So, I am thinking about making a Poptropica games story(kinda like the Hunger Games but Poptropica. Comment ur ‘tribute’. Districts: d4( Shark tooth) I think 1 should be Counterfeit and the Capitol should be Crypdids. I need more ideas for the districts(what island they will be). Bye!


*practically all of the island is empty right now. On Ghost Story Island, Daphne sits there, in front of her ghost machine, and sighs*

Daphne: Why can’t I be included in the photo shoot?

*In a large studio*

Photographer: Alright, places, places everybody!

Binary Bard: Remind us again why we have to do this!

Photographer: Everyone is here! Well, almost everyone. Daphne just was too recent to be included in this. And E. Vile… He just only refused to come in person, and his hologram would mess up the picture.

Random Girl 1: Hey, you’re on my foot!

Random Girl 2: Sorry!

Rock Star 2 Girl: I’m getting cramped in here!

Photographer: All right, villains! Give me your best evil looks! *they did, but before they were told anyways. Director D doesn’t.) Director D! You know you’re a villain too!

Director D.: No I’m not! I’m the director of the spy headquarters.

Photographer: And the director of B.A.D too, so just do it!

Director D: Alright fine!

Random Poptropican: Wait, what?

Photographer: Balloon Boy, you’re doing great! Just keep it up! Don’t loosen your rope that’s keeping you on the ground!

Balloon Boy: For the last time, my name’s Green Flyer!

Photographer: Okay… One… Two… Three! *click* Great job everybody!

*most of the characters get out as fast as they can, before Binary Bard leaves, he loosens Balloon Boy’s rope, given that he was posed close to him and Balloon Boy flies again.*

Balloon Boy: Not again!

Binary Bard: See you in the skies! *teleports out of there*

Photographer: *looks at the incident* Hmm. Shouldn’t have done this in an open roof studio. Not to mention putting a villain next to Balloon Boy anyways. *notices that everyone is gone* Doesn’t anyone want to see the photo? Oh well. I bet those guys has something better to do anyways. *looks at photo* This actually didn’t turn out that bad.


The Poptropica Characters Poster is now available on for purchase!

Sneak Peek: The Adventures of Curious Bee: Halloween on Goodstein Street

5 days from now, the big night will be here. You know who ya gonna be yet?

Now here is the preview for the Curious Bee Halloween special!


Curious Bee: Isn’t the scene of Halloween great?

Bendy Tornado: Yeah it is.

Blue Skull: Isn’t it?

Bendy Tornado: *sarcastically* Wonderful.

Random Kid: Hey, why aren’t you in a costume?

Quiet Snake: Oh crud! We aren’t wearing any costumes! I’ll fix that! *pulls out costumes out of bag*

Nice Sword: You have everything in that bag. O_O

Quiet Snake: Let’s see… oh, here’s the one I want to be! *grabs angel costume and throws Creepy Countess costume to Nice Sword* Here, you can have this one.

Nice Sword: *looks at costume* I don’t know if I should be thankful or insulted.

Quiet Snake: Oh! Here’s the perfect one for you, Blue! *throws costume*

Blue Skull: *Looks at costume* A cowboy?? Are you kidding me?

Quiet Snake: Oh! Here’s one for you, Bendy! *throws costume*

Bendy Tornado: A rock star. Hmm… okay.

Quiet Snake: And finally, for Curious Bee… *throws costume*

Curious Bee: A fairy queen? Well, I guess it is fine.

Quiet Snake: We can just wear it over our clothes. And I got something for you, Bendy… *pulls out eyeliner*

Bendy Tornado: Ohh no. I am not wearing eyeliner!

Curious Bee: But it will make your outfit come together!

Bendy Tornado: But… I… fine. Just this once. Don’t go and think about any ideas next year. *puts on eyeliner*

Blue Skull: Don’t you look dashing! *snickers*

Bendy Tornado: Yes, I’m wearing makeup, can we please get this over with?

end of preview

Check back on the blog on Halloween for the full special! 😉

The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 12 Part 1

Brave Tomato: Episode 12? Wowzers. Last time we saw Curious Bee and her friends, they were a little lost after escaping the asylum of the Poptropica Problems Academy. As soon as they found a map, they landed on Skullduggery Island. Right there and then, Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, and Blue Skull became part of the group. Well, last episode we had a contest running… and well… nobody entered. I’m going to extend the contest. Details will appear in a future post. Maybe you guys couldn’t find it because it was hidden. Well, the show must go on, so here’s Episode 12 Part One! Yup. It’s another multi-part episode.

*curtains open*

Curious Bee: So this is Skullduggery Island? Doesn’t seem like a bad place.

Blue Skull: I’ve been here before.  Went on a boat to try and explore some islands. Epic fail.

