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"You find your faith has been lost and shaken, you take back what's been taken. Get on your knees and dig down deep, you can do what you think is impossible. Keep on believing, don't give in. It'll come and make you whole again. It always will, it always does. Love is unstoppable." -Unstoppable By Rascal Flatts I'm just a teenager who loves music, singing, playing my guitar, dancing, playing on my 3DS, playing Poptropica, and playing Neopets. I work on a few different Poptropica blogs, mainly my blog (Icy Comet's Blog), the PHB, and Super Thunder's Blog. My favorite kind of music would have to be a tie between Contemporary Christian music and Country music. My favorite series of books/movies is The Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit included). My favorite video game would probably have to be Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. And I'm a huge fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. So, yeah, that's about all there is to know about me. See ya!

Soon To Rise

Only 2 hours, 54 minutes, and 59 seconds to go until Poptropolis Games comes out!

And leave it to the Bearators, those meanies, to do a post yesterday that basically mocks us poor people in our misery.

One more day to decide…

What tribe will you represent in the Poptropolis Games?

Poptropolis Games rises tomorrow! Poptropica Members will have Early Access to the entire Island. Non-Members will be able to play a limited demo.

Don’t miss out — find out how to become a Member today!

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Well, it’s just up to us to show the *sniff* Creators that their *sniff* teasing doesn’t do a *sniff* thing to us.  *sniff* Not a *sniff* thing.  *sniff* What? *sniff*  No, of course I’m not *sniff* crying.  I just got dust in my eyes. *sniff, sniff*


Black Flags, Nightcrawlers, and Cursed Apps

The Creators have been abnormally busy for the Creators.  Maybe they’ve got their trained monkeys helping them…or maybe they are the trained monkeys…

Anyway, the Creators have announced the last two names of the tribes in Poptropolis Games.  They’ve also announced an app that will curse your iPod.  Seriously.

All I can say is that I don’t really like the names of the two tribes.  The first one is okay, but the second one is horrible.

The Tribes of Poptropica: Black Flags

The next Poptropica tribe is…

Black Flags

This tribe intends to plant the flag of victory in the heart of Poptropolis — and we suspect they’ll stop at nothing to do it!

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I just thought of something.  The color of the flag is black (yeah, I know, couldn’t tell by the name “Black Flag”), which is the opposite of white, or at least in my mind it is.  A white flag means surrender, and a black flag, black being the opposite of white, would mean the opposite of surrender.  So, it means that they won’t surrender!  Funny!  …That’s funny, right?  …right?

Okay, moving on.

Brace yourself for impact, peoples, cause this name is the worst name ever.

The Tribes of Poptropolis: Nightcrawlers

Looking for the dirt on the next Poptropica tribe? Then you might be interested to meet…


The Nightcrawlers might look like pushovers, but they’re used to being used as bait. Watch out they don’t hook you!

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Yep, that’s pretty terrible.  I think I’m gonna stick with Seraphim.  Make sure you have recovered from the shock of this, cause the next thing is going to shock you, too.

You’ve probably guessed what the next thing is.  The cursed app.  It makes your iPod turn into a vampire.  Okay, not really.  But it still is bad.

Vampire’s Curse walkthrough app now available for free!

Good news! Now, when you download the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app for your iOS or Android device, you can get the new Vampire’s Curse Island walkthrough absolutely FREE!

Whether or not you’ve already downloaded the app, you can nab the updated version from the iTunes App Store or the Android Market.

Then, visit the “Island Guides” menu and start your free download of the Vampire’s Curse Island walkthrough!

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Maybe it’s not as bad as I made it sound.  Maybe.  But why on earth would you want to get this when you could get a perfectly good, much better than the Creators’ guide here or on the PHB (or on my blog 😉 ).

Just saying.

2 Down, 2 To Go

The Creators decided to bring us out of the dark (well, actually only partly out of the dark, but who cares about technicalities besides myself), cause they’ve started to tell us what the names of the tribes are!  They’ve only announced two so far, and one is awesome.  The other is well…terrible okay…I guess…

The Tribes of Poptropica: Flying Squid

Last week we gave you a teaser image of some of the tribes of Poptropica. This week, we’ll introduce you properly. Without further ado, say hello to…

Flying Squid

This tribe hopes to have more than an inkling of victory in the Poptropolis Games.

We’ll unveil the rest of the tribes throughout the week!

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Yeah.  I guess you could tell that this is the okay one.  By the way, if any of you actually do like this one, I’m not trying to hurt your feelings or anything.  I just think that the next one is much better than this one.

Anyway, here’s the awesome one!

The Tribes of Poptropica: Seraphim

Continuing our look at the tribes of Poptropica, say hello to…


This tribe will rise and fall on the wings of their dreams. Maybe you can help them achieve such great heights!

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That’s my tribe right there, peeps!

Um.  One question, though.  What does “seraphim” mean?

Update By Brave Tomato: I googled it and I found this:

Seraphim (pl, n): An angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy

Well… the Creators have gone a little religious there, haven’t they? Well, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series DID….

