Inactivity IS OVER!

Hey guys! It is ME and I am THIN! (Sorry, I’ve been watching Reba McEntire a lot in the past couple of weeks. That episode was HILARIOUS. On with the post.)

So, I’m back from my inactivity, sorry about that. But it’s all (Almost at least :P) sorted out now c: So… Things that: were posted, weren’t posted, don’t really need to be posted but I’m going to list them anyways, and lastly, and probably least as well 😆 my randomness. Here ya go:

  • The Creators released a special Soccer Card for the 8 Greatest Soccer (I say soccer, sorry. I play Football, the American way, so I guess it’s just habit… Whatever 😛 Now you know what I mean) Teams of the World Cup. I’m not into it, sorry. I prefer playing sports to watching them. Always have, always will.
  • Survival Island, Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are available now. Now that I am back, I will be working on a guide for it. If you would like to help out, of course you would be credited, just let me know 🙂 (Probably best to let me know by comment, that way I would know faster.)
  • Mission Atlantis Episode 2 was released to Members. No demo for our Non-Members though, sorry.
  • My Membership expires in A MONTH!
  • I’m going to a Skillet Concert in 3 weeks. Literally. My favorite band in the universe (Even topping out Third Day and The Eli Young Band), IN CONCERT, and I actually got Tickets. It’ll be on the 26th (American date, this month), so I will probably NOT be posting for that weekend. Okay, inactivity, maybe not COMPLETELY over. But in all fairness for me, that IS JUST ONE WEEKEND. Moving on
  • *I’m humming every single song ever released by my favorite band. Skillet <3. I told you I would be putting down randomness*
  • The Creators released a special bonus game foooooooor, NOT ME. *BK77*: OH NO NO NO!* Wait… I can, I remember… It’s the way I made my account way back when, whatever. So if you’re between ages 6-11, you can play this quest. Check out the PCB Post HERE.
  • This is starting to get really long. Typing on.
  • Week 10 of the Poptropica Comics are available now! You can of course check out the Comics of your Daily Pop to see them, well Daily, but you can check out the whole week of them HERE.

So, I think that’s it 🙂 Also, a couple of days ago was the 4th Of July, otherwise to my fellow Americans, known as Independence Day. In celebration, I was going to have a Fireworks Multiverse, but my laptop is broken, and I was fishing. So instead I got you THESE!!!

Happy 6th!

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

PS: Happy NEW YEAR! Just getting that out of the way now. 😉 Buh-bye!


3 thoughts on “Inactivity IS OVER!

  1. Also, you need to email the winners of the Greek Giveaway. Sorry, I was a winner and I’m impatient :3 Welcome back Nameless! Happy 6th and New Year!

    • I was just pulling up the account info when I saw this 😛 I’m having to go through and make sure those accounts weren’t stolen.

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