Well, my exams are over, and in three days, I watched Dracula: Untold, (which by the way, holds a rating of 23% “Fresh” on Rotten went to the Singapore Zoo River Safari, (I wanted to see an anteater. They cheated me of an anteater) and produced an unhealthy amount of blood and pus from my right knee (I’m doing that as we speak-erm…type). BACK ON TOPIC! The Poptropica: Land contest is in full swing! (And so is my punny title. I missed you punny title.) The Dream Home contest is coming to a close tomorrow. Or today. I can’t tell. Get off my back. You’re speaking to an ostrich. TOPIC! Next up is the-DRUM ROLL PLEASE! *drum rolls by and knocks over a glass vase which shatters, waking up a sparrow who flies up and triggers a domino chain that ends up triggering a mousetrap that falls off the table, pushing a bowling ball onto a spring which bounces it out of a window, causing it to crash into someone’s car* THANK YOU RUBE GOLDBERG!!! (Hey! My crazy’s back in full swing too!) The next theme is Village, so everyone, start building random villages! WE WANT TO SEE YOUR VILLAGES SO WE CAN RAID THEM!!! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just gonna start preparing for the last theme: Haunted. So far I’ve made a multi-roomed, multi-storey creepy mansion with thorns, cobwebs AND RABID BLOODTHIRSTY MONSTERS!!! I LOVE POPTROPICA: LAND!!! *sighs* Oh I’m back baby!


Discuss here, Poptropicans!

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