Mystery of the Map Island!

I think it’s fairly clear that my apologies mean absolutely nothing anymore, partially because I’m a soulless demon slug, so I’ll just cut straight to the chase.

I’m going to die soon.

Whoops, sorry, that was for a later time. Here’s the actual chase. On 21st May 2015, an island is coming to Poptropica. And this island is….HAWAII!


Wh-what? No! That has nothing to do with the announcement! Mystery of the Map Island! It’s called Mystery of the Map Island!

Yup! Everyone’s favorite graphic novel is now an island! Are you guys excited? Because I am! Now if you excuse me, I need to attend an exorcism.


2 thoughts on “Mystery of the Map Island!

  1. Well I’m going to die too. I killed over thirty spiders in my room last night and when I went in there this morning there were more. I’m going to die in paralyzation of fear

    I am a peanut.

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