you get it by choosing the color black from the drinks and click drink, press ctrl + shift + s, your mouse will become a swirl, log out, log back in, there. You got the pitcher of black juice)
    4. Ponytail from biker
    5. Both bangs from prom queen
    6. Regular cheerleader lips or fairy queen’s pink lips


  188. Ignore my comment picture. I have three outfits to share.

    Winter Ballerina Princess (Also called Popular Rock look # 1)
    1. Swan Ballerina’s Blue n White Dress
    2. White Necklace from the girl from the Bistro on Spy Island
    3. Get the hair thats curly but don’t get school girl’s hair or vamp girl 2’s hair. Find different curly hair from a girl in a multiplayer room.
    4. Popstar’s Earrings, blue belt, White Skirt with blue leggings, and blue hat
    5. White Lips from Mythology Island
    6. The Pitcher of Black Juice (you get it by going to 24 Carrot Island, going inside the Carrot Diner, select black from the drinks, click drink, press ctrl + shift + s, your mouse will become a swirl, log out, log back in, you will have the pitcher of black juice)

    Pink Ballerina Princess (also called Popular Rock look # 2)
    You use swan ballerina’s pink n white dress, pink belt from pop star, bangs from pop star, white skirt with pink leggings from pop star, pink hat from pop star, same hair as Look # 1, pink lips from fairy queen, white necklace from the girl from the Bistro on Spy Island, and the pitcher of black juice from 24 Carrot Island.

    Evening Girl (who is at a party, maybe)
    1. Same hair as the ballerina princess outfits
    2. Prom Queen’s Purple Dress
    3. White Necklace from the girl from the Bistro on Spy Island
    4. Pitcher of Black Juice
    5. Costumize the blue girl on Mythology Island that has no fruits on her head, get her white slash
    6. White Lips from Mythology Island
    7. Pop Star Earrings

    I can’t comment on this site anymore. Its my email, it doesn’t work anymore. Thats why I have this comment picture. When I get some outfits, I’ll tell Hazy Girl to post them.

  189. Prickly Dolphin and I made this outfit. This outfit is called 19-year old Christina Aguilera.

    1. Earrings and Microphone from Pop Star
    2. White Dress from Graduate
    3. Blond hair
    4. Either Vamp Girl 3’s hair or the hair from the oranged-haired girl on Cryptids Island
    5. Pink lips from Fairy Queen or Red Lips from Mystery Train Island

    Also for the ballerina princess outfits that Prickly Dolphin, you can get the microphone from pop star. Enjoy!

  190. Heres how to look like Eleneor, one of the chipettes:
    1. Green Tank Top from the Green Girl from the hero hut on Mythology Island
    2. Go to Time Tangled Island and go where you need to return the sun stone piece. Costumize the guy who gave you the warrior mask. Get his skirt
    3. Grass Skirt from Skark Tooth Island
    4. Get Fairy Queen in green and get the hair
    5. Wolf Girl’s fur face and tail (you can get those 2 if you like)
    6. Pink Flower Necklace from the guy on Shark Tooth Island who is selling coconut milk

    Here is another way of Jeanette, one of the chipettes:
    1. Purple tank top from the purple girl from the hero hut on Mythology Island
    2. Pink Flower Necklace from the guy on Shark Tooth Island who is selling coconut milk
    3. Purple skirt
    4. Get Fairy Queen in purple and get the hair
    5. Get the purple sunglasses from the purple beach girl on Mythology Island
    6. Wolf Girl’s fur face and tail (get those if you like)


  191. I posted this outfit on Clean Tornado and Red Rose’s Blog.
    Here are the directions:
    Aphrodite’s pink top, red slash, and heart necklace
    Biker Girl’s Hat
    Pop Star’s Earrings
    Regular Cheerleader’s Pink Lips
    Pom Pom from Regular Cheerleader or Microphone
    Gamer Girl’s Hair
    Black Skirt with No leggings
    I named this outfit Popular Girl on Clean Tornado and Red Rose’s Blog but on this blog I am going to name it Pretty/Teenage Girl.

  192. Hi Female Poptropicans, I am back with some sweet outfits you’ll enjoy. I have another hannah montana outfit and a purple rock star outfit.

    Hannah Montana 2:
    Find that pink dress that Pretty n Punk is wearing
    Get Bucky Lucas’ white coat and pants (Reality TV Island)
    Get Triton’s White Belt (Mythology Island)
    Copy Pop Star’s Earrings and Microphone
    Copy Vamp Girl 3’s Bangs
    Get Gamer Girl’s Hair
    Use the colorizer or the drinks on 24 Carrot Island to make your hair blond yellow

    Purple Rock Star:
    Go to Shrink Ray Island and costumize the girl with balloons on her head. Get her dress.
    Get Rock Star 2 and get the purple guitar.
    Get Biker and get the hat
    Copy Pop Star’s Earrings

    There you go!

