Mainly Liking The Postponing

Hey guys, so the title probably doesn’t make sense, since well… I don’t LIKE the postponing, but I’ll get to the good part first.

I’ve reached 101 Likes on this blog!

Cool huh? I haven’t even made 70 posts (Well, this is either the 69th or 70th, but whatever :P)  75 posts yet! Thanks people with WordPress accounts who hit that little Like button on my posts, it really does mean a lot to me 😀

Now to the sad part. Well sad for me, and those of you needing help with PoptropiCon Island… I was working on the guide, but my friend needed her account back, so I can’t finish it. I asked a few friends, but none of them can let me log into their account, so it’s on hold. Please don’t comment telling me to just get Membership, it’s only 4 dollars, blah blah blah, I can’t get any right now. I can’t, so please don’t comment telling me to just get it.

I’ll try to finish the guide as soon as I can, I just wanted to let you know.

Also, I’ll be posting the item cards to Survival Island Episode 5 next 😉


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