Hey! I’m back with another post today, on this day, this Saturday, the day of which is now occurring in present time. Why? Because the Creators have just released a MASSIVE update for Poptropica Realms, and it is AMAZING. Tonnes of new stuff! Let’s start with the costumes!


Here we have the Master Creator costume! A costume you will automatically obtain upon reaching level 15. To reach level 15, you’ll have to build. A LOT. I had to build an entire lair for a swamp troll AND a desert oasis in order to get that far! It’s worth it though-you can use it to unlock SUPER JUMP! Which is a new ability that lets you jump really high. Ok, tell me I’m not the only one who wants a movie about this super-jumping viking. Fighting a troll. With fruits. And a soundtrack provided entirely by electronic bagpipes. Really? I’m all alone here?


The second is the Realms Builder costume. You can get this one by entering the promo code GOREALMS in the Poptropica Store. Basically it makes you look like a construction worker and a miner had a baby, who is torn apart by his/her parents’ bickering over his/her future, only to run away from home, leaving behind a note saying “I’m sorry, but I have to find out who I really am.”, after which he/she decided to continue both his/her parents’ legacy by becoming the world’s first construct-o-miner.


“How’s the weather?” Is something people say when they’re being forced to make small talk with people they either don’t know or really despise. In Poptropica, that really doesn’t work.

Me: How’s the weather?

Shark Boy: It’s sunny. Like it always has been on this TROPICAL island.

Me: How’s the weather?

Katya: Rainy. It’s always rainy. You know that. 

Me: How’s the weather?

Me: Get a social life dude.

But now, Poptropica Realms has WEATHER! Basically every once in a while, the weather will change. Rain, snow, sandstorms and even ACID RAIN AND METEOR SHOWERS!!!


Now we have the abilities. Firstly, there’s the Super Jump, which lets you jump really high. You unlock it by getting to level 15 and unlocking the Master Creator costume. This is actually surprisingly useful for getting out of tight spots. BOING!


And here we have the Hammerang. This ability lets you throw the Svadilfari forward and destroy anything in its way, after which it returns to you like a boomerang. Except it’s a hammer. And it’s aimed at your face.


The Ground Pound let’s you smash the Svadilfari against whatever you’re currently standing on and causes a large portion of it to crumble to nothing. In a way, it’s kind of like a metaphor for my soul.

Wow! This was a huge update. Well, I hope you guys have fun with the new Poptropica Realms!


Aw man. Oh well. Peace out Pop-wait, wait, WAIT! I have one more thing to say: WATCH OUT FOR TWILIGHT PIXIES! Ok. NOW we can end this blog post. Peace out Poptropicans!


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I found a solution to keep away from twilight pixies!All you have to do is hid all the way down where the fire and water are. To get rid of the fire and water. Just press create and pick the water or fire and erase! At night, no twilight pixies will come because you are too far from them if you did what I told you. Usually if you build big stuff, it will attract them at night and thinking that you are nearby it so they explore it around. Once they decide to move on to the next page, they will leave. Also don’t put a hide-hole near the surface because they will appear and they will find your hide-hole. Or you can shoot them with the hammer lighting to scare them away. But don’t do that too many times, because they will find you really fast and go through walls. And that’s how you get away from twilight pixies in realms poptorpica! I know all of this because I spy on them and doing experiments even I get my gems stolen. Next Experiment: Can Twilight Pixies fly through water? You know because they have wings. Bye! -Helen 🙂 Friend me on poptropica!
    Account 1: shineeworlds
    Account 2: ftislandcnblue
    Account 3: helen3456789

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