The Little Things: Counterfeit Island

Hello freaks and weirdos of Earth! And you too….ROBERT! So as per usual, there will be spoilers, a special thanks to Imagi Cat for suggesting this, and… that guy having a seizure? No wait, I’m just hallucinating again. I’m also just going to assume that chair isn’t really talking to me.
1. Veuve-Noire: Before everyone knew her as the infamous Black Widow, (AKA the White Widow, AKA the Sand Spider AKA the Twilight Tarantula, AKA the Creepy Crawly Canvas Criminal, AKA the Evil Eight-Legger, AKA the Art Appropriating Arachnid AKA the Thief With a Thousand Names), most knew her as Inspector Javert. Oh wait, I meant Inspector Veuve-Noire.

VeuvenoireWell, turns out Veuve-Noire is French for BLACK WIDOW. DUN DUN DUN!FORESHADOWING!!!


2. Balloon Boy: THIS GUY!!! We know him, we love him. It’s BALLOON BOY!

BalloonboyA little boy carried away by a helium balloon. Sound familiar? Ha ha, probably not. It’s based off of a real incident in Fort Collins, Colorado where a little boy was carried away by a helium balloon. Said balloon boy is named Falcon Heene. A human named Falcon? That’s like naming a dog, Armadillo! Oh, you humans and your strange ways! (Oh and if anyone’s wondering, “mon fils veut un ballon vert” is French for “my son wants a green balloon”)


3. Robins: BIRDS! BIRDS ALL AROUND!!! That was my first reaction to Counterfeit Island. The birds you constantly see flying around may not seem like much, and they aren’t, but these birds are actually robins-European robins to be specific.






See the resemblance? No? Then you must die. The executor will be at your door first thing tomorrow morning.


4. Catacombs of Paris: The underground tunnels leading all over the city are kind of creepy when you think of it. Ancient, underground tunnels with secret entrances, littered with skeletons. I’m just kidding, it sounds AWESOME. You know what’s awesome-er? IT’S REAL!





The Catacombs of Paris are a network of underground tunnels with walls MADE OUT of human bones. The tunnel system has numerous secret entrances, most of which are still undiscovered to this day. I know where I’m going for vacation! Is that my Uncle Charles?


And that was all! Next is probably going to be Nabooti Island but I make no promises and you can’t make me. Also, happy birthday Roman emperor Commodus! Have a great birthday, you terrible, terrible old man!

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