Happy Mega-Post Day!

So, I’m gonna divide this post up into three parts, because that’s just how Mega-Post Day works! Whoa. Serious deja vu here.

Part 1: Happy Genie Day! 

So yesterday, the last episode of Arabian Nights Island, Arabian Nights: Be Careful What You Wish For, was released to non-members! HUZZAH! I played it already, and I LOVE IT. First of all, the soundtrack’s on point, as always, and secondly, it’s got lots of cool mythology stuff! They even mentioned the roc! For those of you lesser-minded fools, a roc is a giant eagle in Arabian mythology. And when I say “giant eagle”, I don’t mean Lord Of The Rings giant, I mean so-freaking-massive-its-wings-literally-block-out-the-sun-and-it-feeds-elephants-to-its-chicks massive. Yeah, it feeds elephants to its babies. It’s that big.

But of course, no island release would be complete without a little something for members. So here’s the admittedly awesome Plundered Armor costume.

Part 2: Every Day Prize Day!

Other thing! For the whole of next week, starting Monday, you’ll get a free Daily Pop-In prize every day! Well, at least until Friday. Basically when you log in to Poptropica, you’ll receive a free promo code. Just enter it and you will receive a prize! It could be a costume, credits, or she stopped looking, I think I’m sleeping. 


Well, I don’t know who said that. I’m…I’ll just…yeah.

Part 3: Happy Costume Day!

This week, we’ve got a flurry of new costumes in the store, and unlike the ones I have in my closet, they DON’T have suspicious appendages emerging from their bleeding eye-sockets.

First off, the Capes n Cowls outfit!



So basically, it’s a superhero themed outfit. There are three outfits to choose from, and I’m gonna name them all! Ok, so the green one is Black Cat, the black one is Masked Marauder and the red one is Firelord!

Wait a second…what do you mean those are all already Marvel superheroes?

Ok, so the next costume is Hat Trick! Which…is a hat. I don’t know. I’m just gonna end this post. I’m tired.


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