Episode 2 Finished, Guide Coming Soon

Hey guys, so I don’t know about Brave Tomato, or Super Thunder, but I’ll be writing a guide for PoptropiCon soon c: Also, I’ll start one for Mission Atlantis, because well I haven’t beaten it yet. It’s not that it’s too hard, I’m just really aggravated.

I finished Episode 2 of Pop & Seek, I’ll try to post it tomorrow, the day after, or next week, depends on what I pick. I’ll talk to my co-writers about it. I’ll probably be making another post with more detail later, cause I have to go fast 😛 Sorry, also, Magic Fire will be co-writing the guide with me, because well of course it’s her account that I get to play the new Island on. BYE!

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: I’ll finish the signoff tonight. 


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