  193. Hi! I have a pink biker outfit.Black version: get any hair( I used gamer girl hair) costumize the biker outfit’s hat and jacket, get the pink top that is fastened around your poptropican’s neck.Get the pink skirt with black tights.Get any black belt (not the polkadot one).For the bangs rockstar 1 bangs are good. The outfit is on my comment picture exept the belt.

  194. Hello again! Since ShyFire/BB made a pink biker, I made a blue biker! First, get the blue skirt with black leggings from the girl that’s from the clown store on Counterfelt Island. Then, get the blue girl’s blue tank top (The girl with the white slash). Then, get biker’s coat/jacket and hat. Go to Red Dragon Island and get the blond girl’s black belt or get biker’s hat. For the hair, go to cryptids island and get the school girl’s curly hair or get gamer girl’s hair. For the bangs, use rock star 1’s bangs. If you don’t have rock star 1, get those purple bangs that are hard to find. Get any pink lips or white lips. I also made a lady gaga outfit. First, get Richie Rebel’s shirt (Reality TV Island). Then get biker’s pants and belt. Next, get pop star’s bangs and microphone. Get whiteish yellow hair (use the drinks on 24 Carrot Island). There you go! 2 outfits! Hope you love them! Please comment.

    • when I said get the blond girl’s black belt or get biker’s hat, I meant belt not hat. But still get Biker’s hat and belt.

  195. Hi ! I love all the costumes ! For all anime fans who know shugo chara (in english my guardian character) search it up online the pink haired girl is Amu Hinamori the one I wanted to show you…
    Amu Hinamori/punk like school girl
    1. Get a checkered/plaid red skirt
    2. Get a shirt that’s white t shirt and a black coat
    3. Get long bangs from random poptropicans in main streets)
    4. Get purple bag (optional-it just looks more school type and i can’t find a brown shoulder bag)
    5. Get a red tie or a pink one
    6. Get Athena’s hair (i can’t find a close hair to Amu’s)
    and Ta-Da ! Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara ! 🙂
    Here’s a pic of Amu Hinamori and the poptropican ! 🙂 HOPE YOU LIKE IT !!! <- Poptropican

    Amu Hinamori

  196. Hey Poptropica Poptropicans,

    Here is my official outfit.

    Tan Skin/Black Hair

    I been wanting to post this outfit for a while so here it is!!!
    Get Super Thunder’s Hair
    Use the blue Popstar hat
    Green Jacket (random poptropican}
    Vampire Girl 2 Shirt and and pants
    Satule from guy on Skulldugerry Island

  197. I made a purple biker.

    gothic cheerleader’s skirt
    purple tank top from the girl that’s in the hero hut on Mythology Island
    biker’s jacket and hat
    blond girl’s black belt (Red Dragon Island) or Biker’s belt
    purple bangs that are hard to find
    gamer girl’s hair (if you wish) or the shorter version of gamer girl’s hair (Cryptids Island)
    pink lips (Regular Cheerleader or Pink Fairy Queen) or white lips (Karate Master or Mythology Island)

    Enjoy! If you want a green biker, you can use popstar’s green leggings skirt. You can’t get a green skirt with black leggings though so use pop star’s white skirt with green tights. Get the green top from the green girl from the hero hut on Mythology Island. Then use biker’s jacket and hat. Go to Red Dragon Island and get the girl’s black belt or get biker’s belt. Get the shorter version of gamer girl’s hair on Cryptids Island (Costumize the black girl’s hair and you will get it) or get gamer girl’s hair, Get purple bangs with makeup. Green lips, Pink Lips, or White Lips. Have a nice day!

  198. Hi! I see my biker outfit is going well. I made a new outfit. It is called Green Chic. First get the side swept bangs from the goth guy from RTV island. Next get the tour guide from counterfiet island’s hat. Get gamergirl’s hair or any other hair that is similar. Gat bucky lucas’s jacket and pants(optional). Get Hades’ shirt. If you want to be more girlish you can get the popstar(green mode)’s skirt. Here is the pic.

  199. I made a cloud fairy outfit: Get the Barbie ponytail and no bangs.
    Get the Nanny Mc Phee Dress
    Get the star necklace from the goth girl in the Ye Old Rumor Mill
    Get the black belt with polka dots

  200. Alright, I am going to do the Princess Of The Underworld again since maracaline can’t find it. This time, don’t use Hades’ Crown as the hair.

