I’m Back

Hey guys! I’m baaaaaaaack!

Wow this is awkward already. Yeah, yeah, I know I haven’t been around lately. And by lately I mean A YEAR. And I’m sorry. Truth is, I haven’t been interested in Poptropica anymore. I just haven’t had the time to play it as much as I used to, and there really haven’t been many updates to blog about. Besides some cool stuff I’ve been planning for this Halloween, I really have NOTHING to blog about.

I’ve been thinking of writing more stories but I’m kind of dry on ideas too.

But you know what? What the heck. I’m gonna keep writing on this blog, even if no one reads this blog anymore. It’ll be like I’m puppeteering a rotting corpse.

So yeah, I’m back! Stay tuned for a Poptropica blog carcass marionette.


2 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Yay you’re back! This was one of the first blogs I read back in 2015 when I joined Pop, it’s awesome. Shame that none of the other authors post anymore and most of them quit the community altogether….

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