Top 10 Scariest Moments in Poptropica!

Hey! Halloween is here! Yay! It’s my favorite time of the year! Full of monsters, monsters AND MORE MONSTERS!!! So, in the spirit of the season, I thought I might count down the top 10 scariest moments in Poptropica. Note that this is just my opinion, so if you disagree, it’s fine. But if you decide to leave hate comments, then you can just take that keyboard, rip it in half, and shove it up your-

#10 The Beginning of Steamworks Island (Steamworks Island)

By far the most terrifying thing that could possibly happen to someone is being alone. Imagine being alone somewhere, with no one anywhere on the island. Just you alone in a strange, foreign land of abandoned machines and buildings with words scribbled all over the place about the apocalypse. No one to turn to, no one to even explain the emptiness. That’s what happens at the beginning of Steamworks Island. You arrive on an island devoid of human life. You just can’t help but ask yourself “Am I the only one here?”. (Which of course, you aren’t.)

#9 The Binary Bard’s Dream (Super Villain Island)
All the dreams on Super Villain Island are pretty terrifying in some way. Black Widow’s instability, Captain Crawfish’s ghost pirates, (which by the way, were never explained) Dr. Hare’s giANTs etc. But of course, there’s the Binary Bard’s dream.


Yes, we went into the mind of a murderous, kidnapping, psychopathic megalomaniac. The dream was really well designed, from pictures and objects from Astro-Knights to the beautiful background of islands floating in a colorful void of empty space. The dream also showed our favorite villain’s slow descent into madness. The ripped painting, the intricate machinery, the overall state of the lab showed how Mordred’s sanity slowly crumbled away and made him the Binary Bard we all love to hate. For some, this can be pretty scary. After all, you’re exploring the mind of an unstable psychopath. Also, what was with his inexplicable desire to control time?!? What was that about?

#8 Big Blue (Zomberry Island)
Big Blue is a pretty funny character appearance-wise. An overweight blueberry man running around in the dark struggling not to fall over just seems kinda hilarious. There are just two things that keep him from becoming a gag character-his sudden appearance and the look on his freaking face.


I’m pretty sure none of you were expecting this guy to pop up when you entered the crate. The moment you enter it, however, you suddenly see a mass of blue, jiggling flesh charging towards you with that blank zomberry face. However, it’s more of startling than legitimately scary. BUT, how exactly do you think that guy got turned into a zomberry? It’s never stated but what most likely happened was someone fell into the crate and was sealed inside of it. Thankfully, the crate was full of blueberries which he could eat in case he got hungry. And so he ate. And ate. And ate. Until he grew into an obese zomberry. Plus, what happened to him? Last we saw him he ran out of the crate. Was he cured? Or is he still out there? The Creators better start working on Zomberry Island 2.

#7 The Nøkken (Twisted Thicket Island)
Of all the monsters in Poptropica, this has got to be my favorite. Partly because it’s adorable, and partly because it’s a vicious slaughterer of mankind.


If you’ve ever played Twisted Thicket Island, you’ll know how terrifying it can be. It turns invisible and all you can see of it is a few glowing red paw prints. If you touch it while it’s invisible, it suddenly becomes visible and pounces on you. For first-time players of this island, the Nøkken’s sudden appearance is extremely startling. But come on. It’s pretty adorable for a Scandinavian shapeshifting water demon. It’s like a big puppy dog.

#6 Where Is Number 4? (Lunar Colony Island)
If you thought Steamworks Island was creepy, wait till you see this one! Instead of being alone on an island, you’re being left alone on a PLANET. Or at least a moon. Similar to Steamworks Island, there’s something…off about where you are, even if quite place your finger on it. The emptiness in itself is just unnerving. And if that doesn’t scare you, wait till you see this!


Creepy huh? Somehow, seeing Salerno’s insane scribbling is just plain disturbing. And let’s be clear-Salerno’s been living in that base, all alone, with barely any human interaction, save for a few emails, FOR YEARS. No wonder she went crazy-she had been isolated from mankind for years and left alone on the moon. She wouldn’t have been able to escape even if she wanted to. Trapped. Alone. No one around you for miles. Plus, you have no idea what’s hiding out there. How long would it take before your paranoia starts taking over? Before you start slipping into madness?

#5 The Leviathan Escapes (Mission Atlantis Island)
Mission Atlantis Island is a pretty creepy island in itself. Something about poking around in the dark, empty depths of the ocean all by yourself just makes the hairs on your neck stand up. Of course, the Creators just HAD to throw in a terrifying underwater city with a laboratory of vicious mutant beasts held captive in giant test tubes. And of course, they just HAD to let the biggest monster escape and terrorize the area.