    Get Vamp Girl 3’s hair or Gamer Girl’s Hair
    Get Mythology Surfer in Purple (hades), and get the necklace and belt.
    Get Hades’ belt if you don’t want Mythology Surfer’s belt.
    Put on Hades’ Crown if you have it, press the spacebar to make yourself big, then change your hair back to Vamp Girl 3’s hair or Gamer Girl’s Hair
    Get Fairy Queen’s Wand, Tiara Bangs, and Green Lips.
    Get Prom Queen’s Green Top and Green Skirt

    You’re Welcome!

  201. I came up with an idea. This costume/outfit is called Blue Hunter Of Artemis.

    1. Get the Bow With Arrow, Belt With Knife, and Backpack With Arrows from the Robin Hood.
    2. Get the Blue Dress from the Prom Queen.
    3. Get the Hair from the Gamer Girl or from Vamp Girl 3.
    4. Get the Star Necklace from the Goth Girl (Astro Knights Island).
    5. Get the Bangs from the Fairy Queen.
    6. Get the Lips from the Karate Master.

    Yes, I have tried this costume/outfit. It looks great! When I get a blog, I am going to post this costume/outfit onto it. Enjoy!

  202. I made a purple fairy outfit/costume:
    1. Get the purple tank top from the girl (Mythology Island inside the hero hut)
    2. If you have finished 24 Carrot Island, go inside the diner and get the girl’s purple skirt.
    3. Get the star necklace from the black girl from the Ye Old Rumor Mill.
    4. Find and get that black and white polka dot belt.
    5. Find and get Tinker Bell’s wings from a poptropican.
    6. Get the Fairy Wand from Fairy Queen.
    7. Get the Long Straight Hair from Gamer Girl.
    8. Get The 2 Bangs from Prom Queen.

  203. I got 2 outfits! One that is White Biker and Two is Pink n White Girl.

    White Biker:
    popstar’s blue leggings skirt
    biker’s jacket and hat
    blond girl’s black belt (Red Dragon Island)
    gamer girl’s hair
    purple bangs with makeup
    white tank top

    Pink n White Girl:
    bucky lucas’ jacket
    popstar’s earrings
    pink belt (popstar)
    pink tights skirt (popstar)
    microphone (if you want) (popstar)
    pink lips or white lips
    scientist girl’s pink shirt (Super Power Island)

    I tried these! They look great!

  204. I did a Green Garden Flower Princess. First, do Prom Queen in green and get bang, green top, and green skirt. Second, go to Mythology Island, and copy the blue girl’s white slash. Third, do Fairy Queen in green and get the lips and tiara bangs. Next, get the black girl’s star necklace from the Ye Old Rumor Mill. Then, get Biker’s hair. Last, get the flower from Flower Power. You don’t have to get the flower from Flower Power but if you have Flower Power, then get the flower. If you don’t have Flower Power, don’t get the flower. Buy the Multiverse and select the enchanted forest while wearing the outfit. You are the green garden flower princess! You can add a follower from Classic Followers if you like. Here’s what kind of followers you can use for the outfit: Hummingbird Follower, Sparkly Butterfly Follower. I tried this outfit without the flower and follower but u can add a follower and add a flower to the outfit if you like. Peace!

  205. hey i have a taylor swift costume too um its from the part in the mine video when her and the guy were playing in the water(you will need 325 credits or membership)
    1.find a sriped shirt.
    2.find sort of darkish blue pants
    3.get wavy hair.(as her hair always is)
    4. color it a lightish blonde.
    there you go!
    (if you want you can put bangs on cause she does have bangs.

  206. hey i have a taylor swift costume too! ok you will need 325 credits,membership, or you can just copy the things from people
    1. get a black and white sriped shirt.
    2. use any lips you want.
    3. find some bluish pants.
    4.get wavy hair.
    5.color it a lightish blonde
    and thats it this outfit is from the video “mine” it was when her and the guy were playing in the water with their kids.

  207. You can use green electrify for my green garden princess and you can use the fairy queen wand instead of the flower if you like.

    I have a White Garden Flower Princess. First, you need white electrify but white doesn’t come with the electrify thing. I know how to get white electrify. To get it, simply put on poseidon’s trident, press the spacebar, you’ll see white over you, then take off poseidon’s trident. You should still be white. That’s how you get the white electrify. But it won’t last long when you go to another place so you will need the trident again to get the white electrify. You don’t have to use white electrify but you can if you like. Now, add the flower from Flower Power, or use the Fairy Queen’s Wand. You can use the hummingbird follower or the sparkly butterfly follower if you like. Then, do Prom Queen in white and get the top and skirt. Then, get Fairy Queen’s tiara. Get biker’s hair. Get Prom Queen’s bang. Get white lips. Go to the enchanted forest (multiverse). You are the White Garden Flower Princess. get the star necklace and white slash for the outfit also.

