The Little Things: Legendary Swords

I can’t stress how much I love this. I mean it’s just filled to the brim with swords and robots and space and destruction. (Which coincidentally, were all the ingredients used to create my brain.) I’ve replayed this at least 30 times and I’M STILL WAITING FOR THE LEGENDARY SWORDS BATTLE ARENA!!! AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! As per usual, spoilers will be present, so if you don’t want any spoilers, kindly avert your eyes and ask a trusted family member or friend to close the contaminated tab.


1. The Logo: Yes, the first thing I want to bring your attention to is the logo I just posted right above this. That’s not cheating. Yes, the logo looks flat out awesome, but if you look closely at the tip of the sword, you can actually faintly see the reflection of one of E.Vile’s Bully Bots. Did you notice that before?

2. The Scenery: Legendary Swords wouldn’t be the awesome sword-swinging, robot-slaying, mass-slaughtering ANDROID SLASH-FEST OF AWESOME it is without the holy powers of whatever epic background artists designed the alien scenery.


From the beautiful crystalline caves, to the luminescent Twisted Thicket-style spider forest, to the pleasant grasslands, the scenery in Legendary Swords is a work of art in its own right. I actually want to live on that planet. Forever. I want to live there for all eternity and outlive the human race.

3. Charlotte’s Forest: Spiders aren’t all bad. Sure, nearly all the spiders in Poptropica want to sink their fangs into your soft, warm flesh, inject their paralyzing venom into your veins, and then melt you from the inside-out with their gastric acid before slurping up your liquid internal like some kind of chunky soup but they’re not all bad! The spider forest in Legendary Swords may be full of bloodthirsty robot spiders, but it’s also filled with deliberate references to one of our fondest childhood spider films. That’s right! Arachnophobia! Just kidding, it’s Charlotte’s Web.


See those words in the spider webs? They’re the exact same words Charlotte wrote in her web in the movie. Except, you know. Bigger.

4. Kettlehead: The final boss robot’s head is a kettle. Yep.


See it? There’s a handle, a lid and even a spout that spits steam! Or…..smoke. Yeah.

Well, that was it! What did you expect? Oh and, before I end this post, I’d like to welcome our new author SerenityKitty to the blog! WELCOME TO THE BLOG!!! 😀 😀 😀 I hope you enjoy your stay, and please don’t touch the bread. That’s how we lost Jennifer.


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