Walk Walk Fashion Baby

That’s kind of catchy… Oh well, just wanted to let you know about the newly refurbished Costume Page!

So, now the page is separated on the Menu Page (The actual titled Costumes page), so you can find links to different types of outfits! Cool huh? So right now, there are Guys and Gals, but hopefully more will come with more commenters 🙂 So, I’ll probably have Book / Movie categories later, but I need more costumes for that ;p

If you check out the page, it’ll say there’s another Category Page under construction. If you participated in my last Costume Contest, then you should be happy, because that’s what the page is! I’m featuring the winners of the Costume Contest on that page 🙂 Also, if you won but didn’t leave instructions for how to actually make the costume, then super please comment with how to make it. If you want to remember exactly who won, go HERE.

And you know, I think there’s one more thing.

Yeah I should stop, sorry SP for copying you ;p So I’ll be making a separate post for that, but it SHOULD be interesting, since it’s going to be sticky 😉 Hope you like the fashion Poptropicans 😉



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