Hey guys, so I’m starting a little Petition on Poptropica. Now, a few other petitions I’ve had have unknowingly been beaten 😛 But this one is serious. I know not everyone has an Apple Device, and I know Poptropica said they might bring their work to the Amazon Appstore for us KindleFire users. Well, I felt like doing this, so I’m petitioning to bring Poptropica Apps to the Amazon Appstore. Sign below, or feel free to ask questions since I haven’t put much detail into this post!

  1. Nameless UnDEFiNed
  2. Lucky Snowball
  3. Shoeless Kid
  4. PoptropicanWhoForgotTheirName (BLAINE JUST MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT!)
  5. Slippery Raptor
  6. Fearless Rock
  7. Snowy Icicle

PS: This is my 75th post here!


7 thoughts on “#PoptropicaPetition

  1. I’d like to sign this petition. I feel bad for those who can’t experience Poptropica on KindleFire. I never use one but it’s not awesome. 😦

Discuss here, Poptropicans!

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