Mega Writing Stops

Sorry people! I promise (For those of you who were participating in my large Guide Writing Group yesterday, and discovered I didn’t return after I ate dinner…) I was trying to get back on! But a little towards the end of dinner, I started… hurting… Let’s just say I hope it isn’t appendicitis :s My point is, I just couldn’t move without hurting so I laid down and watched a movie with my parents.

I am sorry, but I will start working on it again if anyone is still interested. Again, I’m sorry.


3 thoughts on “Mega Writing Stops

  1. Aww…..I feel for you. I get stomachaches a lot. When I eat bad sushi, when I eat expiredpotato chips, when I hear Justin Bieber on the radio. Speaking of which, remind me to buy a new radio. Preferably with a Bieber filter.

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