Release The Kraken!

What? I’m just voicing out what I think would be cool in the next Mission Atlantis Episode. Ain’t no shame in that! Wait, ain’t… *gasp* DOUBLE NEGATIVE! DOUBLE NEGATIVE!

Oh. Right. The announcements. Forgot about that. The beta version of Poptropica: Land is now available for members!

“Ancient Norse legend tells of a mystical tool. Whoever holds this tool holds the power. The power to explore, the power to create, the power to change the world!”

No Creators. Norse legend does NOT tell of such a tool. YOU LIARS! Also, Mission Atlantis Island Episode 3: Out of the Blue is out for members! The final episode in the Mission Atlantis trilogy holds all the secrets to the underwater city! Well, hopefully. I just hope this isn’t gonna be like Lunar Colony Island, where we had to go through all that artifact-finding, astronaut-finding, machine-finding and unicorn-milking just to have ALL OUR QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ARTIFACTS AND THE ALIEN MACHINES TO BE LEFT UNANSWERED!!! And that was when I raged forever more.
And then there’s that. The Atlantis Captain outfit is now available FREE for all! Members and non-members alike! One more thing….oh yeah! Survival Island Episode 4: Cabin Fever is released to non-members! Be warned though, this episode is one of the freakiest moments in Poptropica history. It’s just so creepy and realistic. Gives me the goosebumps just thinking about it. Wait, did I just mention GOOSE?!? *flock of geese appears and dives towards me* DO YOUR WORSE GEESE! *takes battleaxe* TIME TO RUFFLE SOME FEATHERS.


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