The Little Things: Steamworks Island

YES! THIS AGAIN! Warning: There will not be spoilers. I’m lying of course. There will be tons of spoilers.



1. Alien Reference: You know the yellow mouth-faced plant monster with the snappy mouth-tongue? Well that tongue is based off of another certain fictional snappy mouth-tongued monster. And by that of course I mean the Xenomorph from the Alien movie franchise.


If you haven’t seen any of the Alien movies, don’t. It’s really inappropriate and you shouldn’t watch it unless you’re above 13. I mean, I watched a clip of it on Youtube and-wait, is that………better make that 16.

2. Hazmat Was Here: On the blackboard in the Greenhouse, there’s a little message.


This is actually a little Easter egg planted by Poptropica Creator Hazmat Hermit. Wait, if he planted an Easter egg, doesn’t that make him the Easter Bunny? Dr. Hare, watch your tail.

3. Captain Zigg’s Story: You’ve heard about Captain Ziggs, the guy with the mustache and the creepy bionic eye, but do you know his story?



Well, if you analysed the island, you’ll find out all about Captain Ziggs. He was most likely a general of some sort judging by his uniform and title. He was presumably second-in-command to Mayor Crumbs. The plant monsters were created in the Greenhouse which is located on a tiny little island-type thing off the coast. To prevent them from escaping onto the mainland, Captain Ziggs raised the bridge connecting the mainland to the tiny island. The plant monsters got across anyway and cornered Captain Ziggs in his room. He escaped into a secret bunker but the plant monsters got in. He fought back with the Weed Whacker (which you later find) until eventually, this happened.



R.I.P Captain Ziggs.

4.  200 Years: Human brains are hardwired to skip over details and get to the important parts. So when we hear that the Steamworks Island inhabitants have been frozen for 200 years, our brains just process it as “a LONG LONG time”. But there’s actually a reason behind that specific number.


Steamworks Island has a lot of over-complicated machinery, all of which is supposedly steam-powered. Steam-powered technology became most common during the Industrial Revolution, which took place somewhere between the late 1700s to the early 1800s. ABOUT 200 YEARS AGO. In other words, if we go by real-life time, all that steam technology was created 200 years ago, during the Industrial Revolution and the plant monsters escaped shortly after, prompting the inhabitants of this island to freeze themselves for 200 years until they were thawed out in the present by you. Mind blown yet?


Well, that was my needlessly in-depth analysis/blog post. Stay happy and keep on not-dying! Dying is bad for you.

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