Dressing Up For The Crazy!

Hey there Fashion People! *Sings Gucci This Gucci That* *Starts screaming*! So…….

You know how a while back I said I was going to start working on some Blog Stuff around here? Well, I’ve already finished one part! So, I’m going to email BT (Yet again. Sorry about that :P) about the Chat and ask her if she wants to try to get it active again. But in the meantime, here’s some stuff for you to try!

Man… That’s all I’ve PUBLISHED so far, but I have been working on other pages c: So, if you’re wondering what Crazy Commenting is, it’s the Off Topic Talking page of the blog 🙂 So if you have a question that doesn’t relate to any pages or posts that you’ve been on, then that’s the place to be c: This way, there are less “Offenses” of Rule 1 😛 Hope you enjoy, and keep an eye on the Costume Page 🙂 I’ve been getting some new stuff ready for it 😉

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

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