The Little Things: Monster Carnival Island

Ok, I was just sitting at my desk thinking, “If I can peel an orange, can an orange peel me?” And as I immersed myself in the deep, complex, philosophical question, I realized that, when designing islands, the Creators have to design everything. Like, literally EVERYTHING. The characters’ names, every word of a character’s speech, every item, every little reference to popular culture. And we don’t even notice most of that stuff, most of it just flies over our head like a bird. So I thought I’d make this post acknowledging all those little stuff, just…because. So I’m gonna start with my favorite island so far, MONSTER CARNIVAL ISLAND. Just a warning, there will be spoilers.



1. The Brain Monster: You know the cutscene where all the carnies transform into monsters? You probably noticed that the weight-guesser transformed into a GIANT BRAIN.
What some people don’t know, is that if you’re ever stuck during the course of the island AFTER that cutscene, you can go to the brain monster at the weight-guessing booth and he will give you a clue in the form of a riddle! Sort of like the Oracle of Delphi in Time Tangled Island.

2. Ringmaster Raven VS Dr. Hare: We all know Dr. Hare. Poptropica’s first official and most iconic villain, and he pulled it off while dressed as the Easter Bunny! And anyone who’s played Monster Carnival Island knows Ringmaster Raven, the sinister ringmaster of the travelling carnival who transforms the carnies and the townsfolk into monsters and hypnotizes them.
But have you ever realized the similarities? Both are animal-themed villains and both tried to hypnotize people. (Ringmaster Raven with his sodium thipental and Dr. Hare with his goofy rabbit-hats) It’s not just that, the islands themselves have numerous similarities. Both involve you rescuing the townsfolk of the island, both have a background that changes at one point during the island and both involve crawling through air ducts. Considering 24 Carrot Island replaced Monster Carnival Island when it was originally supposed to be released in 2008, maybe Dr. Hare was based off of Ringmaster Raven!

3. The Carnival’s Transformation: Ok, we know the carnies undergo a horrifying-and to a certain extent, comical-transformation after nightfall. But did you actually pay attention to how the carnival ITSELF changes? Aside from the iconic evil clown face on the Ferris wheel scene, lots of really weird stuff happens. The merry-go-round starts going backwards and the horses become really wild and demonic-looking. The music also becomes kind of freaky. The giant rubber duck on the duck booth gets blinking red eyes and the water in the pool starts bubbling. If you click the trash can beside it, a scrawny purple cat appears and growls. The fried dough booth also changes slightly. The two digital frowny faces become frightened faces and the happy clown heads turn into evil clown heads.

4. The Raven: Finally, the carnie apprentice’s name is Edgar. Edgar, as in Edgar Allan Poe? The poet who wrote the poem The Raven, as in Ringmaster Raven?
In case you’re curious, The Raven is about a man whose lover, Lenore, had recently died. A raven visits him and he finds out that the Raven can speak only one word: Nevermore. The man questions the raven, believing it to be a sign from God but it constantly answers “Nevermore” to all of his questions, frustrating the man and driving him close to insanity. HAPPY THOUGHTS!

And that pretty much brings us to the end! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you didn’t, well, go read something you DO like. Also tell me if you want me to keep making these weird little things because I really want it to be like a series. And WHAT IS THAT THING IN MY TEETH?!?

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