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Hey guys, I’m almost done with Episode 3 (My mum and one of my sisters just left, so I have time to sit here for a few) of Pop & Seek (and my Exclamation point key is broken). So I just had an idea. Another contest<<

Yeah, I’m missing that exclamation point now.

So, it’s a Contest for Pop & Seek 😀 What’s the prize? You get to write a FULL EPISODE of Pop & Seek, which will be an ACTUAL episode of the series 😀 😀 😀

So to all of you Seekers who love to write, comment below and you might get to 😀


  • You have to use good grammar.
  • You will probably need an email. If you don’t have one but still want to enter, then you will NEED to be able to use Xat so I can get you a password for a page.
  • You have to use Characters already cast.
  • It has to be appropriate<
  • You get the gist
  • No changing the storyline, like you can’t kill people off.
  • Be nice, even if you don’t win, I might do this again later.
  • You can enter once PER DAY, until the contest closes.

So I’ll most likely be choosing who gets to write it according to:

  • Who comments their entries the most
  • Who comments with the most grammar
  • Who I see around the PopBlogging world (this way I know how they write)

So try to make sure you’re good with those. I think that’s it 😉 comment to enter now

NOTES: This contest will close on October 31st. No guarantee when the Fan Written episode will be released. No guarantees that you’ll win. No purchase necessary. Good luck writers 😉


13 thoughts on “Write & Seek

      • That’s the thing, I never get to write things at a certain time so I’m most likely going to type up the next few episodes and whoever wins the contest will get to preread them so they can carry their episode out from there. You see?

        ~~ I am Batgirl.

  1. I’d really love to enter. But, I don’t really have much time. ._. And I have my own stories to write. .-. And I don’t PopBlog much. (Actually, I don’t at all)

    //Been long since I’ve been here. A lot has changed. *^_^**

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