I hate to say this, but I’m leaving the blog 😥 This hurts me a lot, and probably a lot more than any of you can imagine. Super Thunder’s Blog was the first Poptropica Blog I ever visited, and is the site that made me start Poptropica Blogging. And I can’t believe I’m leaving.

In all honesty, I’ve become rather busy, and I’m barely keeping up with my own blog (Or more like, not at all). I hope I can become more active in the Poptropica Blogging Community, and possibly rejoin in the future. It was amazing and fun working here, but I think my time has come. I think someone else can use this spot more than I can. Good luck to Brave Tomato and Beastking77. I hope to work with you both again in the future.

Goodbye 😥

~~Nameless Undefined

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