    I have a Blue Garden Flower Princess. How’s how to get it: Get the flower from Flower Power or Get the wand from Fairy Queen. Get the tiara from Fairy Queen. Get the blue top, blue skirt, and bang from Prom Queen. Use blue electrify if you have electrify. Get biker’s hair. Get white lips or pink lips. Do not get the blue lips from Swan Ballerina (the costume/outfit looks stupid with a dot). Wear the costume/outfit in the enchanted forest multiverse and you are the blue garden flower princess! If you have the flower from Flower Power, press the spacebar to plant flowers. Star necklace and white slash for the outfit also.

    Purple Garden Flower Princess: Purple dress, bang from Prom Queen. Tiara from Fairy Queen. Wand from Fairy Queen or Flower from Flower Princess. Curly hair from school girl or biker’s hair. Pink lips or purple lips. Star necklace and white slash for the outfit. Purple electrify if you like. Try this outfit out at the enchanted forest and you are the purple garden flower princess!

    Pink Garden Flower Princess: pink dress and bang from Prom Queen. Flower from Flower Power or Wand from Fairy Queen. Get the tiara from Fairy Queen. Get curly hair from school girl or biker’s hair. Get pink lips. Get pink electrify if you like. Try this out at the enchanted forest and you are the pink garden flower princess. Also get the white slash and star necklace.

    I did all the colors of the garden flower princess! Hope you enjoy them!!!!
    Remember, the garden flower princess outfits are for girls only.

  208. LOL girls. My character Brave Dolphin is wearing an amazing/cute outfit. Here’s how to get it. First, get the angel outfit and get the bangs. Second, get the haunted house, complete it, then go underground to the party and costumize the creepy ugly girl. Get her hair that has a red pigtail or something in her hair. Costumize the guy with the suitcase on Mystery Train Island and get his smile (Cheerleader’s Pink Lips works well also). Find that yellow shirt that has 2 orange lines on it. Then find that white skirt that has pink leggings and lines (popstar’s white skirt with pink tights works also!). Then, find the exact white coat that Curious Bee is wearing. Get sleepy eyes. Don’t get dark brown hair or black hair. Get light brown hair. Get light skin that’s not white. If you want, get the sparkly butterfly follower from Classic Followers. Thats the outfit. Enjoy.

  209. Hey. I LOVE you blog. I’m a big poptropican. Ive completed every island with ur help, and Ive also tryed alot of ur costumes. But i have two questions for you: eMail me ur answer please. :), And can you meet with me at ur favorite island common room? I kinda wanna see u in person. Well, sorta :l

  210. Here is another way of looking like Aphrodite’s Daughter. First, copy Aphrodite’s red hooga slash thingy, red cape, and bangs with gold hoop earrings. Second, copy Prom Queen’s pink dress, hair, and bang over eye. Third, copy Fairy Queen’s wand and pink lips. Last, copy Black Girl’s star necklace.

    Extra: you can copy Aphrodite’s hair if you don’t want Prom Queen’s hair.

    Extra 2: you can use vapire girl 3’s hair and fairy queen’s bangs if you don’t want Prom Queen’s hair or Aphrodite’s hair.

    Also, heres another way of looking like a pretty angel. First, copy Yellow Girl’s red lips on Mystery Train Island. Second, copy Prom Queen’s hair, bangs (both), and white dress. Third, copy Angel’s wings and belt. Last, copy Black Girl’s star necklace.

    Long ago in October 2011, I made a bride outfit. I am going to do that again. First, copy Prom Queen’s white dress and bang over eye. Second, copy the Bistro Girl’s white necklace on Spy Island. Third, copy Athena’s cape. Next, get any hair (i used gamer girl’s hair and school girl’s curly hair). Then, copy Fairy Queen’s bangs with tiara. Next, copy Pop Star’s pink belt. Then get the red lips from Mystery Train Island. Last, get Flower Power’s flower handleitem.

    Last Costume: Sparkly Pink Crystal Princess! First, get pink electrify. Second, get star necklace from goth girl. Third, copy Pop Star’s pink belt. Fourth, get sparkly butterfly follower (if you don’t have classic followers, get Fairy Queen’s wand). Next, get Fairy Queen’s bangs with tiara. Get Gamer Girl’s hair.

