Pop & Seek, Episode 2, Info, and more

Hey guys, so I’m almost done with Episode 2 of Pop & Seek. I really hope you’ll like it, cause it’s got a little bit of mystery to it. I won’t be able to get all of the new people who have been casted, but I have already fit one or two in 😉 I do promise you guys that everyone that I have already casted WILL be in the story. I won’t be taking too many more Members soon, because I don’t want to overfill and not be able to fit everyone in. Also, please keep in mind, not everyone will be a Main Character, but nonetheless, a character.

Also, I’ll try to post the new episode Saturday or Sunday, because I posted the last episode on Saturday. I might wait until next week, it just depends on how far I get in Episode 3 before the weekend comes.

I’ve been working on the pages, and I don’t think I’ll be making an Art page for it, because well I don’t draw enough for that 😛 But I can still make posts with art. I’m going to be adding a new page, and it will be for Suggestions. Like, should a character get shipped with another? Should someone get hurt? Should they travel somewhere? You get the point 😛 But I’ll update this post with a link to it once I finish it.

So I think that’s it, um, oh yeah.

Now there is the Ice Bucket Power on Poptropica, but it IS Limited Edition, so get a picture of your Poptropican doing it soon! If you’re wondering if I did it yet, well yes. No one challenged me, but I still did it. Actually, I didn’t. Not the Ice Bucket Challenge at least. I actually took the #ALSTractorBucketChallenge. You’re PROBABLY asking what the HECK am I talking about, but I will explain.

So, my newfound adopted Grandmother, “Nanna” has a tractor. And we’re borrowing it. So, I had the idea to get my sister, since she refused to do the challenge. So my parents and I filled up the bucket on the front of the tractor with water. And BELIEVE ME when they moved the tractor and some water spilled, IT WAS COLD. So, we went out to the middle of the yard, and I got my sister to stand under it. Now I can’t post the video, for privacy reasons, but I will tell you I got stuck under it trying to hold my sister there. I will probably be doing it again next week because it’s SUPER HOT WHERE I LIVE. But next time, I will know where to stand and maybe I can have my dad say the ACTUAL name, since he’s said ALCS instead of ALS.

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

EDIT: I forgot, I was going to ask you guys something. So the PHB has a Magazine (Popcorn) and I was wondering. I know I said this story is exclusive to STB, but do you think I should send some in for the Magazine and get more people reading it? You guys are the viewers, so I want to know what you think first. I haven’t sent anything so far, but I will if you think I should. 

Discuss here, Poptropicans!

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