Halloween Costume Tips and Tricks!

So, it’s Halloween and you want to dress your Poptropican up for the season. There’s no shortage of spooky costumes and followers and even chewing gum in the Poptropica Store, and when that doesn’t work, there’s always customization. But even then, sometimes…it’s just not enough, you know? So here are some cool tricks you can pull to make the most of Halloween in Poptropica!

Tip #1: The Brain

So by now, most of you should know about the Nabooti Island cellphone. It’s one of the oldest tricks in Poptropica, and it provides you a variety of costumes as long as you input the cheat numbers. Inputting the number 1225 will give you a santa hat and sack and inputting the number 911 will give you a police officer hat and belt. But it’s Halloween, so of course, I’m going to focus on the most MONSTROUS of these costumes.


Hi, I’d like a medium cheese pizza with a side of ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE!!!

Inputting the number 411 on the Nabooti cellphone will give you an enlarged brain in a clear glass container. It’s a pretty CLEVER trick.


Hey, Bram’s dead. I can stay here as long as I want.

It’s perfect if you want a modified Frankenstein costume. (I know some people would say that it’s “Frankenstein’s monster” but I think we can all agree that the real monster is SOCIETY) But there are lots of other ways you can use this. Are you more of a mad scientist kind of guy?


BOOM! There you go!

Let your creativity run wild!

Tip #2: Skull Pirate

So a few years back, Poptropica released the Skullduggery Island book. To celebrate, they released a promo code for a cool new costume. The Skull Pirate costume!


Arr! Walk the plank! Swab the poop deck! Davy Jones’ locker!

Yep, that’s a pretty awesome costume. And the promo code never¬†expired, so you can get it for free, right now, with the promo code SKULLBOOK. Just that skull-cutlass alone should be enough of a reason for you to redeem it! And just like any costume, you can mix-and-match your outfit as you please! I’m personally rather fond of the undead cowboy vigilante look.


Yee haw.

Tip #3: Pumpkinhead Cheat

This is actually one of Poptropica’s oldest cheats. It’s so old, I actually forgot about it for a long time. But it still works to this day, and thank goodness for that because otherwise, I wouldn’t have my pumkin goblin costume!



Pressing “Ctrl/Command+Shift+P” at any time while playing Poptropica will give you a peculiar little Jack-o-lantern head. Which is probably the single most Halloween thing you can possibly wear.

So that’s it! 3 tips for Poptropicans looking for Halloween costumes! Happy Halloween you guys!



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