    About the Sparkly Pink Crystal Princess: crystal, eh you may ask? I added the word “Crystal” to the name cause when you will wear the costume, you feel like a pink crystal. LOL

  211. ok here is a cat valintine costume(the red-haired girl from victorious)
    1.get gamer girls hair
    2.get any hoop earrings
    3.get the black vest not jacket(though it looks good either way)
    4.get the red dress from sombody in a common room
    5.get black pants/leggings
    6.color your hair red w/ colorizer or 24 carrot drinks
    7.get prom queens right bang with no make-up
    there you go you are now Cat Valintine

  212. Epic Outfits!! I Might Try one of these now 😀 there like, REALLY awesome!
    When I read them I was like WOW!
    PLEASE Do more! 🙂

    Peace- Angry Carrot

  213. Hi! I Just wanna Post something I thought up!
    Its Based on the “Teenage fairy” Idea!

    Hair: Vampire Girl 2 (Store)
    Bangs: Fairy Queen or Pop Star (Store)
    Fringe: Puffy Highlighted Thing (Common Rooms)
    Jacket: Biker (Shop)
    Shirt: Athena (Mythology island)
    Wings: Tinker Bell (Common Rooms)
    Gum: You can get it free from the store but Mines grape (Grape is Exclusive!)
    Belt: Biker (Shop)

    VOILA! I Have a Similar Version on called “Teenage Carrot” 😀

    Peace – Angry Carrot 😛

    • Oh and The one I Told you is called “Teenage Tinker Bell”
      Theres Another version with Angel wings called “Teenage Angel”
      :B My Version That I Have on is My Teenage Carrot but I told u about Teenage Tinker bell k 😛 cuz im nice and im bored 😀

      Peace – Angry carrot (AGAIN)

  214. Hey, QUESTION! Anyone Here called Icy Typhoon? I Saw Someone that Had a similar costume to one of these on A Common Room (It wuz Ghost Story I Tink!)
    I Wuz on Ma Happy Paw account (The Better account but stupid Name >.<)
    Well If u remember seeing a Happy Paw in the Visiting Centre in Ghost Story comment cuz U looked AWESOME! 😀

  215. i’ve been looking for a blog like this for awhile where i can share some of my ideas, i made a really cool Poison Ivy (from batman) costume, type in caterpillar224 in the avatar studio and you can see it

  216. i call this punk bridesmaid:
    get dark pink hair
    get the 2 braids hairstyle
    skull earrings
    black shirt and skirt
    purple lips from girl in herc’s hero hut on mythology
    fairy wings

  217. this is for punk bridesmaid :
    actually use the gold hoop earrings not skull
    wear a paper boy cap,they are usually worn by people on main street on early(for this outfit i suggest blue or white)
    black hair works too (u can get the pink hilites)
    u can get the paper boy cap or the big fluffy bangs( i recommend the bangs) 🙂

  218. this ones called mexican cheerleader(you need membership or 300 credits):
    get rockstar costume and costumize the cheek star
    get cheerleader costume and costumize it (whatever color u want)
    get karate master lips
    get popstar hat(optional)

    hav fun! 😀

  219. ok i have a cool costume.i call it teenage daughter of are the steps:
    1. put on hades crown
    2.get gamer girl pants
    3.get gamer girl shirt pink or blue(pink looks better to me though)
    4.get the bangs like cameron`s
    5. get the bangs and purple under eye circles fom gothic cheerleader
    6.get the jacket like on bendy tornado
    7. get the biker`s belt
    8. get the frowning baisic black lips
    9.color your hair black and skin white
    10.vanish with phantom
    ALL DONE!!!!

    • since u made a teenage daughter of hades i made a teenage daughter of poseiden:
      1. get popstar hat in green
      2. get that green striped vesty thing
      3. under that get purple shirt from the lady outside the castle on astro knights in purple
      4. go to were that guy is in the boat in the underworld on mythology and get his skirt
      5. get popstar earrings and bangs
      6. color your hair bluish green
      7. get regular belt
      8. get popstar lips

      • nice outfit! I have one called the wife of poisiden (sorry, if i spelled that wrong).
        1. get posiden’s skin and hair color.
        2. get fairy queen’s tiara bangs.
        3. on gameshow island, get the girl’s mouth.
        4. get posiden mytholodgy surfer’s hair, top and bottom.
        5. get posiden’s belt and necklace.
        6. make your self big with hade’s crown and change the hair back.
        7. put on posiden’s trident, but don’t make your self sparkly.
        tada! click my name to see what it looks like!

  220. this is called phantom hunter:
    1. get robin hood’s bow and arrows
    2. get phantom (i think that’s wut its called)
    3. get black skirt
    4. get the blue shirt from that girl on Mythology (it is so cute)
    5. get star necklace from the goth girl on Astro Knights in the barn
    6. get the 1 braid hairstyle
    7. get auburn hair

    i just make up these costumes in my mind but i hope u like them

  221. Ok, I am planning to make a valentine outfit for girls. I have a few parts ready but there is a part I need to add to the outfit. Its the flower from Flower Power but I don’t have Flower Power so I am completing islands. Yep, I knew they were cheaping us out with 50 credits. 😦 The Valentine Outfit for girls will be ready soon and the outfit will be seen on and Maybe on as well.
    See me on different posts and pages.
    BTW, I’m not prickly dolphin anymore. I rather be called Fierce Star.

