The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 43 Official Sneak Peek!

Well, I know what you’re thinking, “YOU’RE NOT BT!” Yes, it’s true I lack the long hair, the facial star and a soul, but your beloved Brave Tomato has authorized me to release a sneak peek of Episode 43 of The Adventures of Curious Bee! Which is coming soon by the way. HERE IT IS!

*Curious Bee and Krimson face off in the middle of a desert*
CB: End of the line Krimson. You’ve tormented me for years, killed Bendy Tornado’s father, and cursed Quiet Snake so that she can only speak Spanish. It all ends now.
Krimson: How quaint. *draws sword and lunges at CB*
CB: *draws sword and blocks* I’m not giving up Krimson! I’ve had enough of you!
*Krimson slashes sword at CB and cuts her hand off*
CB: Ha! Joke’s on you! That was a fake hand you just cut off! *stabs Krimson*
Krimson: Ha! You fool! That was a fake kidney you just punctured! *slashes at CB*
CB: *falls down in an effort to dodge*
Krimson: *raises sword over her head and grins* It ends now…
CB: *frightened* What are you going to do? Cut off my head?
Krimson: No…I’m going to give you MULTIPLE SPLIT ENDS!!!
Brad Pitt: STOP!
Krimson: *confused* Award-winning actor and producer Brad Pitt?
CB: What are you doing here?
Brad Pitt: I was sent here to tell you two to stop fighting! Why can’t you guys just get along?
CB: He’s right! I’m sorry for trying to kill you.
Krimson: I’m sorry too! I can’t even remember what we were fighting about! GROUP HUG!
*the entire CB team and Krimson have a group hug*
Brad Pitt: See? That wasn’t so- *is vaporized by a laser beam*
Blue Skull: *shocked* No! It can’t be!
*giant politician appears, breathing fire and shooting laser beams from its eyes*
Nice Sword: *dodges laser beam* IT’S POLITICIANZILLA!!! Be careful! Its lasers are made of statistics, and its fire is made of LIES!!!
CB: *puts on sunglasses to the sound of an electric guitar* Time to rock and roll.
BT: No! We can’t fight that thing! It’s too powerful! I’ve examined it closely! It’s power levels are OVER 9000!!!
CB: Put a sock in it, Goku! We started this battle back on Krypton and now we have to finish it! ROCKET FEET ACTIVATE!!! *the entire CB team and Krimson activate rocket feet*
QS: Vamonos!
Krimson: You heard the lady! ONWARD!
*CB team flies at Politicianzilla for a fight to the death*
David Tennant as Curious Bee
David Tennant as Krimson
David Tennant as Bendy Tornado
David Tennant as Blue Skull
David Tennant as Nice Sword
David Tennant as Quiet Snake
David Tennant as Brad Pitt

Like I said, I have no soul. Sorry BT! 😛


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