One Leaves, Another Comes.

This isn’t really about Poptropica, but it’s about writing about Poptropica πŸ˜› If that makes sense… Anyways, it has been brought to our attention by Brave Tomato, that the Adventures Of Curios Bee will be coming to an end… I cried btw.

So… CB is leaving? Wowzers… I never imagined that… I read CB about a year ago… Right after I started blogging, and it inspired me… To write my own Poptropica Story. There were a few attempts, but most of them failed. Then my brother came up with an idea. He doesn’t come up with many πŸ˜› But this was good. The Nameless Adventures. At least I think it was a good idea.

At first, I thought… The Name… is Nameless πŸ˜› The Nameless Adventures… It’s like “The Adventures” right? Wrong… I wrote the first 7 episodes in one day. NO PICKLE BREAKS?! None :/ But, I was about to post them to this one blog, my first blog, and my sister spilled Fruit Punch on Episode 1… Β **Facepalm**

So, I couldn’t post episode 1 since I had already written so much and I didn’t want to rewrite it because I couldn’t remember the first episode all the way πŸ˜› So, I made up an excuse, and a prologue, then posted episode 2-3 πŸ˜›

So, what’s all of this for? I talked to Super Thunder a couple of weeks ago, and I asked if I could maybe post some of these stories when there aren’t any updates… Which, there always are in Poptropica, so I’ll just post them on the side πŸ˜› Because she said yes πŸ˜† So, I’ll be posting these soon.

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: Sorry for another boring post πŸ˜› If you want to read the latest episode of CB, click HERE.


The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 42- Keep Calm and Venture On

Brave Tomato: Hi… BT here. …I’d rather not say what happened last time-

Audience Member: Where the heck have you been?! You haven’t posted a new episode since September! You do this every year-

Brave Tomato: In other news, a short while ago was the three-year anniversary of the first episode! Good times *slight smile*… well, let’s get started!

Audience Member: Hey, you didn’t answer my-

*curtains open*

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The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 35 Part 2- Tenebri, Totems, & Tyranny


Click here to read Part One!

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here! Last time we saw Curious Bee…

*curtains open*

Brave Tomato: Sure! Start the episode right away without an intro!

Audience Member: Move out of the way!

Brave Tomato: Okay! Sheesh…


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The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 34- The Binary Code

Brave Tomato: *stammers* Uhh…. hey guys…. BT here.

Audience Member: Why are you acting so shaky?

Brave Tomato: What? ME? Shaky? No. Well, it HAS been a long time again since I’ve released a full Curious Bee episode… so last episode we saw CB, they visited Reality TV Island, and Nice Sword had an identity crisis when she was mistaken for a disliked RTV contestant. Eventually, that was sorted out and CB and company can go off again. Let’s start.

*curtains open*

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Curious Bee Short: 2 Very Important Conversations in a Short Period of Time

*on a nearby beach, the CB group camps out for the night. All but Curious Bee is awake, and they sit on the beach*

Alice: So tell me something, Madeline.

Quiet Snake: Tell me what?

Alice: I’ve been talking around about the Miranda group’s past and stuff… and do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched at all?

Quiet Snake: Not since she-who-must-not-be-named ended up in the portal.

Alice: I have.

Nice Sword: What do you mean, Alice?

Alice: I dunno. Ever since I’ve met you guys and you told your stories, I’ve been really uncomfortable. Do you know that feeling when you feel like you’ve made a new enemy?

Blue Skull: Um… multiple times?

Alice: It’s that feeling. I feel like ever since I’ve known you guys…

Blue Skull: Don’t be so serious, Alice. REd’s gone. Poof. Dispersed. You have nothing to be afraid of.

Alice: Yeah, but are you sure everyone has stopped supporting Kri-er-she-who-must-not-be-named?

Bendy Tornado: Positive. They said so themselves.

Alice: Look, this world is full of liars and decievers. You can’t trust anyone. I learned that you can’t even trust a cop for goodness sake! Long story. Look, all I’m saying is that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

*the others nod and get up*


*meanwhile, Curious Bee has a dream, until she was interuppted by a flash of darkness*

Curious Bee: Um… what’s going on?

*The darkness fades away to reveal a plain, square, grey-colored room. A boy stands in a corner of the room. He has black shaggy hair, a striped grey and white shirt, and black pants. When he turns around, he stares at CB.*

Marcus: Miranda. We need to talk.

Curious Bee: M-M-Marcus?!?!

Marcus: Why are you… oh. *looks at his former REd clothing* Sorry. I have to wear this outfit whenever I use my powers.

Curious Bee: Your powers?

Marcus: Yeah, I should’ve told you. The powers that Krimson cursed me with is the ability to control air. I can go into people’s minds and dreams as well.

Curious Bee: So… you made that vision Sasha had…

Marcus: Krimson made me do it. Otherwise, she would’ve thrown me and Cameron in the portal. Of course I didn’t know back then…

Curious Bee: Didn’t know what?

Marcus: I talked to Adam the other day.

Curious Bee: Adam?

Marcus: Formerly known as Alamar. He built the portal and he said that the Portal to Nowhere is nothing but a huge scam.

Curious Bee: What do you mean?

Marcus: You know how the motto was “One way in, no way out?” Well, there is a way out. If the portal remains open, then whoever was in it can easily come out.

Curious Bee: You mean if anyone opens the portal…

Marcus: Krimson would return.

*Curious Bee stares blankly at Marcus*

Curious Bee: *nervous* But we don’t have to worry about that… right? Everyone said that they hated Krimson.

Marcus: But did they mean it? I’m not so sure, anymore. *pause* I need to go. Be careful, Miranda.

*Marcus disappears and a wave of darkness clouds CB’s dream once more*

*Curious Bee wakes up in her tent, gasping. She looks around for a second, then joins the others by the ocean.*


(Episode 34 is coming soon!)

The Everred Plot: Part 3 – The Destined Hero

Confused? You probably haven’t read Part Two nor Part One yet. Click here to see Part One , and/or here to see Part Two.

Alright… this is it. Excited? Well, let’s see.

They say ‘Freak’
When you’re singled out
The red
Well, it filters through

So lay down
The threat is real
When his sight
Goes red again

~ The Red by Chevelle

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