With the FIFA World Cup in progress (I think, I know absolutely nothing about soccer) a bunch of soccer-themed costumes have been added to the Poptropica Store! By the way, they’re Members-only. YOU LOSE NON-MEMBERS >:) Wait, I’m a non-member. In that case, a thousand curses Creators. Thine greedy slimed hand shalt never again horde, lest ye be dragged to the depths of the fiery kill pit by the hounds of Kaändæløth

Members, you get to choose from 8 different soccer teams! Personally, I would go for Belgium because they invented french fries. Then again, the Netherlands have an orange uniform, and I do like the color orange……. Meh, I’ll decide later. Peace out Poptropicans!


2 thoughts on “GOAL!!!

  1. Good curse. But didn’t Nameless UnDEFined slay the Kaändæløth? That’s what you said in your last post on her blog about her taking a hiatus. Go for both of them! Call it: Belgilands. Orange with French Fries on it! The perfect uniform for BeastKing.

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