Oh, just Twittering around

Hey everyone! The Creators recently tweeted another behind-the-scenes picture relating to Galactic Hot Dogs. The Creators claim that this blueprint for the GHD crew’s Neon Wiener spaceship is “VERY, VERY behind the scenes.”

ghd neon wiener

Do we have a new island rising up (totally not a reference to Poptropolis)? The Tweet links to this video trailer for Galactic Hot Dogs.

Yep, getting the feel of a new island coming! The Creators have mentioned that GHD may become an island in the future!

There is another behind the scenes image on Twitter, but this doesn’t reveal as much.

pop animation bts


Hey, got to admit, it’s still pretty cool. 😉

The Creators have been twittering around lately, with some Poptropica related Instagram posts lately, along with Poptropica-In-School moments, Poptropica related Tumblr posts, and more. Keep an eye out for them on Twitter!

– BC


Meh, felt like a Mock-of-Tropica mood c: Read on, I find it interesting.

So, I’m beginning to work on the guides for

  • Survival Island Episode 2
  • Survival Island Episode 3
  • Survival Island Episode 4
  • Mission Atlantis Episode 1
  • Mission Atlantis Episode 2
  • Steamworks Island

So if you would like to help in any of those Island Guides, PLEASE let me know! I’m mostly going to write this by Google Hangouts if I’m lucky, but if you don’t have a Google Plus, then I will also be on the Blog’s Chat. Keep in mind, I am only a guest there, so if you have any pictures for the guide, then you would have to Private Chat them to me.

If you can’t use Xat, then you can simply comment to help c: It’s all fine to me. Here is some more information on the Mega Writing Session (BTW, I posted it on Google Plus, and I am beginning to work on this in about 15 minutes or so).

Anybody on right now? I’m going to make a Large Hangout to write a few Island Guides (For Survival Island Episodes 2, 3, and 4, as well as both released episodes of Mission Atlantis), so if you want the chance to help, please comment c: Credit WILL be given accordingly.

I’ve already finished a guide for Episode 1 of Survival Island. I have already beaten and figured out episode 1 and 2 of Survival.
I have yet to beat either of the released episodes of Mission Atlantis.

Forewarning, these guides will not just be on my blog, Poptropican Awesomeness. They will (Most likely) be on Cuddly Lion’s blog, Top Pop. Not to mention, I will be uploading these to Super Thunder’s Blog, unless BT or ST writes their own later on to replace it.


So… Please comment if you are in! No guide writing experience needed :p

So, hope you’re in c; I’m going to try to finish Episode 3 of Survival before we get started, so PLEASE, if you would like to help then do NOT put this off and procrastinate as I have for so so long 😛

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

No, this isn’t the PopCon Post, that’s later

Sorry about the super lamely written title, I just wanted to be clear. This post is not about The Poptropica Convention Island. This post is about small and random Poptropican things that probably go unnoticed. Oh, and also some minor updates.

So, I don’t know if you were keeping up with the World Cup (I sure wasn’t!), but if you were rooting for Germany, then CONGRATULATIONS! You can now be part of the team in the Poptropica Universe! Here’s what the (Guys’) costume looks like:

Looks cool I guess. I just want the Soccer Ball in all honesty (Sorry peeps, I’m a very American American.)

That is available to everyone, Members and Non-Members! But, if you are a Member, then check this Gold Card out:

This costume is however very Exclusive to Members, so I made sure to grab mine. My membership expires August 9th. So I’ll get busy on the Currently Exclusive to Members (Like Mission Atlantis stuff for the guide) soon c:

Now, for the Tiny-Things-That-Mostly-Go-Unnoticed-But-I-Will-Share-Them-Anyways-Because-I’m-Very-Strange section of the post 🙂

Remember the overly-loved Tablet (And additionally the Phone Handheld) Handheld Ad? Well it’s still Up-and-Running (Man I’m using a lot of -‘s in this post) and did I mention… OBTAINABLE?

Cool huh?

Also, the Ringmaster Costume from so long ago, when Monster Carnival Island was released, is STILL IN THE STORE!? O_O_O_O_O

Oh my. Well, it is, but for some reason it won’t load the pic, so I’ll be working on that.