Nice Sword: I think all of the dangers are out at sea.

Bendy Tornado: I believe so too.

Quiet Snake: Well anyways, lets get moving.

*CB group looks around Fort Ridley*

Nice Sword: Oh my gosh! What happened to this place?

Curious Bee: I think I know why: Pirates.

Blue Skull: *moan* Not pirates. I mean, I know my last name is the symbol for the Jolly Roger, but still.

Bendy Tornado: Toughen up dude.

Curious Bee: *sigh* **to self** Now I see how you joined that gang.

Quiet Snake: Why is there a hole in the middle of the deck?

Bendy Tornado: Duh. Pirates. Cannonballs. The stuff.

Curious Bee: Uh… yeah. That’s probably it Bendy Tornado.

Bendy Tornado: You ok, CB? You don’t seem like yourself.

Curious Bee: I’m fine! I’m fine! Just feels good to actually find peaceful land instead of a madhouse.

Bendy Tornado: Hmm.

Quiet Snake: Guys, I think you should check this out. I see a little hill up ahead. Come here. Just be careful about the hole in the deck.

*rest follow Quiet Snake to the yard in front of the govenor’s mansion. They stop at the grave of the first govenor.*

Curious Bee: Aw, poor Governor Ridley. Wonder where he is in the Underworld.

Blue Skull: “Wonder where he is in the Underworld?” Where are you from, Mythology Island?

Curious Bee: No, no! I’m from Early Poptropica, remember?! However, I’ve been to Mythology Island once. Long story.

Nice Sword: Moving on… it is still a little creepy.

Quiet Snake: Let’s go back down.

*The CB group goes down the cliff and sees a boat on shore*

Bendy Tornado: “Boat for Rent?” Who would want to rent their boat?

Curious Bee:… I don’t know, Bendy. … Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Quiet Snake: Is it about lunch? I’m hungry!

Curious Bee: No! Here, have some popgum *tosses popgum*

Bendy Tornado: Rent this boat and explore the other islands that make up Skullduggery Island?

Curious Bee: Exactly! Exactly that, Bendy!

Nice Sword: Bendy?

Bendy Tornado: It’s alright.

Blue Skull: Er… Bendy… I mean BT… are you ok?

Bendy Tornado: What are you talking about? I’m fine.

Curious Bee: Well, in the meantime, lets just get on the boat.

*CB group rents the boat as the curtain closes*

Brave Tomato: Well, as you can see, there’s more to this Skullduggery adventure than meets the eye. Tune in next epi… part of Episode 12 to see what happens next!

What will happen during the CB group’s boat trek? Find out in the next part: Part 2 of Episode 12! 🙂

The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 11

Brave Tomato: Hi, I’m sorry for the long delay between Curious Bee episodes. I was just having a hard time coming up with ideas. Well, anyways, last time we saw Curious Bee, she was going loco and was having a bunch of random mood swings because of her madness. Finally, her friends Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, and Blue Skull escaped from the Poptropica Problems Academy with a fainted Curious Bee. They’re gonna drop off Curious Bee at…

(curtains open)

Brave Tomato: Hey! I wasn’t finished yet!

Audience member: Move out of the way! You’re blocking the adventure!

Brave Tomato: Fine. *walks away*


Bendy Tornado: Where exactly are we going?

Blue Skull: I have no idea.

Quiet Snake: Wait, who’s driving again?

Nice Sword: Where exactly are we?

Curious Bee: Everybody please just calm down. Quiet Snake, do you have a map?

Quiet Snake: Uhh…

Blue Skull: Quiet Snake…

Nice Sword: Don’t tell us that you left the map behind.

Quiet Snake: No I didn’t! It’s right in my backpack. *throws stuff out of backpack* Compass? No. Island brochure? No. Cell phone? No. Statuette of Apollo I got from Mythology Island? No. Shark fin? No. Balloon? No…

Curious Bee: Oh, no.

 Bendy Tornado: Perfect. Just perfect.

Nice Sword: Great. Now how are we supposed to know where we are?

Quiet Snake: Uh… compass?

Blue Skull: That’s not really going to help if we DONT HAVE A MAP!

Curious Bee: Arguing isn’t going to help, guys. Mom confiscated my map. I can’t see her. She’ll ground me for the rest of my life.

Nice Sword: Wait, I think I have an extra…

Quiet Snake: Please do, please do…

Nice Sword: Yes! *takes out map*

Bendy Tornado: That’s great, NS, but why didn’t you tell us before?

Nice Sword: Just remembered.

Curious Bee: Great, now we’re back on track. We need to get to an island soon.

Nice Sword: And the closest island is… Skullduggery!

Curious Bee: Skullduggery Island? You mean the one with the pirates?

