Jumpy Camel!

Hey guys! I know I said I was going to
Be inactive soon, but that hasn’t happened yet so I’m gonna talk about a story I’ve been working on. My school’s been making me read the play Julius Caesar which was written by the greatest revolutionary in history, Maximilien Robespierre! Oh wait…no, turns out he was a playwright, not a revolutionary. Also, his name’s not Maximilien Robespierre. It’s William Shakespeare. MOVING ON! I’m working on an Astro-Knights version of this play called Jumpy Camel because it sounds ridiculous AND I’m going to include some comedy in it because that’s what I do. I make people laugh and then I stab them in the thigh. So here’s a short list of the characters in Jumpy Camel and their original counterparts.

Jumpy Camel– Counterpart to Julius Caesar. He is the great king of Arturus who is [spoilers] during the play.
Massive Boot– Counterpart to Marcus Brutus. He is the most honorable guard and knight in Arturus who wishes for his kingdom to prosper.
Great Carrot– Counterpart to Gaius Cassius. A power-hungry knight who wishes to [spoilers]
Mad Ant– Counterpart to Mark Antony. (Yes, the same Mark Antony in Antony and Cleopatra) He is Jumpy Camel’s advisor and closest and most loyal friend. After Jumpy Camel [spoilers], Mad Ant [spoilers], plunging Arturus into [spoilers].
Old Camel– Counterpart to Octavius Caesar. He is Jumpy Camel’s heir to the throne and, ironically, is only 18 years old. After [spoilers] he teams up with [spoilers].

I have no idea how to end this post! Why is everything underlined?

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