Sorry about the title, I’m in a few different moods right now. Those of you emailing me right now KNOW the moods, so for those of you NOT emailing me, I’ll just tell you and get on with this post that I obviously copied and pasted from the other 2 blogs that I’m posting it on.

  • I’m in a Cliche Mood
  • I’m in a Glitching Mood
  • I’m in a TYPEY MOOD O_O_O_O
  • I’m in a Chatter mood
  • I’m in a Movie mood (I’m going to go watch The Blind Side once I finish my post)

Now I have to get off my laptop (It’s back from the shop and already overheated like, 4 times! Extension: today!) so I need to get to pasting c;

¡Hola los espectadores! So, I’m studying SPANISH! And I said Hello Viewers.

So, if you are wondering why this post is titled this, it’s because there are strange goings on Poptropica again. See?

Image Credit to Ayman351

So, I got an email from a friend of mine this morning, and you may know her from comments. Here’s what most of the email consisted of:

Hello Nameless! I was on Poptropica, and I think I found something you could post on your blog, !PoptropicanAwesomeness! So, you know how in the store they never release new costumes in the costume bar below all the cards? And you know how they are all ONLY 75 credits? Well, there’s a brand new costume, and it’s 100 credits. Here’s a picture:

(I just logged onto a Non-Member Account and took a new pic)

Weird, right? Could there be more new costumes coming from old islands, worth more than 75 credits? I certainly hope not since I’m terrible at finishing islands and can’t get enough credits! Well, hope that’s something newsworthy for you to post on your blog. I noticed that nobody has been posting much. Hope this helps!

Well JLB, it is most-definitely worth posting! This is weird, but I hope they aren’t just raising the prices of costumes O_O_O


RED ALERT RED ALERT!! JLB and I were still emailing and she notified me of OTHER COSTUMES WITH RAISED PRICES! Here’s a list so far, please comment if you notice anymore:

  • Girl Costume: Peacemaker ~ New Price: 100 Credits
  • Girl Costume: Tofu Dog ~ New Price: 150 Credits
  • Girl Costume: Hot Dog ~ New Price: 150 Credits
  • Girl Costume: Big Foot Hunter ~ New Price: 150 Credits
  • Boy Costume: Big Foot Fanatic ~ New Price: 100 Credits

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed



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