*transmission lost before Brave Tomato got a chance to finish for some reason. After all, it isn’t her post.*

Technical Difficulties

I know that I was excited about Poptropica Friends, but I didn’t know that everyone else was just as excited about it as I was.  (Wait, why am I writing in past tense?  It’s not like it’s gone or anything.)  You’re probably thinking that that’s a good thing.  Well, think again!

Friends overload!

Whoa! We hoped that everyone would like Poptropica Friends, but even we didn’t expect it to be this popular. The demand for all the new Friends features has been so great that it’s overloaded our servers! As a result, we’ve temporarily had to turn off some of the features to address the load.

Be assured, we’re working hard behind the scenes to bring everything back up to speed. We’ll post any updates right here.

Thank you for your enthusiasm!

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So much for technology making our lives easier.  Yeah, I know that we can now do things like Face Time or play on a Nintendo 3DS and stuff like that, but instead of it helping us, we have to suffer, pulling our hair out of our heads, while we wait for technical difficulties to be fixed.


I Already Knew That (Hope You Did, Too)

Once again the Bearators think it is necessary to tell us something that we already know.  Or at least something that I already know, and since I’m the only person that really matters…  Just kidding.  You matter, too.  A little bit.

Seismic activity

You already know that Poptropica Friends will let you stay informed about what your friends are doing in Poptropica. What you might not know is how easy that’s going to be!

Presenting the Recent Activity feed! You’ll see this little box whenever you return to Poptropica, and it will show you the most up-to-date things your friends have been doing in Poptropica. You’ll see when your friend has earned a photo, beaten an Island, saved a new costume, or answered a Pop Quiz. You can click through to see their full profile, or just flip through the feed to see what everyone is up to.

There’s a lot more coming with Poptropica Friends. We’re looking forward to sharing it with you!

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Okay.  So I lied.  I didn’t know about the part where its on the screen-thingy that comes up when you log in.  But I did know about the Recent Activity Feed thing.  That counts, right?


A Trio of Powers

Once again, the Bearators Creators have done a pointless post about something that either all or most people know about.  Although, at least this post is about something that’s useful.  Or, at least according to the Creators, important to members, not non-members.  Even though it actually is important to non-members when they think it isn’t and…

Whatever…here’s the post.

Bonus points!

For the past few Islands, we’ve been including a bonus quest that tells the story after the story. They’ve all been fun, but they’ve never been quite like the one on Twisted Thicket.

When you play the Twisted Thicket bonus quest, you’ll have access to a trio of special powers: troll strength, dryad wings, and goblin speed. You’ll need all of them in order to complete this special, extra, extra-special adventure!

Twisted Thicket will be available to everyone on Wednesday, May 2. But only Members will be able to play the bonus quest — and only Members can play Twisted Thicket right now!

Not a Member? Find out how to become a Poptropica Member today!

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See?  Pointless.

Even more proof that the Creators are Bearators.  Not only do they tell us stuff that we already know, they forgot what they put in their own island!

See in the post where it says “When you play the Twisted Thicket bonus quest, you’ll have access to a trio of special powers: troll strength, dryad wings, and goblin speed.“?  Well, the Creators forgot one thing.  At the end of the island, whether you are a member or a non-member you have to use the powers.  And I’m not going to say what for, because that would spoil it for non-members.

But, anyway, that is solid Bearator proof from the Bearators themselves.

Oh and one more thing.  Remember this picture from the post when the Creators revealed that their joke about adding noses on Poptropicans was actually a joke?

Well, if you look closely at the Poptropican in the picture from the Creators’ post, don’t they look a little alike?  Minus the troll hat and the amulet, of course.

They’ve got the same skin color and the same red jumpsuit with a black belt thing-outfit-object.

Just saying.

Only For Them, Never For Us

Non-members, here we are again.  Forced to watch as all those lucky members play a new island while we have to wait forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever until it comes out for us.  Not fair, right! 😦  And it doesn’t help that the Creators like to try and force us to get membership by doing posts like this one.

Twisted Thicket this Thursday!

Here’s your friendly reminder that Early Access to Twisted Thicket will be available this Thursday to Poptropica Members.

Don’t forget, if you’re already a Member, you can visit the Poptropica Store today to pick up your Twisted Thicket gear pack! The Lumberjerk costume will only be available during Early Access, so don’t delay!

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Sweetest people on Earth, aren’t they.  The nicest thing in the world is to remind us non-members that members get to play the island before us. (That’s sarcasm, y’all.)

Hold the phone, peoples!  I just did something really crazy.  Almost crazier than thinking that cavemen were characters from Monster Carnival Island (still hoping that they were actually monsters disguised as cavemen), or that time when I thought that the Huskie Bell Follower from the Dizzy Dancers ad was a fat cat instead of a dog, or that time when I was so excited that I completely messed up the post that I was doing about Poptropica Friends.  Almost crazier, not quite.  Okay, maybe same amount of craziness.  Oh, all right, even more crazy.

I completely forgot that I had just gotten membership, and I was including myself in the “us” part.  Would only happen to me, wouldn’t it?

Okay, so I still have to live with the fact that I am sometimes always a space cadet, but at least I’ve got early release and a Dryad Follower to cheer me up now, right?