Onward we go. So, I told everyone I would be posting The Nameless Adventures, which is a Story Series / Episodical Poptropica Fanfic of mine, here to STB. And I barely did. So I’ve been working on the new episodes, so I will get back to posting them again c:

I got an email back from BT about doing some stuff around the blog, and I got the OK! 😀 I hope everyone will like these updates, and I’ve already started working on them. Whenever I finish one, I’ll make a quick post about it, and then you can feel free to check it out c;

I think that’s everything, so goodnight peeps, I’m eating PORKCHOPS! *Texts Cuddly Lion; Auto-Correct changes to Pork Chips; throws tantrum about Auto-Correct; Kisses Phone Apologetically*

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: I didn’t have any pictures towards the end of the post, so I guess I’ll put this in here. Thanks Keith for emailing it to me!

The Nameless Adventures Update

Hey guys, so I’ll get back to posting episode of The Nameless Adventures soon (I’m going to be posting them 2 at a time until we get caught up here 😉 ). Sorry I haven’t been so adamant about posting them, I got a little sick, and then I forgot 😛

Aside from that, I have an update about The DEFiAnCE, which I’ll explain in a quoted paragraph below because I’m too lazy to retype / update it 🙂

The DEFiANce is the sector that protects the Glitches, that never thought of themselves as outsiders. The DEFiANce is run all over Poptropica, but their Head Quarters, has been remodeled, (The DEFiANce HQ is the HQ on Main Street of Spy Island.)

The DEFiANce, is protecting the most powerful glitch there is. Nameless UnDEFiNed. She can change the code. Or she will be able to that is, she is still learning the advantages of being a glitch. Everyone in Poptropica wants her, or wants her gone. The Creator’s think she is just some glitch roaming around Poptropica, easily destroyed. But every Villain in Poptropica, wants her to make them, richer! More Powerful!! The RULER!!! But she never will. She would rather die, than make someone run Poptropica into the ground. Join the DEFiANce, and protect Nameless, and protect Poptropica.

So, if you would like to join, whereas you can become a Character of The Nameless Adventures, please do so by June 6th, 2014 for THIS reason :c I will not be accepting DEFiAnCE Members as Characters unless it’s a special occasion, or audition.

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed — Duct taping a Pickle Jar ~~

PS: I’m 6 more posts away from my 50th post on this blog! 😀 

Updates on the blog

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know, I’ve been replying to some blog Question Comments, and I also am going to email BT or ST about updating certain pages ya know? Let me know in the comments if there are any things you would like to see updated 🙂

I’m also going to try to round up all the Author’s usernames 😛 I want to friend them all, and I bet you do too xD I’ll look into it though 🙂

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed


So many Running Updates!

Sorry for the lame title, but I’ll get you the latest updates right now since BK did it last time 😉

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runner ups in CYODIC announced!

The first few runner-ups in the CYODIC have been announced! Here are the Announced Islands, and click on them to read the interviews 😉 From Winning place, to last announced 😉

  2. BIKES VS. BOARDS ISLANDFirst Runner-Up of the CYDOIC
  3. FASHION CRISIS ISLANDSecond Runner-Up of the CYDOIC
  5. HOUSE OF CARDS ISLANDFourth Runner-Up of the CYDOIC

I’ll post my thoughts on each Announced Winner soon 🙂 Individually of course, that way I can include the Official Interview.

Mythology Island NFI (New Format Island) Available to Members Now!

You Members can now play the Updated Version of Mythology Island (Check out guide HERE). I’ll admit, it’s kinda buggy… And just so you guys know, Non-Members still can play the Island, just on the Old Format. Come Tomorrow though, Non-Members can play it NFI’d too!

(NOTE: When I logged in on my Member account to try something, it showed up as Member. I had done a glitch to play it the old way, as I had done to Time Tangled. I tried again without the glitch, and it was still Old Format.)

Happy Birthday Charlie!

It’s the 50th Anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Wowzers, I remember reading the book when I was in Public School… Man I feel old 😛 Read the Creator’s Post wishing a Happy Anniversary to Charlie Choco HERE.

Survival Island Episode 1 Guide

I know BT hasn’t had time to make a new guide, which would be for Survival Episode 1, and she has yet to respond to me uploading mine to the blog until she makes one of her own (Or if she wants to use it permanently, ya know, I’m fine with that 😛 ). So, you can check mine out HERE if you still need help

PS: Brave Tomato, or Super Thunder, I have one written for it already, and since I’m an Editor I can make a page for it, so please let me know if you would like me to upload it… Also, I’m almost done with one for Mission Atlantis Episode 1.

I’m running Out Of Updates

Honestly I am 😛 So I think that’s it, by the way, I got my own Twitter! Please please please check it out?

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: I found a new sign off, so I just include a Hashtag with it now xD