  222. i hav a idea for a jersey girl costume.
    get the biker girl jacket
    get the shirt in red from the rockstar costume
    find black or blue pants
    then get vamp girl 3’s hair
    get purple outlined sunglasses from mythology surfer (hades)
    then get green lips from girl in Herc’s hero hut mythology
    (this costume works best with black hair)

  223. sorry that i barely go on now its because i also am very very busy with things so its hard for me to go on my laptop since i usaully have to do some…….lets say things

    theres this new costume i made its called vampire high cheerleader(i dont think theres a vampire high but if theres one this is a idea of what one of the cheerleader costumes could look like)
    tell u next comment

  225. ok heres my vampire high cheerleader costume
    first use any vamp girl costume and use her fangs u can also use her eye liner thing if u want to
    second u need to use gothic cheerleaders ponytails with skull earings and her top and skirt
    then use gothic cheerleaders bangs and pom poms
    and u are done!

  226. in real life i have a mixture of black and dark brown hair but on poptropica i have blonde hair i might change my hair to black or brown by the way for my vamp high cheerleader I think it would look better in black or brown hair

  227. if u want to see the outfits im wearing everyday type in lichu3 and i will always be in one of the common rooms right now i am in the Superpower island multiplayer room

  228. Apollo

    Get spiky hair (Marcus ‘s works best.) Use the angel harp. Use the Robin Hood arrow carrier. Get the red toga from the guy in the front of the gate to Olympus. Get the angel halo. It’s Apollo!

  229. if u see curious paw on poptropica thats me
    i will be wearing the white frilled nanny mcphee dress and i am at super power island common room i will be staying there for a while

  230. It’s been such a long time since you posted a new costume! Can you post more? zi’m kinda desperate for a new style xD

  231. I have a winter girl costume!
    1. get prom queen costume and put on blue dress
    2. get winter blast gum and put on
    3. get blonde ponytail from multiplayer
    4. make your hair light blue
    5. get popstar costume and put on blue vest and blue skirt.
    6.put on blue electrify
    then u are finshed! it does not matter what bangs u use
    it does not matter what bangs you have. then are finshed!

  232. oops………………. put on then u are finshed twice. it is really a blue girl tho…………………………………

  233. Ummmmm…Mine is a ice empress 😛

    Go to Avatar Studio
    Search for massery4
    it should be a poptropican wearing a ice empress suit….it is weird right?

    • It is A girl poptropican…

      What You Need ;
      Swan Ballerina Outfit
      A Scarf
      Wavy hair
      A Costumizer (250 credits)
      And A Follower (optional)
      Reality TV island (completed or not)

      Here’s How To Do It
      Go to the Store And Buy The Swan Ballerina Costume
      Customize the Swan Ballerina’s Hairdo And Dress.
      Go To The Store Again And Buy The Costumizer
      Make Your Hair Somehow Bluish White and Your Skin white.
      Go to a multiplayer room and get some wavy hair (not the back hair maybe the side Hair)
      Next,Go to Reality TV (completed or not)And Copy the goth boy’s hair (the going up one,somehow i don’t know about hairdos)

      Then it should be like this;

      —-Hope You like it, From Shane

      • You can also go to Early Poptropica 🙂 and go to the towering buildings.The pigments should help.

  234. I just made a Poptropican Wearing a Harry potter costume :

    There are a lot of variations on this, but here’s one of the easiest ways to assemble the costume. You don’t need to be a paid member to get all the pieces, but it will be a little easier. You need to visit the following places:

    Time Tangled Island
    Red Dragon Island
    The Haunted House (card is in the Poptropica Store) ( it is somehow free now)

    OK, here’s what to do. First, head to Time Tangled Island and visit the professor standing next to the future machine inside Pendulum’s Lab. USe the Costumize power on him to get his glasses. Next, go to Red Dragon Island. Stop outside the Magic Tree House bookstore on Main Street. There’s a guy out in front with a jacket and tie. Costumize him and grab his tie/shirt, jacket, pants and belt. The next part is the hair. To be as much like Harry Potter as possible, you want something really messy. Since we’re already in Red Dragon Island, you can head to the treehouse. Jack has the perfect hair. You’ll want to colorize your hair to be black so that it’s 100% Harry. Use the Colorizer power card if you have it, or just visit the Diner in 24 Carrot Island and use the colorizer drinks if you don’t.

