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I'm a fourteen year old girl (best friend to Brave Tomato) who's a blogger and will someday be on Broadway. I love Poptropica!

Eternally Burning… Fun Stuff.

Who doesn’t want to burn in a fire for forever? *sarcasm. heavy sarcasm*

But, some fires do burn forever. Wouldn’t want to start one of these in your house. In your wooden house, ‘specially.

This, kids, is why you never play with matches. Well, I play with matches, but I end up crying. They really can start fires. I thought grown ups were bluffing, but those little suckas can start fires.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is this burning an eternal flame?

Well, probably not. It’s hard for a flame to burn at the bottom of the ocean. But when the city of Poptropolis re-surfaces every 100 years, the ceremonial torch burns for as long as the competitive fires do!
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Hmm, do I detect fire? Oh, duh, of course I do. Fire. In Poptropolis Games. I wonder if we get matches. I make bad choices with fire.
So, until later, I’ll… I smell smoke.
*fire alarm*
Umm… Well, I’ll be evacuating my house, and clearing all the evidence before the police see I started this thing…
~Christine (Super Thunder)

Lights, Camera, REAction!

Oh, and apparently, Poptropica Friends is back! This means that I can go stalk Poptropicans’ profiles to see what the new fashions are… 😀

Well, I’ve actually got better things to do that to stalk others. I can be redoing islands for all those pictures… *takes a look at Astro Knights*


That lava dragon… Well, I’ll have to defeat you someday, won’t I? (:< Why not now?


Um, okay, on second though, maybe not now, now… I can do it later. Once I get an ice suit to wear… And someone to hide behind.

Monday, May 7, 2012

We’re back up!

Just in time for the week to begin, all of the Poptropica Friends features are back up and running! Sorry about that, folks. We’ve got our team of trained monkeys working to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
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Well, I’m certainly happy that they’re back. I just wish I could take more than one quiz a day. And I wish I could delete costumes in my closet, ’cause I end up clicking too many times “save” and end up with like a thousand of one outfit. :/
~Christine (Super Thunder)

Gotta Get Down on Friday!

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday,

eve’rybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend

Friday, Friday-

Shiny Mosquito: Ewww! Friday reference!

Super Thunder: Jump off a cliff, SM.

Shiny Mosquito: No.

But, there was a Friday reference on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. The Creators are turning modern… This isn’t good. We need to keep them on typewriters. While we reign over technology!

*evil laugh*

Overkill? Fine then. But the Creators made, um, a useless post to tell us that… They’re gonna do nothin’ all weekend. Well, they could have at least said they were gonna, I don’t know, go watch Phantom or go bungee jumping. But, well, logic never wins.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Everybody’s working for the weekend

Whew! What a week it was at Poptropica. One day, we launched Poptropica Friends, and the next day, we opened up Twisted Thicket to everyone. Now, the weekend begins, and we plan to rest a bit — but we hope you’ll take the next few days to dive in and take advantage of all the great new stuff Poptropica has to offer!
So get out there — earn photos, make friends, and explore the tangled undergrowth of Twisted Thicket. And keep an eye out for all the other great stuff that’s coming soon to Poptropica, including Poptropolis Games!
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Am I the only one that’s all like “Umm… Okay…?” right now?
Well, to finish of a pointless post, I excuse myself to go watch Love Never Dies…
Are you ready for Poptropolis Games?

The Scream: Going once!

Super Thunder: Ah, no, wait! I want The Scream! It’s that totally weird… Thingy-painting thingy- of that guy screaming, right? It’s famous or something? Yes, I do recall stopping a poisonous spider from stealing it… Let’s see, I don’t really like art, but if there’s an auction, I guess I can put together five dollars to offer…

Auctioneer: Um, no, Miss Thunder. You see, we were seeking 119.9…

Super Thunder: Like, 120 dollars? You can’t be serious. Who’d spend that much on a painting.

Auctioneer: All these people, Miss Thunder. And, it’s not 120 dollars… It’s a considerably larger amount.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

$120 million? Let’s hope it wasn’t counterfeit!

Did you hear that the famous painting The Scream just sold for 119.9 million dollars? That’s a lotta dough! In fact, it’s the most that anybody has ever paid for a painting in history. Now you understand why it was so tempting to steal it.
You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your hands on The Scream. You can just go to Poptropica and play Counterfeit Island! Counterfeit Island is a crackling canvas caper full of secret identities, forged artwork, and high-octane scooter chases.
Of course, like almost everything else on Poptropica, playing Counterfeit Island is totally free. Let the wealthy buy their expensive paintings. You’re the one having all the fun!
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Super Thunder: 120… million dollars? Can’t a super Scream fan, like, just print it out? Or pay someone else to draw it? Or something?

Auctioneer: There’s a beauty in originality.

Super Thunder: Spare me the proverbs. Why does this cost so much?

Auctioneer: Please, Miss Thunder, if you’re not going to purchase anything, please, um, go away.

Super Thunder: So pushy. I’ll leave. It’s not like anyone here’s gonna pay 120 million…

*inside auction*

Random person 1: 121 million!

Random person 2: 122 million!

Auctioneer: Going twice… Sold!

Yeah, Okay, We GOT It…

Why, oh why, do the Creators like to tease us? Teasing is not nice. And teasing isn’t smart. If you tease a bull, they’ll kill you.

If you tease me, I’ll throw a paper airplane at you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Your number 1 album

One of the new features that will be coming with Poptropica Friends is the photo album. It’s like your own virtual scrapbook of your adventures through Poptropica!
By playing through Islands, you’ll occasionally see a message that says “New Photo Added” when you get to an important part of the story. Then, when you visit your photo album, you’ll see snapshots showing you a new perspective of your character’s feats. Every Island has about four different photos. There are over 100 in total!
Even better: every time you earn a new photo, the outfit you were wearing at the time is recorded in the picture. Even if you change clothes, you can costumize from your photos later!
Wait, there’s more! If you’re looking through a friend’s photo album, you can costumize off of them, too. It’s like the number of possible costumes just went to infinity!
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I see teasing, until that little statement right there…
If you’re looking through a friend’s photo album, you can costumize off of them, too.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One week until Twisted Thicket is available to everyone!

Just one week to go until Twisted Thicket becomes available to everyone next Wednesday, May 2. Get ready for a dark and twisted adventure like nothing you’ve ever seen on Poptropica!
But don’t forget: only Members can get the Twisted Thicket gear pack in the Poptropica Store, and the special Lumberjerk costume will be gone as soon as Twisted Thicket becomes available to the public! So don’t delay — get Membership today!
avatar image
You tease nonmembers, Creators. And I have a lot of nonmember friends. THIS MEANS WAR!
Get your paper airplanes ready, everyone. We are going to demand justice! *makes paper airplane and throws at Creator Headquarters. Halfway there, the paper airplane falls apart*
Well, it’s a start.

Forever the Gold

The Bearators are, ah, bragging. I really don’t like them bragging. Even though, I do, um, happen to brag. A lot. It’s a Super Thunder characteristic. So is procrastination and inability to pay attention to math. Anyway, remember that Poptropica Friend thingy? Ya, well, the Bearators are trying to make us hyped up for this. So, they hit a lot of Poptropicans’ weak spots: completed islands.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Going for the gold

Playing through an Island on Poptropica gets you many rewards. Besides the satisfaction of a job well done, you’ll also earn a gold medallion that you can wear to show off your accomplishment. But how many of you have been able to pull thisoff?
Medallions for every Island! Whoa, nelly. That’s worth bragging about. Soon it’ll be easier to show off an achievement like this.
One of the great things about Poptropica Friends is that you’ll be able to see what medallions your friends have earned, and they’ll be able to see the same for you. You’ll even be able to show off how many times you’ve beaten each Island, by using Island Restart.
Poptropica Friends is launching soon. There’s no better time than the present to start adding to your medallion total, before all your friends can see!
avatar image
Well, uh, Mr. Crawfish, I don’t mean to sound rude or anything (actually, I do), but that isn’t your account. You wish it was yours!
And a surprising amount of Poptropicans have finished all the islands, dude, I mean, sir. I am, like, one in a ten million thousand Poptropican POPulation that has.
 I don’t look enough like Christine Daae. D: Maybe Brave Tomato (who also has finished all the islands) happens to have a better Christine costume. I just look like a wannabe ballerina in a white dress.
Brave Tomato: This is my Christine costume. Well, I’ve actually never watched the whole Phantom movie, but I saw a little in Chorus class when there is a substitute teacher. So here’s Small Fang (1313skull) sporting Christine Daae’s outfit!

Oh well, though. We can’t all be like Christine. Just don’t say that to Meg. Or leave her alone with potentially dangerous objects. *is so obsessed with Phantom of the Opera*
Okay, so now I’ll go work on a Meg Pop costume, and I’ll watch Love Never Dies (sequel) and then… *gaze lands on math homework* I’ll have to learn how to factor a stupid trinomial.
Who cares what x is? It’s not like they’re gonna ask me in life, “Hey what is the square root of 3583896732489634677342 times the factorization of 4328753208963280 in standard form to the fourth power, times a negative 16?” It’s just not gonna happen. And it better not be asked in Poptropica. *glares at Bearators*
~Christine (Super Thunder)

Careful Now, Don’t Get Lost!

I just made a really bad typo. I typed “Ger” for “Get”. 😀

So, the Bearators (The Creators are most definitely bears: why else would they release Twisted Thicket? :O Maybe they live in a twisted thicket.) have released the map from Twisted Thicket. At first thought, I wondered, “Hey, aren’t we supposed to, like, get lost in the thicket…? No…? Well, why am I complaining?”, but then I realized that there’s really no reason to question them for why they put the map. The answer is, and always will be, because they felt like it. Nothing we can do ’bout that. My typing gets worse every day. Every time I’ve said “they” in this post, I’ve written “thy”. *sigh*


So, how’s that for a map? Very explanatory, if you ask me. I mean, you can see a bunch if question marks… Gee, I’m excited!

Well, honestly, now that I’m thinking, today is Wednesday. So tomorrow’s Thursday! :O *major “Aha!” moment* Twisted Thicket comes out tomorrow? D: But I have homework tomorrow… Oh well. I have priorities. Number one priority is… schoolwork Poptropica! My homework can wait till Friday, it’s not as important. 😀

So, member Poptropicans, just because I’ll fail this semester, doesn’t mean you should! Do your homework, then play Twisted Thicket!

~Super Thunder

We Nose It Wasn’t True! Joke’s On… Um.. You and Us…

Yep, well those “noses” we were gonna get- an April Fool’s Joke. Thanks Zeus, ’cause honestly, I’d need a major nose job to fix that. But, there is something new in the Poptropica store…

Monday, April 2, 2012

No need to run from these noses

Well, most of you caught our little April Fools’ joke over the weekend. We aren’t adding noses to Poptropicans. Everyone would look too weird!
But there was a grain of truth in our gag. Now, you can get a fake nose in the Poptropica Store!
Fortunately, these Poptropican noses are optional, not mandatory. So visit the Poptropica Store today to get your fake nose — and get a jump on next year’s April Fools’ Day!
avatar image
Hmm… Noses at the Poptroica store? Um… Honestly, is anyone gonna buy that? Why waste credits on that when you can get something interesting… Like Phantomizer, to look like the Phantom of the Opera?
Oh, wait, he isn’t actually a ghost… Well, never mind. But still, please don’t waste your credits on an ugly nose.
~Super Thunder
P.S. Dr. Nostril can’t do a nose job on you… So don’t get a nose!

The Curse Unleashed!

Super Thunder: Greetings, fellow Poptropicans, the Creators have announced that tomorrow, the curse shall be unleashed for those without membership!

Audience Member: Wait, why are you talking with a British accent?

Super Thunder: I dunno, why aren’t I the president? Nobody knows.

Audience Member: You’d know, you’re the one-

Super Thunder: The point is, after all that waiting, nonmembers will finally rush up into the dreary castle, covered with gnarled webs-

Brave Tomato: ST, you’re not in English class. You don’t need to start with all the adjectives.

Super Thunder: Oh yeah, you’re right. Hey, why in Poptropica am I writing in script style? That’s your thing.

Audience Member: Why aren’t you president? No one knows, right?

Super Thunder: Touche.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don’t forget: Vampire’s Curse Island is open to all tomorrow!

The wait for non-Members is almost over. Vampire’s Curse Island will be available to everybody tomorrow. We’ll announce it the moment it happens right here in the Poptropica creators’ blog, so be sure to check in!
avatar image

Super Thunder: So, yeah, Vampire’s Curse comes out tomorrow for nonmembers, don’t forget to check here for the guide, written by Brave Tomato, and me!

Brave Tomato: That’s right! Hey, so are you gonna run for president? Will you be a Democrat or Republican?

Super Thunder: What’s that?

Brave Tomato: It’s… Never mind

Super Thunder: Yeah, good point, I don’t pay attention in Science.

Brave Tomato: Um, it’s Geography and History.

Super Thunder: Same thing.

~Super Thunder

P.S. If you have an iPod or something, an Apple product, get the JunoWallet app, and use my invite code, ia110693. I really want a Starbucks gift card. Hot chocolate, here I come!

Brave Tomato: It’s summer soon.

Super Thunder: I know that! *turns away and writes on hand It’s Summer… No hot chocolate* Nothing to see here, bye!