No, this isn’t the PopCon Post, that’s later

Sorry about the super lamely written title, I just wanted to be clear. This post is not about The Poptropica Convention Island. This post is about small and random Poptropican things that probably go unnoticed. Oh, and also some minor updates.

So, I don’t know if you were keeping up with the World Cup (I sure wasn’t!), but if you were rooting for Germany, then CONGRATULATIONS! You can now be part of the team in the Poptropica Universe! Here’s what the (Guys’) costume looks like:

Looks cool I guess. I just want the Soccer Ball in all honesty (Sorry peeps, I’m a very American American.)

That is available to everyone, Members and Non-Members! But, if you are a Member, then check this Gold Card out:

This costume is however very Exclusive to Members, so I made sure to grab mine. My membership expires August 9th. So I’ll get busy on the Currently Exclusive to Members (Like Mission Atlantis stuff for the guide) soon c:

Now, for the Tiny-Things-That-Mostly-Go-Unnoticed-But-I-Will-Share-Them-Anyways-Because-I’m-Very-Strange section of the post 🙂

Remember the overly-loved Tablet (And additionally the Phone Handheld) Handheld Ad? Well it’s still Up-and-Running (Man I’m using a lot of -‘s in this post) and did I mention… OBTAINABLE?

Cool huh?

Also, the Ringmaster Costume from so long ago, when Monster Carnival Island was released, is STILL IN THE STORE!? O_O_O_O_O

Oh my. Well, it is, but for some reason it won’t load the pic, so I’ll be working on that.

Onward we go. So, I told everyone I would be posting The Nameless Adventures, which is a Story Series / Episodical Poptropica Fanfic of mine, here to STB. And I barely did. So I’ve been working on the new episodes, so I will get back to posting them again c:

I got an email back from BT about doing some stuff around the blog, and I got the OK! 😀 I hope everyone will like these updates, and I’ve already started working on them. Whenever I finish one, I’ll make a quick post about it, and then you can feel free to check it out c;

I think that’s everything, so goodnight peeps, I’m eating PORKCHOPS! *Texts Cuddly Lion; Auto-Correct changes to Pork Chips; throws tantrum about Auto-Correct; Kisses Phone Apologetically*

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: I didn’t have any pictures towards the end of the post, so I guess I’ll put this in here. Thanks Keith for emailing it to me!

7 thoughts on “No, this isn’t the PopCon Post, that’s later

  1. Also, the super galactic hotdog (I think that’s the name?) ad items are still there. Queen dagger costume and a pistol that doesn’t work. Remember the Percy Jackson ad, and the hippocampus power from early last year? ITS STILL THERE. But, the creators have been busy, with their twitter, Facebook, and blog, not to mention having to continue episodes of SI and MAI, and they have to make ANI and PI, and make daily pops leading up to their releases, and give out store items for it. I’m out of breath just saying that. Nameless, it’s hilarious that earlier today (a few hours ago really,) I noticed that those items were there when they shouldn’t be and then you blog about it XD

    • Wow, sorry that was a long post. The last comment was funny to me, but probably stupid to you XD Interesting post! Keep up the good work. Also, I did a happy dance when I saw the Percy Jackson item was still there. I love Rick Riordan and his books, and the novel based movies 🙂 Also, 1st and 2nd comments! XD

      • 😛 Well I saw the second movie, I have to admit, I did like it better than the first. I’ll probably write reviews on it since I just joined a Fandom Blog c:

    • 😛 Well great minds think alike 😛 I really just left out the part about the SGH because it annoys me nowadays 😛

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