Pop & Seek, It’s A Done Deal!

Hey guys, so I’ve been working on the Pages for Pop & Seek for the past few days. For those of you wondering what the heck Pop & Seek is, that is the name of the Mini-Series Fanfic I’m writing for this blog alone! Yeah c: So, now there’s the Menu Page, which will lead you to the other pages / posts about the story. There’s also a Character Page.

Now, if you decided to read the whole post rather than just click the link and check out what I’ve done so far, then thank you c: It is appreciated, even though I don’t know if you actually did it 😛

So, I’ll be adding characters as they come, but so far I only have the group of friends (I’ll be adding the opening character Merv soon). I wanted to get it out, so I figured that was the minimum. And last thing, because some people have been asking… You cannot, sadly, ask to be a Member of the story. Let me explain why…

See, I picked the 4 original friends at random, because they commented in the right place, at the right time, in the right way. Awesome but weirdly, they’re all girls. And I had already written a guy character in, so I needed a guy for the group. Now I can’t just make one of the girls a guy, because, well I can’t. It hurts my brain. So I was talking to some friends about it on my Xat Group, and one of the guys asked to be the guy Member of the story. But I can’t let him. The 4 original friends won, and no guys entered. I can’t just let someone else have the space because no guys entered. It wouldn’t be fair to all of the other Poptropicans who DID enter. So, I just decided to offer up a male Poptropican that I had sitting around, as to keep things fair.

So please don’t ask to be a part of the story 😦 Sorry, but I can NOT add you.

I’ll also be doing some art for Pop & Seek c: I started Tweeting my Art Preview for Episode 3. Well if you don’t have a tweeter and still want to see it:

Ignore the Storm cloud. I should’ve erased that… I’ll update a pic later.

So, yeah… This post is way longer than I wanted it to be, but I hope you stuck around to see it all 😛 Now you can scroll back up to click the links 😛

Oh, one more thing. Or 4 actually 😛

  1. T.V’s and Treehouses
  2. Blimps and Clouds
  4. See number 3.

So those, if you haven’t figured it out yet, are episode titles. Hopefully I’ll come up with something better than “See Number 3” in the end, but I might not! So, I want the episode names to go with the title, and no I’m not copying Austin & Ally. Believe me, I don’t even watch it anymore. (Like seriously, enough romance put in a rock song)

Well, now that’s almost it. I’ll try to finish my signature tonight, cause it’s on my family computer.

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed


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