Hey guys, Nameless here! I keep posting updates at random, but I think I’ll do something you guys can enjoy a little more :p So I’m having a contest right here on Super Thunder’s Blog! Now, it is a Costume Contest, and am the only judge.


So, I would like some of you viewers to design some costumes (And yes, Authors are allowed to enter too, since I think BK will be interested xD), and they will be themed… Now, I don’t really add anything to anything here other than posts, without specifically emailing BT or ST first, so they may or may not be added to the Costume Page here. I however, will ask the Winning Costume Designers if I could put the designs on My Blog’s Costume Page. And the themes are:


Just Design your favorite TV Show Characters! I’ll probably look up the character to see how well it matches if I don’t know it 😉 


Something Styling, but something Smart. You get the idea 😛

SPACE ODD-something

It’s Star Wars Day, when I typed this, so you can design something space-y ! Maybe an Alien, or an Astronaut? Be creative!


So, you can design 2 costumes, which means 2 different costumes for one category, or 1 costume for 2 categories :s You’ve got until the end of THIS month to enter, and the winners will get Prize Accounts 😛 As I said, I’m the only judge. If you have any questions about the themes, just comment 😉 I’ll reply ASAP

  • Remember to be original ~ If I see a costume that’s pretty much exactly like something I’ve seen on a blog Costume Page (That isn’t your own at least) then that entry will be dismissed…
  • Remember to link ~ When you finish your entry and you comment it, please remember to put the link IN the comment! I’ve had so many people forget the link and just tell me this is it when they post a comment :p You can make it an Avatar Studio Link (But you’ll have to leave the costume the same until the end of the contest), or take a Screen Shot (A photo of the outfit using PrtScr or Lightshot, maybe Snipping Tool, which comes on most Windows Computers) and upload it to Photobucket or TinyPic?
  • How Did You Do It? ~ Please try to tell me where you got the pieces for your entry? That will make it a lot easier to design again if they win 😛 You don’t have to, but it does help in judging.

Here are some questions and Answers from comments! Thanks for letting me include them! 🙂


First comment! XP hey nameless, I have some questions.

1. How do we leave a link? Open the avatar studio, save it to pictures, copy the picture, then paste It here?

2. Can if we make it look almost exactly like the character we were going for, will we be disqualified for it?

3. What if we got pieces from another Poptropican? Ex. I have hair I got from a random Poptropican in a chat room, and I’ve never seen it anywhere else. Where would I say I got it?

That’s all! I can’t wait to start making a costumes!


Oh, I should’ve mentioned that for 1…

1. When you put in a username on the Avatar Studio, it gives you a Link to Copy, so just copy that, then in your comment, Right Click, and paste 😉

2. No, if you’re doing the 1st category, then it should look as much like it as possible, so it wouldn’t be dismissed 😉 Just try not to make it looks a lot like someone else’s design 🙂

3. Well you could just say Random Poptropican if you just got it from one 😛 If you got it from a specific Closet, Ad, or character in-game, then you would want to mention those specifically 😉

Thanks, and I can’t wait to see them!

I think that’s it, and also…



Get The Unfinished Costume Before It’s Finished!

Well as usual there are good news and bad news. Good news:Mocktropica Island will be available to non-members (like myself) NEXT THURSDAY! Break out the celebratory cheese and blow something up! Oh wait, there’s still the bad news. Curse the astrophysical balance of the universe!

Well since Mocktropica Island is about to be released to the public, the Members-only Unfinished Costume will be removed from the store next week as well! So members, grab the Unfinished costume while you still have the chance! Or face the consequence of regretting that you should have not grabbed it while you didn’t not ladybird armpit-I’m sorry what was the question?


Hey, I’m back from my boring Uncle’s house! So, I’m going to start drawing some Poptropican’s. Just comment if you’d like yours drawn, but I do need a username or an Avatar Studio Link… Please make sure the outfit you want drawn is being worn when you request, and please give me a little time to draw them. I can’t do it all in a day 😉

Here are the Requests I’m working on so far:

  • Super Nicey, the “White Paw Look”. Please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to change from THIS picture?
  • Strange Cat, his two secondary accounts… Um, they’re SUPPOSED to be the Dr. Hare Light and Dark special right?
  • Silver Wolf, “The Wolfy” look.

And then one for my cousin of a dancing Poptropican, but that’s nothing 😛

Let me know in the comment xD

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

Skeletons and Bones

I know, the title’s pretty much hopeless.  Oh well, I wouldn’t be Icy Comet if I wasn’t a master at thinking up bad titles.

There’s a new power-costume-thing in the Poptropica Store!  Right in time for Halloween.  So, if you’re in search of that just-right scary costume, maybe this is the one for you.

