Turn Up The Releases!

Snap, Crackle, and Poptropica (I’m testing it, give me a while).


So, my first ever, personally found dialog link, led me to the UNRELEASED EPISODE OF SURVIVAL ISLAND! Sorry, just super excited 🙂 I’ll be making a BTS post of “Escape!” right after 😉 On with the post.




Survival Island Episode 5: Escape, will be released on Thursday. Early Access for Members of course, but Poptropica did give us Non-Members a bone, because PoptropiCon Episode 1: Line Forms Here, will be released the same day! 😀


Also, for the Turn Up part of the title, turn up your Computer Volume, because you can now listen to Poptropica anywhere!

Ever since we introduced music to Poptropica, our fans have been asking for ways to listen to it outside of the game. Now, you can. Introducing Poptropica Music, available now for your MP3 player of choice!

So you can buy Poptropica Music Volume 1 from Amazon for US $8.99 iTunes for US $9.99. Each individual song is 99 cents, or all twelve tracks for the prices above. Sounds pretty cool. I’ll have links for the original uploads on the BTS: Links page soon.

Who knows, Kindle users, maybe some of them will be available for Prime Members soon? We’ll keep an eye out 😉 What’s next, Poptropica themed Mini-Movies? Cause that would be COOL.

I think that’s all, I’ll be working on a PoptropiCon guide as soon as I can, because I should be home for the release 😉 Adios amigos!


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