Hey guys, so my little surprise, which I revealed somehow involves the Costumes Page, is being postponed. I’m sorry really, but for once, this is not my procrastination. Let me explain…

So, my laptop is like, completely horrible, and it just randomly decided to blow the fan… 4 years ago. Suckish right? Well, then the battery was shot, so it won’t work unless plugged in, the mouse buttons are broken, but the newest addition? The screen.

I have a rather large family, and most of us (Sorry sis!) have rather large feet. One of the feet of my sibs somehow stepped on my laptop, and when I was getting on it a few hours ago to start working on the project again, the screen was all messed up.

I can see most of my screen, but it still sucks. It’s hard for me to work on the project from the Family Computer we have, but I will still manage. Though, it will be much slower 😦

I’m currently getting all of my music and (Ohmigosh I’ve had this laptop for so long) eight years worth the photos off of my laptop.

Yeah, you read that right.


So, after I get the pictures and music (I have like, over 2,500 songs now that I’ve deleted some) from my laptop, I will most likely be putting it away, or just setting it on the shelf to use as a tv screen for streaming. Goodbye you horrible pink and old monstrosity!

So, hopefully I’ll have my desktop soon, then I can get back to working on it full-time (If I haven’t finished it by then). Sorry, I really wasn’t expecting this, but there’s always a reason ;/

That’s all for now

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: I’ll be done with my new (It’s technically under Beta) sign off soon!


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