The Poptropolis Chronicles!

I’m not sure if this is a problem for anyone else, but ever since I was a kid, my mind would not stop. No matter where I was or what I was doing, it has to continuously pump out new ideas and stories, the more disturbing the better. And recently, I decided to use this disturbing problem to create a story, woven together from a series of plot twists and monsters from the darkest corner of the cesspool I call a mind. And yes, I am aware that my last endeavor at posting a story didn’t turn out very well, but I’ve already written the first few stories, so now I have no choice but to continue, even if I do lose interest. Also, as part of a promise to my friend Imagi Cat, she will be in the story. 

So what’s the story about? Well, it takes place centuries before Poptropolis sank, all the way back when the island was divided into 8 territories, each inhabited by a single tribe. Now eight young heroes have to unite the tribes against a common enemy. EPICNESS ENSUES. 

So yeah, I’m not sure when it’ll be up, but most likely before June ends. UNTIL THEN!


Discuss here, Poptropicans!

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