    Now for the final touch: the accessories. You’ll need the Haunted House card from the Poptropica Store. It’s free if you’re a member, but it’s expensive if you aren’t. Go to the Haunted House. If you’ve already completed it, just head down to the party right from the entrance and use the Costumize feature on the Witch. Take her cape and her broomstick and there you have it: Harry Potter in Poptropica!

    It Was Really Nice This is how it looks like after you finished:

  235. This is my sister’s poptropican

    Ice empress

    What you need:
    Swan Ballerina
    Wavy Hair
    Bangs From Goth Guy In Reality TV

    How to do it
    1.Buy The Swan Ballerina and Costumizer.
    2. Customize the Swan Ballerina’s Hair And Dress.
    3.Customize Your Hair bluish-white and your skin white(can be customized at early poptropica too.).
    4.Go to Reality TV Island And Customize the goth guy’s bangs
    5.Go to a multiplayer room and customize a scarf and side bangs (i don’t know what it is)
    6.Your Done!

    Optional : Buy a follower that is a bubble.

    From Shanny And Jimmy 🙂

  236. I have a costume and here it is!
    This is my signature look:
    1.Ponytail hair with the head set(SOS Island[Hair Color:Red])
    2.Prom Queen front bangs(75 credits)
    3.Swan Ballerina Blush(75 credits)
    Optional:Any blush you can find without any bangs.(Can be found on Cryptids Island from Ms.Dog Owner.
    4.Blue shirt(Astro-Knights Island[Inside the castle,girl from the left side room,ground floor])
    5.White jacket(Reality TV Island[Bucky Lucas])
    6.Polka-dot belt(Found in common rooms)
    7.Grey skirt(Cryptids Island[Girl with freckles,far left])
    8.Mythology Surfer lips(75 credits)
    Optional:Find the Trade girl on Parrot Port,Skullduggery Island,and get the lips.
    Here’s the link to my avatar:

    Hope you enjoyed!

  237. heres an artist/artistic school girl
    hair color: brown
    skin color: what most ppl use not to tan not to white
    1. get hair from the girl mime with a beret on counterfeit island
    2.Get glasses from the guy right under the blimp on counterfeit island
    3.Copy out fit(shirt and skirt) from girl on cryptids with blue beret hair
    4. Get any kind of earrings i used the ones from the pop star and the lips from the pop star
    TADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERES A LINK

  238. Apollo costume:
    get fire cape
    angel harp
    dark blue greek top
    white Triton hair
    orange pants
    peach skin
    (optional) rock star belt

    P.S. i made this for Shy Fire 😉

  239. i have a Candace costume! 😀 (from Phineas and Ferb)
    1. get the Vampire Girl 3 costume, gamer girl costume, and Mythology Surfer costume
    2. put on the red shirt from Mythology Surfer costume
    3.put on the bangs from Vampire Girl 3 costume
    4. get the hair part of the Gamer Girl costume
    5. get the mouth from the dark boy from Really T.V. Island
    6. get a white skirt (the one with no leggings)
    Then u are done! go there and type in smoothiefairy.:)

  240. I love this 😀 ( I might not have this costume on for a while, but its not expensive!! Only 75 credits!!)

    1. Wear a red dress with polka dots ( I think its from Spy Island :/, If not many girls like to wear this dress anyway!)

    2.Put your hair in a braid and any bangs you like, also if you want the Pink Bangs under the normal bangs (what I have, can only get in Multiplayer)
    [ Thats what I think atleast ]

    3. Get Biker’s coat and belt !

    And Voila you have Black & Red (:

    [ Dunno if anyone posted it I just magically thought it 🙂 ]

  241. Spring Princess! (:

    * Its Spring, and beautiful so here’s a Spring Princess (For girls obviously)

    1. Swan Ballerina’s dress a
    2.Pink pop star’s jacket, and bangs
    3. Fairy Queen’s wand and bangs (with crown)

    VOILA ❤ Cute? \

    If you don't like Pink you can use green or any other Spring color (:
    But its cuter in Pink I think..


