Burned Out

Guys, I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging, but I’ve just been really burned out this week. I have lots of school projects going on, I’ve barely had any time to topple the government and plunge my country into anarchy, I had to stay up REALLY late twice this week and I just feel like taking a break from everything. But, over the weekend I broke a few things and now I feel so much better! It’s catching up time!
1. Survival: Cabin Fever is now available in the Poptropica App! All you have to do is update the app and diwnload the island content! Sounds easy, but am I the only one whose app is CONSTANTLY FREEZING?!? WHY?!? WHY?!? WHY?!?
2. THESE THINGS! They’re for members-only (naturally) but really, why would I want those costumes? I’VE BEEN TO THOSE PLACES! I’ve SEEN the moon! I’ve DEFEATED Holmes! Lazy knockoffs.
3. Then there’s this. Interesting. A superhero who fights with french fries. Heroic and salty.

4 thoughts on “Burned Out

  1. Night of the broken trophies? “Pain demand to be felt” ya know. Can you email me? I’ve got triple layered cookie cake c:

    ~~ I am Batgirl.


    • Demands* stupid auto correct an backspace button that’s too close to every other button because of my fat fingers!

      ~~ I am Batgirl.


  2. Whoa. Weird. Someone else posted the magazine/ desktop (SD, I think) and the French fry guy was actually her exact avatar, with her name. I can’t see the French fry guy’s name, but does it look like your avatar with your name?

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