Fall Fashion!

Good news guys! Poptropica just released their new line of autumn hipster wear! Greeeeaaat.



Sorry if I don’t seem enthusiastic guys, but normal clothing isn’t really my thing. I mean, Poptropica’s a world where you can wear a live baby SASQUATCH on your head and no one judges you for it! Why stick with regular old clothing?

Besides, I’m kind of in full Halloween mode right now so I’m not remotely interested in anything that isn’t Halloween-related. I’m only able to type this because my Halloween drive is currently sedated by like, ten gallons of Coke. But we’re still going to look at these outfits one by one because TO HECK WITH IT. *chugs entire can of Coke* LEZ DO DIS.


Hmmmm….the clothes are fine, but what is that on your back? Is that a boombox? Ouch. That’s almost painfully hipster.


Wow, this is like, ULTIMATE HIPSTER. A fedora AND hipster glasses? All they need is a scarf or a turtleneck and they’d be HIPSTER GODS.


NEVERMIND I FOUND THE SCARVES. Nice headphones. They look like severed animal ears but with less blood. Also, how do you get your hair to look like that? Is that gel? Or is there just an autumn breeze blowing next to your face constantly?


I liked the other guys’ headphones better. And your hair looks stupid.

Well, that’s all of them! In case you guys don’t know what “hipsters” are, it’s fine! Neither do I! I typed this out while under the influence of way too much Coke. It’s practically the Coke typing at this point. I’m gonna pass out now! GOOD NIGHT! *falls unconscious*


Discuss here, Poptropicans!

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