Roll them bones

There’s a new Gold Card available in the Poptropica Store! With the Skeleton Power, you can turn yourself, and everyone else, into a bag of bones.

Halloween is right around the corner. The Skeleton Power is your key to a spooky holiday!

avatar image

Here’s a picture of the card.

It costs 75 credits, which is the normal price for a costume.

So, what do you think?  Will you be getting this new gold card for Halloween?

Thinking ‘Bout Food

More evidence that the Creators are most definitely bears.  Apparently all they can think about is food.  First, they added the three pie costumes for Pi Day.  That is sort of understandable.  I mean, I knew about Pi Day.  But the new costume they’ve added.  Well…I’m not so sure about this one.

The new costume is…a waffle.  Even more pathetic than pie.  Not saying that I don’t like waffles or anything, because I love them.  It just is sort of a rotten costume, that’s all.

The waffle was added for something called “International Waffle Day”, or at least that’s what it says on the costume’s item card.  Up until this moment, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as International Waffle Day.  Maybe it’s something the Creators just made up.  Or maybe it’s actually a huge holiday that somehow I missed out on hearing about.  Either way would make sense.

So, here’s what the costume looks like:

So, I’m sure I know what you’re thinking: Oh boy!  This costume has got to be free, since the Creators made the three pie costumes all cost 75 credits each!  But alas, no.  This costume costs 75 credits, just like the pie costumes.  When it gets to where you can’t even dress up like food for free, well…well…I don’t know what well.  Or is it well what?  Either way, I’m sure I have you plenty confused now.  So I think I leave you to ponder what on earth International Waffle Day is.


Happy Pi and Pie Day!

Bet you didn’t know that today was a holiday, did you?  Don’t get all excited, though, it’s not the kind of holiday where you don’t have any school.

Today is apparently Pi Day.  And since I’m tired and too lazy to explain what that is, I’ll just get the Creators to do that in a second cause they’re so smart, kind, and especially capable (NOT!).  But since today is Pi Day, I think it should also be Pie Day (for reasons you will see below).  And, since I’m making no sense (ha, since and sense together in the same sentence, wonder if that’s a first) and I’m not being funny at all, I think I’ll just let you read the Creators post.  Even though as un-funny as this post is, the Creators is less funny.

Happy Pi Day!

Today, 3/14, is also known as “Pi Day,” because the famous number Pi starts with the digits 3.14. Pi is important for a lot of reasons, one of which is that it allows you to calculate the area of a circle.

But there’s another kind of circular pie we like even more, and that’s why we’ve just released three new costumes to the Poptropica Store. Pick your choice of Cherry Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Mud Pie to show your pride this Pi Day.

Visit Poptropica now to get your pie costumes!

avatar image

Here are some pictures of the costumes:

Too bad it isn't chocolate...

Like a little slice of sunshine! Why it's like a slice I sunshine, you ask? I have no clue.

Uh...why is it dripping?

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: OMG!  This would be perfect to complete my “I’m a pie freak” look!  And I could probably get these costumes without even having to think about them, cause they are obviously going to be free!

Well, isn’t it funny how you automatically assume that a costume like this is free?  I wonder why you do that?  Too bad, though, because these costume are most certainly, positively not free.  They each cost 75 credits.   Too bad you don’t get a package deal with them or anything…

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve had enough of me being wacky because I’m so tired, so I’ll leave you with the sad thought that the credits that you were saving to get the Shamrock Flavored Popgum will now have to go to three weird costumes that don’t even look good.

Edit: I just had to edit this post so that I could put in a picture from the Poptropica Homepage.  I don’t know why, it just looks really funny to me.

Getting ready for Singles’ Awa-Valentines Day..!

The creators have a new update out, one dealing with two items from the Popstore- the Big Hearted costume and the Love Potion.

The post:

From the bottom of our hearts

Valentine’s Day is next week, and we’re sharing the love by featuring some classic items in the Poptropica Store.

The Big Hearted costume is the perfect way to show you care.

If your sweetheart needs a little convincing, the Love Potion will hit the spot.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Poptropica!

avatar image

Ahaha, does anyone find it funny that the black widow of all people posted this?
I mean, don’t those kind of spiders eat their luvmates or something?
…Okay, I’m making no sense…… Obviously I’ve been reading too many books……
Anyway, have a good Valentines Day!
(*cough* I wish I went to the V-Day dance at my school yesterday, but I was home sick… *more coughing and sneezing* *cough, cough, cough, cough, cough* )

Super Thunder: Hi, this is Super Thunder, and I’m interrupting Ana’s post to say…
I forgot. I just wanted to say something, that’s it. xD
It’s because I’m bored. Boredom can make you do crazy things. D: