New Halloween Costumes!

Alright guys, the Monster Carnival Island review is taking some time but rest assured it’ll be up by Halloween.

In the mean time, let’s talk about COSTUMES. Poptropica recently released a slew of Halloween costumes and accessories to the store, and they are GLORIOUS. And we’ll be reviewing each and every one of them! Starting with….

1. Bog Monster



This may be my favorite of all the new costumes. Just look at the guy! He’s absolutely precious. There’s actually already a “Swamp Monster” costume in the store but I like this one WAY better. (Sidenote: The fact that there’s both a Swamp Monster AND a Bog Monster costume is simply too wonderful.) For one thing, look at its eyes! They’re so creepy and unnatural-looking! Then of course, there’s the fact that it’s covered in mud and vegetation. I especially love the fact that the sludge on its face just seems to hang off its face like a beard. Adorbs.

2. Creepy Puppet


I’ve got no strings….

I have conflicted feelings about this one. On the one hand, I absolutely LOVE that design for the jaw. On the other hand, the jaw makes it look like a ventriloquist dummy, but the strings attached to its back imply it’s meant to invoke a marionette. Which one is it?

Not to mention, the puppet costume isn’t really CREEPY.  Its mouth is a bit unsettling but come on! Puppets tend to invoke the uncanny valley without even trying! Want my advice? Give the eyes smaller pupils and give it creepy blush stickers.


….to hold me down….

See? Easy fix! YOU’RE WELCOME

3. Skull Boy


Skulls make everything better.

So this one’s not really a Halloween costume. Just a shirt with a skull on it and a leather jacket. But it’s a pretty cool shirt. I would wear a shirt like that.

4. Halloween Accessories



OK, so these accessories are pretty cool. The first two are trick-or-treat bags. The first one’s a Jack-o-lantern basket full of candy and the second one is a bag with a face on it.

The third is a witch’s cauldron, with skulls emanating from it like steam. That one’s probably my favorite.

The fourth is a vial of green liquid. Perfect for a mad scientist who likes to test out chemicals!

And the last one is a…shovel. A corpse shovel of course. Which would perfectly fit a creepy hooded figure or zombie who had just risen from the grave.

5. Pumpkin Head


What are you smiling about?

OH. MY. GROP. You guys, do you have any idea what this is? THIS IS THE PUMPKIN HEAD COSTUME. I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS now! Ever since I first saw that pumkin-headed dude in the Haunted House mini-quest!



See? He was a mystery…the most enigmatic being in this entire quest, because unlike most of the monsters in the portraits, this pumpkin man did not show up at the Ghoul’s Gala! Meaning, there was absolutely nowhere you could get that exact costume! Until NOW!

The Pumpkin Head costume provides you with the exact same costume as seen in the portrait, with not one, not two, but THREE different pumpkin heads to choose from!

Or if you just want the pumpkin head and nothing else, you can always save yourself 275 credits by using the old pumpkin head cheat. Ctrl+Shift+P. It’ll only give you the first pumpkin head design though.

And that’s all freaks! I’ll be back next time (hopefully) with the Monster Carnival Island review!


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