Casting Call

Hey guys, so it’s Nameless mobile over here, and my writers and I decided we were going to cast for more Poptropicans  in Pop & Seek. For those of you confused so far, the winners of the original casting are some friends of mine, and they’re going me write a little bit of the show. All the typing is my work, but we all make the story together. So I, Magic Fire, Bony Catfish, and Snowy Icicle have been working. We haven’t been able to all communicate at once very easily, but I assure you the next episode of P&S is coming.

Now back to the subject of casting. Those of you wondering what a casting is, it’s like on tv… they need more characters, so they cast them. Since P&S is going to last a while, we’ll probably need more characters. So, for a little while, if you want to be a character  (no guarantee you’ll be a Main Character or a minor character though…), please comment on this post, or the character page in the menu under Pop & Seek. Please put the Poptropican name, gender, and a link to the Avatar Studio (if you want your Poptropican to look a certain way because if I need to add it to the Character Page, then I’ll need a picture.

So I guess I should warn you, not everyone will be taken the first casting, it’s fine. Here is who has been cast so far:

22 thoughts on “Casting Call

    • Awesome, I’ll add you, but could I get a pic of your Poptropican? I can design a character for you if you would like, but if you want your Poptropican to look like what you want, I suggest doing it yourself. No offense or anything, I’m just not doing any special requests for Costume Designs, cause I already stink at doing that 😛

    • I’ll add you, thanks c: If you know anyone else who wants to join, make sure they comment quickly, I’m almost out of spaces for now.

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