  242. I Have a Link costume (You know him, he the Main Character of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda Series) although one part needs to be used from the Costumizer
    1. Get the Robin Hood Costume and take the Shirt and undershirt and the Quiver (The Arrow Holder) If you feel like it you could even take the Bow
    2. Get the Templar Knight Set, and get the Sword Bag Belt, and get the Sword (Any Sword that fits can be used)
    3. This is the Costumzier Part, Head to Skullduggery Island and Costumize the Cook. Now get the Hat
    4. Get a Blonde Hair Color (Yellow to be exact)
    Voila! You are now Link! Links (lol) below if you want to see how the Avatar is supposed to look

    PS: You can get a Follower, so it looks like you have a companion, to aid you on your Quest
    PPS:You can play some Legend of Zelda Music during your Adventure, so it REALLY looks like LoZ in Poptropica

  243. ST, which is better on Phantomizer glow or nearly invisibe

    Super Thunder: I prefer the glow, because on nearly invisible, hardly anyone can see you in a common room. Also, because the glow looks cool. xD

  244. Hey BT, You know how there Isnt a Whip in Poptropica for Wonder Woman? Well there is the Rattle Snake Wrangler, who has this Snake Whip thing, or you could use a Thing of Rope? that would do… i think one of the costumes in the store has a coil of rope.
    No It doesnt D: But you could use the Coil of Rope (snake :P)

  245. I have a costume called epic blackness, or something like that.I make terrible names.You need at most 375 credits, but 75 HAD TO HAVE ALREADY BEEN SPENT FOR THE ROCKSTAR 1 OUTFIT YOU CANNOT BUY NOW!If you have rockstar 1, copy her bangs, using the pink one.if not, copy the pinkish bangs from a girl in multiplayer rooms.Those are kinda popular.get Vampire Girl 3 hair, not bangs tho.Get biker girl’s hat and jacket.get Rockstar 1 belt.If you dont have rockstar 1, any normal black belt is fine.get popstar microphone and shirt.get devil girl mouth and skirt.make your skin fair or tan, whichever you like, and you hair a dark purple, almost are done!

    Also, this is optianal, you can use a Flambo follower if you want.I think it looks cool

  246. I made up a goth girl outfit u get black star on cheek (I’ve been addicted to those little stars, sorry), vampire 3 bangs, goth cheerleader ponytails, skirt, and pompoms, and biker shirt.You can wear a blak jacket and a black belt too, and a follower, like a Flambo one, if you still have it

    • oh, u can use devil skirt instead, and u can use devil girl lips or popgum (grape popgum looks best, or u could use the orangeish colored popgum, they would look better with the outfit than pink when u blow bubbles)

  247. Pink Popstar!This one looks best with the origanal Rockstar,but can be used with other things.
    Get the Rockstar pink bangs,pink sunglasses,and jacket.Or regular sunglasses,back rockstar black hair and you use bangs with the same shape and you dye your hair pink,and Biker Girl jacket.
    Use Popstar back hair and microphone.
    Get that shirt with sorta a pink vest.It’s white,and pink with lighter pink thingys…Uhh…You find it on random poptropicans on Early Pop.
    Polka-dot belt.
    Get black skirt.(I would use the one with black tights.)
    Thats it!This is also my Strange Clown look.Click on my name for a Rue(Hunger Games,District Eleven)costume.

  248. I found a better way to look like Artemis, but her version is ok too. Oh, I made a drawing of what The Black Widow’s daugter looked like. Okay, first draw a teenage girl’s body in any position you’d like. Then draw cute hair that’s sharp at the end. After that draw a red streak on her hair, actually make it any colour. ( But I’d perfer a red streak.) draw The Black Widow’s slinky black jumpsuit on ( Don’t forget about the logo of a black widow!) with matching red necklace, red high heel boots, red gloves. and matching lips like The Black Widow has. put the ears on her if you like, but I hid the ears behind her hair and just put on the red earrings.Draw a lazer gun in her hand and draw the evil eyes.Then colour her in, and 1, 2, 3, you’re done! I named mine Alison, but you can name yours what ever you want, unless it’s illegal. Bye!

  249. ok heres a modern mythology chic(i cant think of a name!)you will need rock star 2

    -green pants from rock star 2
    -blue 1 shoulder top from main street girl on mythology

    -blonde (not bleach blonde but not YELLOW blond just in between)
    -bangs and earrings from main street girl on mythology with fruit basket on her head
    -bangs from reality tv guy with the black skull shirt (if u have beaten the island or gotten to the reality tv show then he will be on the roof of the motel)
    -pink lips (i used cheerleader lips but it doesnt really matter)


    heres a link (it might be a different costume… it depends on if i change my costume)

      • i look different now but u can still look at my character if u want!
        p.s my picture is what the costue pretty much looks like

  250. I have a Katniss costume, it will cost 150 credits.

    ~Get the single braid, large bangs, grey frowning lips & green jacket from a commons room.
    ~Buy the Robin Hood costume and copy the arrow backpack, bow, and pants.
    ~Lastly, buy the Vampire Girl 1 costume and copy the shirt.

    Search AutoSavehttp in the Avatar Studio for results.

    • For my Katniss costume, I used the torch thing and made her on fire! I also have a belt that I found on Astro-Knights island with a knife on it and the Biker Jacket instead of a green one