Halloween Reviews: Ghost Story Island


Oh boy guys. Here it is. Quite possibly the scariest and most tragic Poptropica island ever. Ghost Story Island. Ghosts are fairly ancient creatures. As long as humans have been able to grasp the concept of death, they’ve wondered if there’s some way to exist beyond death. There isn’t by the way. We’re all doomed to be imprisoned in eternal nonexistence as our flesh-doll bodies decay. But anyway, SPOILERS! Now ON TO THE REVIEW!

The Plot


One large order of cheese fries and a medium Coke. 

Oh man. This island’s plot is FANTASTIC. It seemingly starts off as a cute little ghost hunt, but the more you progress, the more you realize something odd is going on. The town of Hemlock Harbour hides a secret history of love and heartbreak, one which is linked closely to the ghosts that inhabit its shores. That’s one of my favorite things about the plot. This island masterfully weaves the stories of 4 seemingly unrelated ghosts into one dark, tragic tale.


Two out of three of the people in this scrapbook are dead.

Forged letters and wedding rings, hoaxes and mysteries, jealousy and regret, this island takes all of them and more and creates a well-written, emotional story that makes it, in my opinion, one of the best island plots yet.

I was blown away when I discovered the truth. It’s hard to believe that one jealous man’s actions caused the spiral of death and despair that deprived the 5 souls of their rest. Kudos to the creators for managing to come up with a story as gripping and touching as this.

The Monsters(?)

Unfortunately, I’m not really sure if I can consider the ghosts “monsters”. They don’t lok or do anything particularly monstrous, and they’re very civil and sympathetic. I really think of them more as translucent, glowy people.

There are a few odd creatures here and there but they don’t exactly play a pivotal role in the island.

Scariness Rating



GOOD GROP. This island’s known amongst players as the scariest island for a REASON dang it! The environments in this island are absolutely TERRIFYING. Abandoned buildings and cemeteries are just the ding-dang beginning. There’s also a basement filled with torn dolls, a hedge maze full of horrors, mysterious figures and a jump scare that made 11-year old me turn the computer off and hide.


What are you staring at? Oh that’s right. My soul. 

Specifically, I want to mention the cemetery maze. MY GROP. There aren’t any jump scares or anything but that just makes it WORSE. You keep expecting something to scare you but nothing ever does. Not only that, the maze is littered with little creepy bits. A menacing crow, a rustling bush, the skeleton of a bird somehow entwined with the thorny brambles in the hedges, and of course, as pictured above, the horror-eyeball-reaper-demon-what-in-the-name-of-unholy-jazzomatic. For those of you who don’t know, if you stare at a reaper statue in the maze for too long, two eyes just light up in the darkness. THIS SCARED THE JAZZ OUT OF ME AS A KID.


Shake your groove thing! Shake your groove thing baby!

And let’s not forget the little motel scare we had. Even though it wasn’t real, that zoom-in on the shaking painting of a dead-eyed old woman was just…HORRIBLE.


OK, I saw this prison from the telescope, and there is NO WAY it has 26 floors. Is this like Doctor Who? Is there a “bigger on the inside” thing going on here?

The abandoned prison is another terrifying place. It’s absolutely HUGE. And the fact that you can look into individual prison cells is rather….uncomfortable. The whole area radiates a sense of hopelessness and you can practically see the prisoners crying out in their cells.

Yet another thing I want to point out is when your Poptropican is exploring Prisoner 24601’s cell, the warden’s ghost LOCKS YOU IN. That’s not what’s scary. What’s scary is what your Poptropican says. “I guess the warden wants someone locked in this cell, even if that someone is me!” Given that the warden has already met you and knows you aren’t the prisoner, this implies that either the warden is so desperate to be put to rest that he would try to lock an innocent person in, or that the warden has simply gone INSANE after years stuck in purgatory. Both scenarios are equally terrifying.


Do not attempt to distract me with candy! THERE IS EVIL AFOOT! 

Aside from all that, the atmosphere of this island is just really creepy. Something just constantly seem to be slightly…off. It soon becomes clear that there’s something going on that we don’t know about-a mystery lurking somewhere beneath the surface of the town. It’s an unsettling feeling








NEXT TIME: Once upon a midnight dreary….


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