Miss Marietta In Da House / Tubing Tuesday #1 Results

Yeah it’s still Nameless ;p Anyways, wanted to apologize for not updating the SYTYKP for a few days, I haven’t gone on the computer. So there’s that, and as for Miss Marietta, well I won a contest where I live (And got $100) so yeah 😀 I have blown most of it on Beefaroni, Orange Soda, and Rice Crispy treats but whatever.

Now for the results of STB’s first ever TUBING TUESDAY 😀


  • Sick Of It (Skillet) Created by Magic Fire
  • Firework (Katy Perry) Created by: Jessroxlinda
  • Shake It Off (Taylor Swift) Created by Ashlee Pie
  • Calling All The Monsters (China Anne McClain) Created by Beastking77

So the winner of our first #TubingTuesday iiiiiiiissssss?


Congrats MF ;D So I don’t have like a prize or anything right now, but if you’ll give me permission in the comments to put your video on a page for #TubingTuesday Winners?

Also, this is going to be an every-other-week sort of thing. Meaning one week I announce the Contestants, and you guys get to vote. The next week, there is no voting, and you guys send me videos to enter 😉 If this is confusing, sorry, but I’ll figure it out eventually. So if there’s a Poptropica YouTube video you like, or you’ve made, then go ahead and send me an email with a link at NamelessUndefined(at)icloud.com

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