New Island!

Yes I know this post is late but my sister broke my computer so I couldn’t blog. Then I had to get new glasses and I had one of those “I see nothing yet I see everything” moments when I glimpsed into the dark spectrum beyond the sight of regular mortal eyes, but I’m here now! So……..
It’s a convention-themed island! Who would have guessed? No one! Except Nameless UnDEFINed, and half the Poptropican population but other than that NO ONE! Life exists not as a series of events, but as a single instant, slower than the slowest sloth yet faster than the fastest falcon. All life is one, one life is all. UNIIIIIICORNS.


4 thoughts on “New Island!

  1. I kept thinking, “Wow, he’s super smart, and his words are so beautiful,” and when you said unicorns, I’m like, “Nope.” But my sister, (who annoyingly always reads over my shoulder,) shed a tear and cried, “IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!”

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