But by far what was most scary wasn’t the jump scare, it was the buildup. You explore a lab to find various creatures locked up in suspended animation, taking note of the biggest, freakiest-looking one. When you return to this lab later, you find the container empty, with a massive hole. Big “Uh-oh”. It gets worse. When you explore the hole, you can briefly see the leviathan glaring at you through tears in the metal wall. It’s watching you. It’s waiting. And at some point, it’s going to burst out of the wall and EAT you. How’s that for paranoia?

#4 Puppet Man (Monster Carnival Island)
Or is it Man Puppet? Monster Carnival Island is full of creepy stuff. Ringmaster Raven’s twisted backstory, backward-moving merry-go-rounds with demon horses, that green thing in the ducky pool, that sort of thing. But the prize definitely goes to the Puppet Man in the Haunted Lab, mainly because he looks like nightmares and ventriloquism had a baby.


When you walk into the Haunted Lab to get the black lightbulbs, this guy will randomly burst through doors in the darkness. Thankfully, it’s terrified of light, so shining the flashlight at it will ward it off. Not so thankfully, it looks even more scary when it’s freaking out, flailing its arms, screaming and trying to shield itself from the light, ALL WHILE SMILING LIKE A DISEASED SOCIOPATH.

#3 New Jersey (Cryptids Island)
There are three parts of this. First, there’s the creepy trip through the dark woods on a motorbike. Then there’s the creepy cottage you walk into, full of terrifying paintings of Mother Leeds. You hear a sound and you check the attic to discover…it’s just a raccoon. Wow, that was suspenseful! Then you head downstairs and get a nasty surprise.


A zombie goat. You get a zombie goat. OH MY GOD. This scene earned third place on my list not just because of the jump scare, but also because of the buildup. The tingling at the back of your spine you get from wandering the empty house. That, and the truly horrifying appearance of the Jersey Devil made for one if the scariest and most infamous moments in Poptropica.

#2 Fiona’s House (Ghost Story Island)



How about the creepy smiling rag dolls in the basement? Or Fiona’s silhouette beckoning you? Or maybe the jump scare you get in one of the only instances of sound in Poptropica at the moment? One moment, you’re staring out the telescope, the next, there’s an old lady behind you. Staring into your soul with her hollow eyes. Ghost Story Island is easily the scariest island, and it would be nowhere near it if it weren’t for Fiona and her creepy house.
Also, an honorable mention for whatever the heck this thing is!


#1 Survival Island Episode 4: Cabin Fever and Episode 5: Escape! (Survival Island)

This has got to be the freakiest island in all of Poptropica. Myron Van Buren is the creepiest villain Poptropica has ever come up with. After “rescuing” you, he drugs you, locks you up, and then reveals his intent to release you into the woods, hunt you down, and downright MURDER you. And he claims he does all this “for the thrill of the hunt”. You even meet a man who claims he’s been on the run from Van Buren for OVER A YEAR. How many people has he caught in his trap? And how many people actually make it out alive or, you know, sane? And to top it all off, THIS COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN. Unlike most of the entries on this list, which typically contain a supernatural element, this is very realistic. There are plenty of psychotic people out there in the world, who kidnap and kill people with no reason whatsoever. There are some people out there who simply delight in acts of evil. And those people could be anywhere around you right now. Sweet dreams!

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Scariest Moments in Poptropica!

  1. What an awesome post, Beast King! Those were terrifically accurate and did made me jump out of my seat when I was playing Poptropica. Happy Halloween!

  2. Yeah,these are spooky!

    Steamworks is a nice dystopian sci FI island,and you do have Sprocket to talk to,but yes,this makes it a hard Poptropica island.

    Poor,poor Mordred.Yah,it is freaky.

    Big Blue and the Nøkken are only startling,and the Number four thing is similar to Mordred.

    I haven’t played Lair of the Leviathan or Escape yet,but wow,they look freaky.

    I didn’t really pay attention to the monsterified Tunnel of Love guy in the lab when I first played this island.The second time….god.

    Jersey Devil…I had nightmares about that thing.

    I have to disagree with you on Ghost Story island.Sure,the ‘Looking for something’ thing got me,and the rag dolls are disturbing,but other than that it wasn’t even spooky.Fiona was a very kind ghost,telling you what to do,and moreover,Ghost Story Island is more of a sad romance story island.I get shivers in the end.I love the violin as well.

  3. No.10-not scary,just very hard,long and a bit boring
    No.9-yep,its scary
    No.8-it is just meant to startle you
    No.7-same as No.8
    No.6-i don’t even understand that
    No.5-good grief that is like the second most scariest thing in poptropica
    No.4-this is obviously themost scariest thing ever not only in poptropica but in my entire life,even if its in a virtual game…IT IS FREAKIN’ SCARY!
    No.3&2-i do not get it why people are so scared,for 3,it is just another startler like no.5,7 and 8 and 2 well when see a place with dolls decomposed dolls i meant its 85% sure you know something scary would happen but it startles you
    no.1-i would have put this at 1 only because the dead animal HEADS hanging from the wall.

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