Hey guys, so I decided to go through the Poptropica File links, and I started finding some that I figured I would share. First, want to see a sneak peek of Arabian Nights Island? Check out this one that Poptrickia Owner gave me. And This One.

So basically, this post is just going to be me adding new links I find. So yeah, if you find any, feel free to comment with the link, I’ll add it and credit you 😉 Here are some:

Island Document Trees

That’s all I’ve found so far. I just want to point out, the most known Static Links of Poptropica are to Item Cards, like this one for the Back Lot Island camera. If you remember, Back Lot was like, the last island that wasn’t updated to full screen with audio right? Well, that is the last obtainable card on Back Lot. It’s the last available SWF Item Card. Meaning? They changed formats. I’ll see what I can do to find the updated Item Cards, and I’ll let you know when I do.  So I don’t know that I would make a page for these, unless we collect A LOT. So, help at will 😉


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