Bendy Tornado: Yeah, I think so.

Quiet Snake: *reads from island brochure* Skullduggery Island: An island known for its danger of pirates, led by none other than Captain Crawfish. Skullduggery Island is a series of islands where you have to go by boat. It is an island of trade, seas, and danger on every turn including storm, sea monsters, and, of course, ruthless pirates. Note: Don’t feed the Kraken.

Curious Bee: Captain Crawfish? I did a research paper on him once. He was born into a life of misery and poverty. His real name is Lone Crawfish. Orphaned at a young age, he was set out with one thing on his mind: to gain wealth. He changed his name to Captain Crawfish and he set out on his boat when he was only 6 years old! He hired his crew and set out his goal at first peacefully. However, that didn’t turn out so well, for during those times, people were greedy and held on to their items, so Captain Crawfish decided to become a pirate and steal from the innocent. To this day, Captain Crawfish is still the most feared pirate on the high seas. 

Nice Sword: Wow.

Blue Skull: Amazing how you memorized your paper.

Quiet Snake: We’re here!

Curious Bee: Great! This trip took forever!

Bendy Tornado: You can say that again!

Curious Bee: Great! This trip…

Bendy Tornado: I was only kidding!

Curious Bee: Well, anyways, thanks for everything. I wouldn’t be able to escape that madhouse if it wasn’t for you guys.

Nice Sword: What are friends for?

Quiet Snake: Wait!

Curious Bee: What is it?

Quiet Snake: We want to come with you.

Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, & Blue Skull: Yeah!

Curious Bee: You do? I would love it. Just to let you know, I’ll be going to a whole lot more islands. Just wait. You’ll see. In the meantime, let’s check out Skullduggery Island.

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato:… they’ll be going to Skullduggery Island.

Audience Member: We already know that! The episode is over!

Brave Tomato: It is? *looks at stay tuned sign* Oh.Well anyways, I’m gonna have a contest. The winners get to be the actors of Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, Blue Skull, and Bendy Tornado. Ok, here’s the deal:

CONTEST: Create a costume for either Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, Blue Skull, or Bendy Tornado based on their personalities, about them, or even maybe their names! Please note that Nice Sword and Quiet Snake are girls and Blue Skull and Bendy Tornado are boys. The contest will be over April 15th, 2011. Please tell us the character you are trying for, and post the links to your costumes in the comments section. The winners will become the actors of the characters they costumized for. Good Luck, everybody!

What will happen to Curious Bee and her friends next? Check out Episode 12 coming soon!

Castings for Borinz Daz!

Super as Super thunder!

Icy as Sandy the Mad Dragon

Popular as Neat Comet!(srry FS POpular is for a girl part)

Perfect as Coolpurr!

Elegantness as Brave Tomato!

Smiley as Smiley Kewl!

bony as Bony tomato!


Happy as Happy Thunder!(srry RH Happy is a boy part)

but I made u a part called


Soooo Fast as Red Heart!


The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 5 Part 1 *guest starring Red Heart*!!!!

Hey guys, this is the first Curious Bee special. Thank you, Red Heart, for this humble suggestion for this episode 😉 and SURPRISE! I put you in this ep!!!!! 😀

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she paid a visit to Reality TV Island and the Poptropicans there were crabby and only cared about the TV. Curious Bee stormed off of the island in agony. And speaking of storming off…

(curtain rolls open)

*storm clouds are in the sky*

Curious Bee: Umm, what’s with the weather? I thought the Poptropica forecast said that today was going to be as clear as day.

 *lightning strikes the blimp and Curious Bee plummets towards an island*

Curious Bee: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*a while passed*

Red Heart: Hello? Hello? Are you okay?

Curious Bee: *groans*

Red Heart: Hello?

Curious Bee: *opens eyes and sees Red Heart* Where am I?

Red Heart: Mythology Island. You washed up here on the beach.

Curious Bee: Wait-wait-wait, did you say Mythology Island?

Red Heart: Umm, yeah.

Curious Bee: How about my blimp? Is it okay?

Red Heart: Well, I wouldn’t say exactly okay… *points to Curious Bee’s bursted blimp*

Curious Bee: Oh no, Mom’s going to kill me!

Red Heart: Well, it looks like you’re going to be stuck here for a while, then.

Curious Bee: Seems like so. 😦

Red Heart: Come on, it’s not your fault. Zeus is a little unhappy lately.

Curious Bee: o_o

Red Heart: What is it?

Curious Bee: Did you say Zeus?????

Red Heart: Umm, yeah.

Curious Bee: *faints*

Red Heart: Oh, dear.

What will happen now that Curious Bee is stranded on Mythology Island? Find out Part 2 of Episode 5 coming soon…. it’s going to be EPIC!!!!!! 😀